Choosing the right luggage for a trip is a critical factor that must be considered. At Wilko, you will find a large selection of suitcases that are all designed to satisfy specific travel requirements. From hand luggage to spacious check-in bags, Wilko has everything from the basics to the fanciest models. Now, let’s go on a journey to the Wilko suitcases universe and see what they offer.

Suitcases available at Wilko

  • Carry-on Suitcases: This luggage is ideal for short trips or as a convenient carry-on, and the design of this luggage is such that it takes away all the hassles associated with traveling. The bags are compact and yet they are functional and they are made from strong materials with the compartments that allow you to keep your essentials organized during transit.
  • Checked Suitcases: Wilko suitcases are very suitable for long journeys or for travelers who need additional space, as they have enough storage capacity without sacrificing durability. The suitcases are built to be durable and have a practical design. As a result, they offer the peace of mind of having your items safe while in the airport or train station.
  • Lightweight Suitcases: Traveling light? Wilko’s suitcases are lightweight and are the right choice for you. Designed from light materials while maintaining durability, such baggage is easy to manage and handle, which makes it perfect for travelers who are on the go.
  • Hard-shell Suitcases: The hard shell suitcases of Wilko are made to be strong enough to protect all your possessions. Made of durable materials, these suitcases have been engineered to provide extra protection against bumps and impacts so that your items stay safe and sound even during the toughest of journeys.
  • Soft-sided Suitcases: As for the soft-sided suitcases, they are the most popular among the travelers for their versatility and flexibility. The suitcases are manufactured using strong yet flexible materials that provide adequate space for all items, which can fit even in the tightest spaces, such as airports or taxis, thus being an ideal choice for them.

At Wilko, size of suitcase is the variety of options available

  • Small: The suitcases from Wilko are the perfect choice for short trips or carry-on luggage. Being the compact size but with sufficient storage space, these suitcases are the best option for travelers who want to pack light but not miss out on the essentials at the same time.
  • Medium: For more extended trips or those who need extra storage space, Wilko’s medium sized suitcases give a suitable mixture of size and functionality. The large compartments and humanized design of these suitcases are designed to make sure you have everything you need for a long journey.
  • Large: Do you want to have a family trip or a long holiday? Wilko’s suitcases are the most spacious suitcases that can contain all your belongings. These suitcases are designed with large storage capacity and strong construction quality to hold all your necessities while also ensuring that they are durable and reliable.

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Additional Features and Considerations

  • Wheels: Wilko suitcases are available with different wheel types, such as spinner wheels for easy mobility and inline skate wheels which roll smoothly on different types of surfaces. Whether you are taking a flight from a crowded airport or a city road, Wilko suitcases are the best for the mobility.
  • Handles: Developed to provide convenience, Wilko suitcases have handles that are designed to be comfortable in the hand for easy lifting and moving. It can be either telescopic handles for adjustable height or top and side handles for flexible carrying choices, Wilko ensures that traveling will be hassle free.
  • Locks and Security: Wilko is well aware of the fact that your valuables must be in your possession and you must be able to travel without any worry. That is the reason why a lot of Wilko suitcases are furnished with built-in TSA-approved combination locks or integrated lock systems to ensure security and calmness of mind.
  • Colors and Designs: Pick out your favorite color and style from our diverse collection of suitcases. From the traditional black to the colorful patterns, you can choose from the wide range of options to match your style at Wilko, and get ready to travel in style wherever you go.
  • Pricing and Value: Wilko’s suitcases are constructed to ensure that they deliver an exceptional value and do not compromise on quality. By offering competitive prices and solid construction, Wilko guarantees that you get the most out of your money, and in turn, makes every trip a worthy investment to your travel experience.


In summary, Wilko is the best choice for your suitcases because they provide a wide range of suitcases that are suitable for every traveler. Whether you’re about to go on a short business trip or a month-long vacation, Wilko is the place where you can always find the most suitable suitcase that will make your traveling easy and fun. In that case, when you are planning your journey, Wilko will be the most reliable travel companion for you.


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