Relaxation, concentration, stress release and physical exercise are possible to achieve without much effort, only with the practice of yoga, a discipline in which we use our entire body and produce fantastic results.

Yoga is an ancient science that originated thousands of years ago in India. It is said that it was Also in civilisations before Jesus Christ, because it means the union of mind, body and spirit, for they learn about the surprising benefits of yoga for health.

Who can do yoga?

Yoga does not require prior preparation to be mind since one of the aspects that seek is to achieve harmony with mind and body. Experts point out that the idea is to explore limits and not work on the basis of perfection. Therefore, if you are a sportsman of high physical strength and flexibility, or if you are a person who finds this hobby exciting but has never trained a sport, you can practice this discipline. Anyone, regardless of their age, can do yoga.

Types of yoga

Not only is there a way to practice yoga, in the world there are more than 100 different ways to train with the body, mind and spirit, and that is clear that this exercise has a history of thousands of years, in which it has been watered by diverse parts of the world, wherein some it is executed with fast and intense rhythms and in others with soft and relaxing rhythms.

Below, we collect some of the types of yoga that exist:

  • Hatha: Hatha is the area that combines some basic movements with breathing. This is the type of yoga that its lovers frequently practice.
  • Vinyasa: Consists of a set of poses that flow smoothly while moving from one to the other.
  • Power: Power is the fastest and most intense practice.
  • Ashtanga: It constitutes a series of movements that in turn integrate abreathing technique.
  • Bikram: This kind of exercise is also known as ‘hot yoga life, and is based on a list of 26 posturesthat are performed in a high-temperature room.
  • Iyengar: For this yoga certain implements are used, such as blocks, belts, chairs, to make it easier to move the bodyand thus achieve an ideal alignment.
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Areas that are worked

  • Legs: This physical discipline targets all areas of the legs, such as quadriceps, hips and thighs.
  • Arm: Yoga with various exercises such as iron, crane and straight, exert weight on the arms.
  • Buttocks: The buttocks can be sculpted with postures like bridge and warrior, which involve depth when bending the knee.
  • Back: Some studies confirm that yogarelievesback pain.
  • Core: The practice of yoga helps to relax the abdominal musclesand the core, in order to release the accumulated tension.

What else should you know about yoga?

  • There are videos and classes on the internet that cost nothing so that you can do yoga for free.
  • Yoga can be worked both inside the house and in any other suitable place to practice it; for example a parquet.
  • This exercise of flexibility does not require equipment. However, it is recommended to use a mat to avoid injury in case it gets to slip with some of the movements. It is also advisable to use a yoga bag to maintain balance, in addition to a strap that will help you reach your feet.

The 9 amazing benefits of yoga for health

Yoga as well as being a connection of spirit, body and mind, which helps us to relax, say goodbye to the stressgenerated by routine, and to have ahealthy life, is incredibly beneficial for our health because through their practice, They can cure pains, diseases and even strengthen bones.

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1. Strength and flexibility training

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One of the gains of yoga is abodylength and thinner because the musclesare stretched by stretching required by the different positions, which are devised with the premise of strengthening from the inside out. Some movements help to strengthen the muscles of the spine, which forms the nucleus, which when it works correctly, improves posture,which consequently reduces back, shoulder, neck and spine pain.

2. Weightloss

The exercises used in yoga tone muscles and improve posture, something that can help us improve the appearance.

3. Promotes health and well-being in general

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Doing yoga is welcoming you to ahealthy lifestyle. The breathing and meditation of this category help to release stress and eliminate mental rolls, a factor that helps to have more health and well-being. Additionally, it improves the functioning of the immune system by releasing more antibodies when required.

Also, it helps to avoid ulcers, irritable bowel syndromes, as well as constipation, problems that affect the digestive system.

4. Better balance

Less balanceis less falls. It was found that yoga training helps prevent the fall in women over 65 years. In addition, it increases the ability to feel what the body does and where it is located, what is known as proprioception.

5. Mental benefits

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Stress is something already common in society, and among the reaches of yoga is the management of stress, which is harmful to both our mindand body.

With the breathingand meditation of yoga mental clarity and calmness can be achieved, which leads to the relaxationof the mind, more attention, increased concentrationand even for the control of anxiety.

6. Cardiocirculatory health

Doing yoga helps us reduce the risk of having a heart attack, caused by high blood pressure, cholesterol and high blood sugar. There is research that has shown that yoga reduces the resting heart rate and increases resistance. This hobby is ideal for having a lower chance for heart disease.

7. Improvement of sexual function

Research by Harvard University in 2009, showed that yoga could increase arousal, desire, orgasm and sexual satisfaction for women, in addition, it also makes it possible for females to become familiar with their body and this improves sexual function.

8. Better breathing and energy

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Yoga is arelaxingexercise that helps us breathebetter because it is one of the main elements with which we work. In the same way, it helps us to have more energy, since with it it is possible to release stress, it can also be advantageous to achieve amore peaceful sleep, and it helps increase our self-esteem.

9. Protection against injuries

Among the many benefits, practising yoga allows for healing and strengthening bruises, serious injuries and contractures due to bad posture or stress; Yoga becomes a restorer to help to heal.