I live in a busy city, rush to work every morning. I hate when I don’t have time and find out that my shirt is crushed just when I have to go out. From the moment I got Tefal pro-style upright garment steamer, I love this little helper.

What is Tefal pro style upright garment steamer?

Tefal Pro Style Steam IT3440

Tefal it440 is a garment steamer, a new generation gadget that produces steam and the result of that the fabric of clothes softens, same as when you use a classic iron but when using the garment steamer you are ready for just a minute.

Design and storage

Тхис clothes steamer has a smart and practical design, you can keep it in the wardrobe or in the corner of the bedroom which makes it very handy even for those of us who live in a small flat and have limited space.


You will be surprised how quick Tefal it440 getting ready. Only 45 seconds takes that little helper to heat up and it is ready to produce 30g steam per minute.

Equipped with a 1.5-litre tank, it allows steaming about 50 minutes before refilling with water. The kit also includes a dull brush that helps to remove adhering threads on clothes. As I mentioned earlier about the practical design, I have to note the telescopic stand which falls below for easier storage and comfort use.

The power usage of 1800W doesn’t make it the most economical model available on the market You have to know that the actual performance dependence of the wattage.

Does it have wheels?

The upright steamer doesn’t have wheels but is light enough only 4.1 kg for easy transport.


If you are thinking of buying an upright steamer I will definitely recommend Tefal simply because is one of the best available on the market. In the busy day’s nothing worth more than our time right?