People with reduced mobility who decide to buy or rent a mobility scooter for the first time, usually have certain doubts or questions about the use of it. Below we try to clarify some basic points about the use of the electric mobility scooter that we hope will be for you of help and interest.

Can the scooter run freely without a brake on a hill?

No. Our mobility scooters have an automatic electronic brake that does not allow the unit to roll freely down a hill (forward or backward) without the intervention of the user. In other words, our mobility scooters will only move when the user moves the hand control lever. The brake is active even when the scooter is switched off and / or when the battery has been removed.
Note: our scooters have a “neutral” or “freewheel” lever to allow you to push the scooter.

How do I recharge the batteries of the scooter?

You can recharge the batteries of the scooter by plugging the charger into one of the sides of the scooter, you can recharge the batteries at home without climbing the scooter.

How long does it take to recharge the batteries of a mobility scooter?

It is not recommended to leave the scooter completely without recharging it before recharging it. In the event that the battery has been fully discharged, it will take between 7 to 10 hours for the full charge.

What is the autonomy of your scooters?

Under normal conditions, the scooter’s travel range is between 10 and 16 miles. Travel range is a maximum approach and will vary with factors such as terrain, passenger weight and battery conditions.

What size and what are the specifications of the mobility scooter?

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What is the maximum weight allowed to use a scooter?

The maximum weight to drive depends on the model but mobility scooters can take up to 136 kg. There are other models which allow heavier users.

Can it be accessed with a mobility scooter in the museums and shops?

Yes. The museums and many of the shops are accessible with the mobility scooter.

Can I ride with the scooter in the rain or snow?

Yes, under certain circumstances. Do not drive the scooter if the rain is very strong, as water could enter the control panel. It is recommended to drive slowly crossing the puddles. Do not drive if the snow exceeds half the height of the wheels.

Can I take passengers on the scooter?

No. The mobility scooters are for the use of a single passenger, except the double seat scooters that allow two passengers. If you need information about the double seat scooter, you want to know its price or you want to acquire one click here.

Can I ride the scooter on the road?

The scooter is a “mobility device for the pedestrian” and its use is to go on the sidewalk. It will only use the road when there is no sidewalk. Always drive carefully.

Do the scooters have some kind of insurance?

Yes. There are insurance of Civil Liability and insurance in case of mechanical breakdown. You can find these insurances at Seguronce, the insurance broker. They are very professional and extensive experience in this type of coverage. The annual scooter insurance costs can vary.

I’ve never been on a scooter, I’m scared. Will I be able to drive a scooter well?

It’s normal to have some fear. Too easy! The scooter user goes at the same speed as pedestrians.

Do I need a driving license?

No. With the mobility scooter you can go for sidewalks, parks, museums and shops. The treatment is the same as one more pedestrian. We hope that tips have been useful for you!