When you decide to spend the weekend in the mountains, take your skis to go down the long snow slopes and forget your ski goggles.

As protection against glare and wind and improving visibility for more productivity and safety, this ski equipment significantly increases the practice of this winter sport.

But with the availability of classic ski goggles, photochromic, polarized, frameless or double-glazed. The categories, brands and models are so numerous that it is easy to get confused.

In this guide, we share everything you need to know to choose the goggles according to your face, altitude and the weather conditions in which you plan to ski.

What are the best ski goggles?

It is best to ski on sunny days, which leads to a greater need for eye protection. For this reason, you should look for goggles with wide lenses, a higher field of view and optimal UV protection. Polarized mirror and photochromic lenses are recommended because they allow clear visibility.

The quality of the product is not affected by the shape of the lenses. It’s a matter of taste, but models with interchangeable lenses are the most preferred. In this way, you will be able to use second lenses that offer ventilation and spraying.

You can trust the experts because thousands of consumers worldwide well appreciate brands that have many years of experience in the industry. The best part is that they produce so many models that you are very likely to find a few cheap ones and the ones we have chosen for you in this guide.

1. Bollé Z5 OTG Unisex Ski Goggles Adult

The Bolle brand is one of the world leaders in the ski goggles market. The Bolle Z5 model is part of the brand’s range. Smaller than the other models presented in our list, it presents a very dynamic appearance with its cylindrical profile and its anti-fog coating P80 +.

Although it increases visual comfort and appearance, this model does not allow the wearing of prescription glasses. The lens filters 100% of ultraviolet rays for complete eye protection. Bolle Z5 also eliminates glare that can obstruct visibility, especially at high speeds or when the sun is reflected on the track. These are especially comfortable thanks to the thick layer of foam behind the frame. It is so light and comfortable that it almost goes unnoticed.

2. Oakley Men’s Flight Deck Xl Ski Goggles

Oakley Men’s Flight Deck Xl are specialized sports goggles for skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor winter sports. Their frame is very stable. They have exclusive anti-fog technology with their layer to optimize optical purity without any reflections while blocking UV rays and are very durable and scratch resistant.

They have a simple system for changing lenses through a high-performance design that not only serves to replace them but also for quick cleaning.

3. Ski goggles Cébé Attraction

Want to buy a model offering versions for the whole family? Cébé are available in different designs for men and women. In addition, they have the best magnetic lens replacement design. They have double spherical lenses that give an extremely large field of view.

These ski goggles have an ideal coating to avoid fogging and scratching, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. If we talk about comfort, the frame is made of a material with strong shock-absorbing ability, which fits snugly on the face.

4. Zionor X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

They are one of the models on the market that have protection against fogging and offer excellent protection against UV rays. They are made to be strong and durable without being too heavy and to suit every face and type of helmet.

Their frame is not only comfortable but also non-slip, so as not to create inconvenience during the descent. They coincide with the curve of the eye to give a more peripheral visual field. They come with a protective box and storage bag to prevent any damage.

5. Uvex Unisex Uvex G.gl 3000 CV ski goggles

Although they are a cheaper model, their quality is good enough. They withstand snowfall very well because they are entirely waterproof, solid and resistant to light shocks and scratches. They have a unisex design, charming and sober black and blue or orange lenses, translucent.

Their thick foam pads soften possible shocks and make them quite comfortable to wear. A special coating provides protection against fogging. This is an ideal model for wearing any prescription glasses.

6. Scott Goggle Shield + Extra Lens

Ski goggles with a beautiful green, grey, red design, designed for both men and women. They have a shape perfectly adapted to the profile of the face of medium and large size and the lens with high eye protection and 100% UV protection, which can be easily changed. This ensures a more significant reduction in glare and eye fatigue.

This model adapts perfectly to most lighting conditions. All ski goggles in this series have a favourable, comfortable and very safe anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses.

What are ski goggles?

Ski goggles do not need a special presentation. All winter sports enthusiasts have used this accessory at least once and ski boots, neoprene ski clothing, including a ski jacket, ski pants, ski gloves, ski suit, snowshoes, and ski poles.

Many people consider them unnecessary, but for experienced skiers, however, ski goggles are essential. You should know that they play several critical roles: they contribute to the skier’s safety and help optimize productivity and increase the pleasure of the descent.

The main purpose of ski goggles is to protect the eyes from glare. You should know that snow has an index of reflection of light waves of 80%. The reflected light is responsible for glare. Keep in mind that glare on the slopes is even more dangerous, as solar radiation increases by 10% every 1000 meters above sea level. Therefore, wearing eye protection ensures better safety and visibility when descending the slopes.

Good visibility also implies improved performance, especially for professional athletes. The pleasure of skiing also increases when you have a better observation of the track as a whole. In addition, it avoids the risk of falling, which can be very serious when descending at very high speeds.

Wearing ski goggles also prevents small particles, snowflakes, miniature flying insects and bark from entering the eyes. Very often, skiers are subjected to this evil, which can ruin the whole weekend. Let’s not forget the wind, which in addition to the cold and speed will make your eyes water every time. Without ski goggles, you can reach the end of the piste, but with red and teary eyes.

Buying guide

To be successful in buying, you need to study a few very important criteria. These criteria will allow you to determine the model that best meets your expectations.

The type of lens

Ordinary models that suppress the formation of light reflections and protection against fogging are no longer sufficient. Today, polarized or photochromic lenses are available. They are more efficient at filtering light and systematically offer better visibility.

The shape of the lens

If you ski on slopes without obstacles, cylindrical models are recommended. Spherical models will be more suitable if you need a wider and panoramic view.

The colour of the lens

Today, all ski goggles are coloured. You should know that this nuance plays a role in the quality of perception provided by the mask. A brighter shade of colour will be more appropriate when the weather is cloudy. Choose a more opaque lens if the weather is sunny.

Compatible with prescription glasses

Today there are ski goggles that can be worn on prescription goggles. These are OTG (Over the Glasses) models, ideal for people who wear goggles.

Maintenance and proper storage

In addition to providing maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays, you need to make sure that the goggles you choose can reduce fogging.

This also helps reduce the need for cleaning. In case you need to clean them, be sure to do it with products that are not aggressive to your lenses. Also, air drying is the best solution, or you can take an extra pair of goggles with you in case you need it urgently.

Finally, it is essential to know that using a specific storage case for your ski goggles is extremely important. Most models come complete with a box or case that protects delicate materials and prevents scratching the lenses.

How much should I spend on ski goggles?

Thanks to the tremendous variety in the market, we can find some excellent quality and price. We can find good ski goggles from £35-£40 to a few hundred pounds online.

Are ski goggles necessary for beginners?

Whether you are an experienced or beginner, it is recommended that you always have the essential equipment to enjoy the experience and enjoy adequate protection.


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