Buying a quality robotic lawnmower will give you more time to relax or do other fun things than mowing the lawn.

This machine will allow you to mow your garden without much care. You have probably used a manual or electric lawn mower so far, and its pleasure has disappeared only after a few uses.

Why not make your life easier and use automatic means of maintaining the lawn in your yard? Well, that’s exactly what a good lawn mower can offer. Depending on the model, this may cost you a lot, but the comfort and free time you will receive is priceless.

What is the best robotic lawnmower?

When making your choice, you need to consider important features to make the right purchase and optimize the task of mowing the lawn.

One of the most important aspects is to be able to work in different weather conditions. This is essential, especially during rainy periods. That way, you don’t have to wait for the grass to dry to mow it.

Gardena Smart SILENO Life Robotic Lawnmower

Smart SILENO Life 1000m²
  • Using the free GARDENA smart App for iOS, Android and Web, you always have your garden under control, wherever your location
  • The precision blades cut the grass cleanly
  • The fine cuttings remain on the lawn as a natural fertiliser
  • The GARDENA smart SILENO life has been constructed so that simple spraying with the garden hose thoroughly frees the housing,...

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This aerodynamically designed robotic lawnmower has a reinforced, sturdy body for perfect lawn mowing in your garden. It is equipped with steel blades that are stronger than standard and offer optimal cuts.

In addition, the Gardena smart Sileno life Set is a recommended model for those with innovative technologies. This equipment can be connected to your smartphone and configured remotely. Works quietly, reliably and accurately. It is offered at a higher price than most models on the list, but it is worth the investment.

It is designed for processing areas up to 1000m2.

WORX WR155E L2000 Landroid Robotic Mower

WORX Landroid L WR155E Robot Lawn Mower for large gardens up to 2000m2 / Automatic robotic lawn...
  • You only pay for the size you need. This model is perfect for large gardens up to 2000m2.
  • Everything you need comes in the box, the mower has all the cables, wire and pegs you need for your size of lawn.
  • The mower is plug and play. You don’t need to change settings if you don’t want to, it is pre-programmed with a schedule that...
  • Agile and smarter due to intelligent AIA technology, the turning pattern means it cuts your lawn 30 percent faster than other...
  • All the cutting height adjustments you need for all grass conditions from 20-50mm for a neat and tidy lawn. Cutting width 180mm.

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This robot mower works with a boundary wire. WORX WR155E L2000 charges the battery automatically, which has the autonomy to handle 2000 m2 of lawn at once. Also, this automatic mower automatically detects the lawn and determines the areas to be mowed. There are sensors that detect obstacles and pets, a rain sensor and cutting height adjustment.

There is also an LCD screen for better visualization of the load and other important data.

GARDENA Smart SILENO City Set 300

GARDENA Smart SILENO City Set 300: Robotic Lawnmower for Lawns up to 300 m², Inclines of up to 35...
  • Fully automatic solution: With the GARDENA smart app, take care of small and complex lawns up to 300 m² at the tap of a finger
  • Waterproof operation: The lawnmower can work even in the rain, giving you the perfect lawn. If the lawnmower becomes dirty, you...
  • Intelligent system: Thanks to the SensorControl function, the smart SILENO city automatically adjusts the mowing time based on...
  • Corridorcut: This feature lets the lawnmower navigate even narrow passageways and dead ends, all while creating the perfect mowing...
  • Delivery includes: 1x GARDENA smart SILENO City 300, 1x smart Gateway, 1x 150 m cable, 200x hooks, 4x couplers, 5x terminals, 9x...

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This model offers good autonomy, works quietly, and handles the narrowest spaces and corners with reliable precision.

In addition, the Gardena smart SILENO works without complications even when the weather is rainy. You can connect it to your mobile device, turn it off, configure it, and adjust the cutting height directly from your app.

This equipment has an anti-theft system, which makes it unusable for the thief. The machine cannot be activated without entering the correct PIN.

Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego M+

Bosch Home and Garden Robotic Lawnmower Indego M- 700 (with 18V Battery and App Function, Docking...
  • Systematic and fast: LogiCut technology maps the lawn and enables mowing in efficient parallel lines, freeing up your lawn sooner
  • SmartMowing: Indego M+ 700 analyses your garden, local weather and personal preferences to optimise the mowing schedule for your...
  • Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to voice control Indego and IFTTT to connect Indego to other smart devices within your home
  • BorderCut for neat edges: Indego starts each full mowing session with a BorderCut, ensuring a tidy finish
  • Narrow passage management: Suitable for corridors as small as 75 cm wide between the wires (without needing a guidance wire)

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You can keep your garden flawless thanks to this robot without discomfort, as its technology makes it super quiet, avoiding annoying sounds.

This range is characterized by more modern technology, distinctive design, charging station and rubber front bumper.

Robotic lawnmower suitable for specific needs, especially for all who have a medium-sized yard (up to 700 m2) and want a quick and easy installation for immediate use.

McCulloch ROB S400 Robotic Lawn Mower

McCulloch ROB S400 Robotic Lawn Mower – Cuts up to 400 sq m, Manicured Lawn, Tackles 35 Percent...
  • Lawn shield is the intelligent adaptive cutting system which automatically changes mowing schedule based on lawn growth Preventing...
  • The Flexible charging station position gives you the freedom to position the charging station almost anywhere you like around the...
  • Guide wire techonology improves navigation in complex gardens for a more even finish and intelligently helps Rob to find his way...
  • Installation made easy thanks to Rob's simple set-up wizard quickly guiding you through initial installation step by step Noise...
  • The Rob S has quick keypad navigation Intuitive keypad controls give immediate access to functions such as Return Home Cutting...

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The McCulloch ROB S400 is a robot that will take care of the lawn in your yard while you relax. It is ideal for perfect mowing without the effort and time usually required.

Smart app allows you to control the robot wherever you are. There is also a built-in ultrasonic sensor for active safety. It allows the robot to mow the lawn safely, avoiding any obstacles and handling inclines of up to 35%.

After setting the limit wire, you can select the time you want to mow, and the machine will start automatically, whether day or night.

In case of rain, the function of the rain sensor will send it back to its station, as well as if the battery is exhausted.

A smart mulching feature also nourishes the young mowed grass, returning nitrogen and other essential nutrients to the soil, making it more nourished.

This model is perfect for small yards, as it has a working area of ​​400 m2.

Flymo EasiLife 500 GO Robotic Lawn Mower

Flymo EasiLife 500 GO Robotic Lawn Mower - Cuts Up to 500 sq m, Ultra Quiet Mowing, Manicured Lawn,...
  • Ideal for medium gardens, the EasiLife 500 GO is a compact robotic lawn mower that automatically cuts up to 500m2 so you don’t...
  • Mowing every corner of the lawn, the EasiLife 500 GO is packed with functions to suit your lifestyle and can automatically adapt...
  • No screens or complex programming, the LED indicators guide you for quick and easy control, with the Bluetooth app giving you full...
  • Ultra quiet mowing at 58dB(A) means that you won’t disturb you or your neighbours when your robotic is mowing, allowing you to...
  • The Intelligent guide wire allows for programmable start points for multiple cutting areas of lawn and efficiently guides the...

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The design emphasizes its powerful wheels, suitable for all terrains, with which it has access to difficult areas and overcomes slopes of up to 25%. The Flymo EasiLife can run for almost 3.5 hours before recharging with its powerful engine and built-in batteries.

Designed to maintain small or medium-sized areas without the need to install a boundary wire, you can serve up to 500 m2 with great efficiency.

LawnMaster L10 Robot Lawnmower

LawnMaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower - Fully Automatic Robot Mower with Auto Charging Docking Station -...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Easy one-time set-up of boundary wire, charging station and robot mower with fully comprehensive step-by-step...
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Once set up, the LawnMaster L10 operates automatically and can be set to mow each day, or every other day...
  • SOLID & RELIABLE - The LawnMaster L10 robotic lawn mower is from a brand you can trust. The L10 is tough, durable, IPX5 rated to...
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING HEIGHT: Choose from cutting heights of between 20mm and 60mm for a neat looking lawn. For best performance and...
  • HIGH PERFORMING - The L10's mulching function returns tiny grass clippings and nutrients to the lawn, so your grass will look...

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LawnMaster L10 has a four-blade steel blade for efficient mowing of lawns up to 400 m2, while ensuring efficient mulching.

This robot will simplify your life as much as possible by providing an LCD screen through which you can see the settings. It can be configured up to 8 zones and works on a slope of up to 35%.

LawnMaster L10 can work at night as well as in rainy weather. No one will be able to complain about the noise, because with its 62 decibels it is one of the quietest models.

It is also equipped with PIN protection as in the case of telephones, which made it inoperable in case of theft.

The dimensions of this robotic lawnmower are 55cm x 38cm x 23cm. It can be paused when children play in the yard or pets walk for even greater safety.

LANDXCAPE LX799 300m2 Robotic lawnmower

LANDXCAPE LX799 300m2 Robotic Mower
  • Perfect for smaller gardens up to 300m2
  • 3 blade cutting/Mulching System
  • Patented mowing cutting technology ensure pass the narrow path easily
  • Automatic recharging when power is low
  • No programming needed – start mowing at a press of a button

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LANDXCAPE LX799 is a robot mower for small areas. More precisely, this is a model for processing up to 300 square meters, but this does not mean that LANDXCAPE LX799 will not mow well.

LANDXCAPE LX799 settings do not require much time, and with automatic charging robotic lawnmower.

What is a robot mower?

In short: this machine is a robot that automatically mows the lawn in your yard. But how does it work?

All models on the market are battery-powered, each with its own specific limit for maximum autonomy. After running out of power, they need to be plugged in to recharge their batteries.

There are also smart models on the market, which in case of battery drain, can return to their own charging station. These smart models are, in most cases, equipped with a very important accessory called a boundary wire.

What is a boundary wire?

The boundary wire is an essential accessory for your robotic lawnmower as it performs essential functions. When installing your garden robot, the boundary wire should be placed around the perimeter of your garden where you want it to be cultivated. This wire will be for the device equivalent to the reference track. An element that will allow your robot to navigate better in space and thus more easily find its way back to the base, where it will start the charging process.

The positioning of the charging station can be customized in most cases, but some models require the station to have at least 1.5 meters of free space on both sides. The presence of a limiting wire is very important for other reasons: it also offers the ability to program by zones, allowing the device to create a real route, providing above all optimization of time and consumption, but above all to significantly improve efficiency.

Do you have to install a boundary wire?

The limiting wire is useful because, as we explained, it turns out to be a necessary element for the device’s proper functioning. Some models work without this accessory.

Advantages of robotic lawnmower

Certainly, the main motivation of robotic lawnmower buyers is saving time.

Indeed, mowing is done in an autonomous and programmed way, and you do not need to have free time to do this work.

In addition, the classic mowing collects a large amount of green waste in the form of mowed grass, which must be disposed of at once.

Convenience and comfort

You will have perfectly cut grass without any effort or dealing with strimmers and other tools.

Low noise level

Another advantage of the robotic lawnmower is the noise level. In fact, this machine uses smaller knives than standard models. For this reason, a mighty motor is not required, which leads to quieter operation, especially compared to a petrol mower required for large areas.

The robotic lawnmower is designed to run more regularly and longer than usual, quieter. Your neighbours will thank you!

It is safe

These small machines are quite safe to operate. After encountering an obstacle, these devices rotate and select a new direction of operation.


Despite the initial price, which at first glance may seem quite high, in the long run, the robotic lawnmower is cheap for several reasons:

  • It does not consume expensive fuel compared to gasoline models
  • Production of natural and free fertilizers
  • Low maintenance costs compared to a conventional mower (excluding oil, consumables, etc.)
  • Less often, it strengthens not the soil

In addition, not everyone needs a very complex and expensive lawnmower. A basic, inexpensive model will do the trick for small areas with a simple shape.

The cost of the robot will ultimately depend on the complexity of the mowing areas and the size of the garden. So just choose a model that suits your needs to avoid unnecessary costs.

Easy to set up and use

It is easy to use and set up. Depending on the model, it may have options to configure the days and hours to work.


Choosing a modern robotic lawnmower is also an environmental gesture, as it runs on electricity only and does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

In addition, continuous production of natural fertilizer allows you to consume less water to water your lawn and not consume chemical fertilizers.

lawn mowing

What to look for when buying robotic lawnmower?

Weather resistant

Make sure the model you buy is waterproof and dustproof, as well as rain sensors.

Quality and spare parts

Look at the technical specifications and get a model with blades, engine, front and rear wheels of excellent quality, although it is not very cheap. Before buying a machine like this, researching spare parts is a good idea. It will not be fun if it turns out that you can not repair it in case of damage.

Charging station

To avoid wearing it every time the batteries run out, it’s a good idea to make sure the equipment you buy has charging stations. This will only return the device each time it needs charging.

Navigation system

Ensure the navigation system is sound and includes lawn detectors, a camcorder and GPS.

Covering the cutting area

It is good to choose a model that can cultivate a larger area than your garden. There is different equipment for areas of different sizes.


Most of these devices are efficient in consuming electricity and work with rechargeable batteries without releasing toxic substances, as with some cultivators.

Timer and settings

Having a timer is an excellent option if you want to configure when and at what time your robot will run. This is usually done by remote control or by connecting to your smartphone or tablet.

Adjustable cutting height

You can adjust the height for mowing the lawn depending on how you like it the most.

Check the minimum and maximum cutting size in the product specifications before buying so that it has productivity equal to or higher than a traditional mower.

Many zones

This allows the device to move in different zones (multi-zone) of your yard without configuring them manually.


Do not bet on the cheapest model and choose a brand or model that will last a long time. It will certainly offer performance according to your needs and provide reliability and security.

Easy to use

The instructions should be easy to follow without being an engineer by profession.


We often hear how high the prices of robot mowers are. When it comes to multifunctional technological devices that guarantee very high-performance levels, there is no denying that this is normal. However, they save you time and money and ensure you good long-term care of your garden.

How does a robotic lawnmower work?

Just charge the battery, program the device and start it. The robotic lawnmower will automatically move back and forth, keeping the lawn at the height you want. The automatic models will return to the charging station when the battery runs out.

What are the most important factors when choosing a robotic lawnmower?

To choose a suitable model, you need to consider several factors. Among the main ones are the size and shape of your garden. Read our guide above to learn all the important aspects to keep in mind.

How much does a robotic lawnmower cost?

The price varies from a few hundred for the cheaper ones to several thousand pounds for the higher class models. The price is influenced by several factors, such as autonomy, an anti-theft system, included in the set of restrictive wire, automatic charging, etc.