This Optoma HD141X Projector is located in the range of the best projectors of the brand, in what refers to the novelty of its functions, the modern technology and the versatility of the features it offers.

Once again we have a projector with superior image quality, with a natural definition that respects the original image and with a contrast system to ensure an authentic aesthetic experience.

Equipped with a good sound by loudspeakers and with the possibility of simultaneously connecting several mobile devices and activating them for greater interaction with our networks of friends.

Everything you need to properly amplify the images that come from your console, your TV or your computer, is here.


Technical specifications of Optoma HD141X

The Optoma HD141X is a video projector manufactured with the powerful Full HD system and with a quality of image of 1080p, so that the user sits in the cinema but from the comfort of your home.

It works at 3000 lumens and allows the simultaneous connection of two mobile devices through two HDMI inputs, which are complemented by the MHL system for better connectivity and interactivity. It comes with a built-in 10W speakers.

The useful life of the lamp can reach 5000 hours of duration in Standard mode. Doing the calculation, if we use it every day for 2 hours each, we could use it between 7 and 8 years.

A very compact and lightweight projector, in addition very comfortable to install quickly. All this makes it ideal to transport it wherever we want and the professional who works to rent and operate these projectors will get much benefit.

It is a very comfortable projector to enjoy it from the MHL connectivity, so that all your devices are seen with their duplicated screen and you can access online much content designed to enjoy on the big screen: series, movies, sports, games and much more.

From the same remote control you can control both the projector and all mobile devices that you have added. A very favorable point with respect to the comfort of the user.

The colors in this projector have a superior definition system, at the same time that the built-in contrast technology serves to accurately see both the lighter and darker images.

In short, a good product of the entire line of Optoma projectors and that is true to the quality that presents in this range.

Optoma HD141X Connections

Optoma HD141X Connection Panel

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Advantages and disadvantages

Main advantages

  • With the Optoma HD141X, you will have the best entertainment on a giant screen, with a superior definition of the 1080p image so you can enjoy your favourite TV shows, the most exciting sports and the best movies.
  • With a powerful built-in speaker to enrich your sound experience and amplify the fun in your action-packed video games. No need to spend fortunes on external speakers, since in the same projector you will have all the sound capacity you need.
  • It has two HDMI inputs to connect two mobile devices at the same time, either computers, tablets or phones. It can be turned into an intelligent projector thanks to its MHL technology, to make the experience much more interactive.
  • With the Full HD 1080p system, the user will enjoy clear and very clear images, with a definition and highly detailed content so you do not miss anything. You will notice this, above all, in Blu-Ray movies, high-definition broadcasting and video games.
  • Through Dynamic Black technology, the image will have much more depth in the adjustment of the lamp output and taking into account the brightness information that each frame presents. This serves to create a great contrast ratio, where the bright scenes will be very sharp and the dark ones keep their deep blacks and their details in shadow.
  • In Gaming Mode you will achieve optimizing your projector to get answers in record time, in addition to a superior contrast and very bright colours so you do not miss out on detail. Each time you use the projector, configure it in this mode specially designed for the gamer and you will notice the difference.
  • Through HDMI Link you can turn off and on and off two or more devices with HDMI-CEC capability, always with a single remote control. You do not have to control everything from each device and you can sit on the sofa to direct all the operation from a single remote control.
  • The HD141x includes BrilliantColor multi-colour technology, which is what makes those colours you see through the projector vibrant and the images maintain their natural appearance.
  • The vast majority of the movies we see in the movies were recorded at 24 frames per second (fps). To maintain the purity of the original image, Optoma has manufactured all of its projectors in such a way that they accept high definition at 24 fps to view the films as conceived by their director.

Main disadvantages

  • It does not have autofocus capability, so it must always be done manually.
  • Having a fairly small zoom, you have to calculate well the sector where it is going to install because it can happen that we are a few inches of the screen disabled by this problem.
  • It can get to heat, without reaching the level of overheating, but emitting a little heat after many hours of use.

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