You may be a handyman or a small business and counting every penny that comes out. You have decided to simplify your life by investing in a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Shouldn’t it be so complicated to buy an efficient model?

And yet it is complicated. There are so many choices that you don’t know which saint to devote to. Kärcher, Bosch, Klarstein, Philips, Rowenta are just a few of the brands that assure us that we offer the best of the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner. So who to believe?

Let it be agreed, here I am not talking about vacuum cleaners in the broad sense, but strictly wet and dry vacuum cleaners also called industrial vacuum cleaners. And I will try not to forget anything so that you know how to decrypt the packaging and buy the right device.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners in comparison

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners like all the others can be used for different needs. You can buy them for industrial use, for professional use, or for daily use. A vacuum cleaner of this size is more often used for businesses and therefore, large areas.

1. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner Einhell

The industrial tools of the Einhell brand have sturdy stainless steel finishes that prevent corrosion and include a large suction nozzle that combines a carpet device with one to clean the smooth floor.

Also, these vacuum cleaners come with a practical blow-off connection so that they can also be vacuumed in hard-to-reach areas and have wheels incorporated to transport them easily.

These devices also have efficient support in which to carry accessories and a wall lamp that is integrated into its housing.

2. Vacuum cleaner Syntrox

If you are looking for convenient and efficient tools to clean all types of floors, the Syntrox industrial vacuum cleaners are perfect to use both dry and wet and have a dual motor with 1800W of power.

These items do not carry a collection bag and come with a wide range of accessories to be used in different situations.

This tool also has a stainless steel tank of 30 litres that is resistant to corrosion and also to dirt and also includes a 1.5-meter plastic hose that even has a regulator of the suction power.

3. Industrial vacuum cleaner Karcher

Do you want an industrial tool that gives you the best performance with professional quality?

Karcher industrial vacuum cleaner, in addition to having a high quality, very easy to clean and are capable of absorbing with the energy of 1000W.

As for the breathing power of these machines, this is 1400W, and the capacity of the tank is 17 litres.

Also, it treats some tools that include a practical filter of rubber and even has the function of blowing.

4. Draper wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Draper industrial vacuum cleaner, with stainless steel finishes and a powerful motor that is valid even for use in wet, but also dry and has a tank with a capacity of 20 litres, have a radius of action of five meters of cable.

In addition, these vacuuming practices also include a blower function that facilitates the extraction of leaves and a manual in which you can also review if you have any questions.

5. Cevik vacuum cleaner

If you want to entrust the cleaning of your home, office or company to a professional quality mechanism Cevik industrial vacuums, come with a stainless steel anti-corrosion container and also with a replaceable cartridge filter with which solids can be vacuumed.

In addition, these tools also have suction control by air intake in their handles and serve to aspirate liquids.

It is a device with a capacity of 20 litres, with beautiful and very resistant finishes, which is designed primarily for industrial uses, although it can also be used for domestic purposes or to vacuum cars.

6. Vax 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner

The Aquavac industrial vacuum cleaner is a professional mechanism that has aspiration and blowing, as well as an impressive storage capacity to store the different accessories with which they are prepared.

These tools have a solid tank and operating radius of 10 meters, plus 2.5 meters hose.

As for their equipment, they come with a dry filter, with a foam filter, with a paper filter bag, with a nozzle with a removable brush head and a narrow nozzle.

7. Bosch wet and dry vacuum cleaner

If you want to find an interesting option that can be purchased even with a briefcase to transport it in a much simpler way when you have to perform the cleaning, the Bosch industrial vacuum cleaner is the best choice.

These devices have filters that allow an effective and semi-automatic cleaning from a single grip that achieves speedy progress of work.

The results with these tools are excellent since they include a very powerful turbine of 1200 W.

It is also safety machinery certified by European regulations for the class of dust called L.

wet and dry vacuum cleaner

More vacuum cleaners:

What is wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can do exactly what the name already reveals. The devices can absorb dry and wet dirt. Wet and dry vacuums are also called universal vacuums or multipurpose vacuums. The devices are divided into categories and a distinction is made between professional and semi-professional wet and dry vacuum cleaners. They are suitable for small amounts of water and can be used well in the home.

industrial vacuum cleaner

How to choose a wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

If you are thinking about acquiring a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for your workshop, either because you have already tired of the broom, either because you want it for a company or because your domestic tool has fallen short. no doubt an industrial machine is a great option for strong uses since they are medium-high range devices that can be given very different uses since they are very competent tools for cleaning that will serve you from to clean all types of fluids to finish with adhesive waste and them can also be used in all kinds of environments.

When choosing the best possible industrial machine, first of all, you must take into account the use that you are going to give it, since the same bad option will be to acquire a very weak vacuum cleaner such as choosing one with excessive power that does not you can use it and maybe you can not even enter through your door.

Noise level

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners for household use are generally no louder than vacuum cleaners. The noise level during operation depends on the model. If you are an interested buyer and want to know more about the volume, you should pay attention to the product description to the corresponding information on the noise in decibels.

All purpose vacuum cleaner for the home

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are available for cleaning and can also be used in small workshops or in household cleaning. Household appliances in the “Household” category are generally sufficient for balconies, garages, walkways and homes. If you have a large garden or workshop, you can look for semi-professional or professional all-purpose vacuum cleaners. Industrial vacuum models can generally also be used for dry and wet vacuuming. The versions intended for industrial use have a larger capacity and are characterized by a longer hose and superior performance.

Battery or cable?

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are often equipped with a connection cable and must be used with a power cable. However, models equipped with a battery are also available. Battery models allow vacuuming without annoying cables. This is particularly advantageous in the garage or in the driveway. In addition, a battery-powered device is useful if electrical power is not available near the surfaces to be cleaned.

Models with automatic filter cleaning

If you are looking for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that has an automatic filter cleaning system with pump, you will generally find it in professional models and you will have to spend a little more money.

Suction capacity

In addition to taking the model into account, you should also take into account its suction capacity, not its power. Do not be fooled by appliances with a lot of power and little suction capacity. The important thing will be what your new tool is capable of vacuuming to clean efficiently. And of course, check that the item you are going to buy has the energy efficiency label. Otherwise, you will end up paying more than the bill when the electricity bill arrives.


The wet and dry vacuum cleaners are the best on the market. With great ease of use, a hose long enough to clean large areas without much effort. Great power to vacuum even the finest particles like wood chips, its robustness and durability, will inevitably make you l ‘adopt. Its price is quite high for some, but that justifies itself by its high quality and the many bags with which it is delivered to you. We thank you in advance for the precious time you have spent visiting this page, and we invite you to place your orders without further delay.