Do you want to be able to easily change baby diapers and clothes when you are away from home? in this case, the portable changing mat must appear on your birth list.

When you know that when travelling, when going out in public places or when visiting relatives and friends, finding a clean surface that is not infected with microbes can be difficult, the travel changing mat is of a precious utility to put your little one everywhere without fear.

By taking this accessory with you on outings with baby, you have a solution of choice so as not to compromise the health of your child with the very approximate hygiene of public change tables. And when you know that many public places or shops do not have these, you are guaranteed to take care of your baby wherever you are.

The best baby travel changing mats in comparison

It is important to carefully consider the options presented by the market, you will find hundreds of designs and sizes available, for this reason, it is useful to be informed and know the relevant details of each product.

Before buying, we recommend you keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Portability: A lightweight, compact and easy to use equipment is perfect when you want to mobilize in the company of your little one.
  • Size: It is important that the station is compatible with the size of your changing table.
  • Safety straps: Your baby is discovering the world and his desires to explore it do not diminish while you change it, so it’s good to have a little extra security.
  • Anti-slip surface: Some stations include this feature to prevent accidents.
  • Washable material: It is convenient to have the facility to effectively clean your station.

Now it’s time to consult our comparative selection of products, so you can find in it the perfect portable station for your baby.

1. Nappy Changing Mat AnTeck

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We present a super versatile change station, able to fulfil functions of diaper and travel cradle. This wonderful tool is equipped with a soft foam mattress, safety straps and 5 storage compartments. In addition, it offers a satisfaction guarantee.

2. Portable Nappy Changing Mat Suessie

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It is a baby travel changing mat, a cheap model and great durability. It is provided with a completely quilted design, includes a washable cover and flexible panels to expand its size according to your needs. It has an adjustable strap and internal waterproof pockets.

3. Baby travel changing mat BTR

BTR Baby Portable Fold Up Travel Nappy Changing Mat with Waterproof Pocket
  • Open it - opens out to a size of 80cms x 54cms plus extra space on the fold out pocket of 20cms
  • Use it – 1 external pocket and one sealable fold out pocket helps you carry everything you need
  • Wipe it – wipe clean white material
  • Fold it – folds up to 35cms x 22cms
  • Carry it – clip allows you to clip to your pram or changing bag or use it on its own

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It is a portable baby changing mat with a folding station shape, which is a perfect size for any little one.

Thus, this product is made of a washable white material and is so easy to clean that wet wipes can be used without leaving stain residue.

When opened, the padded mattress is spacious, reaching 80 x 54 cm, plus an additional 20 cm pocket, which allows you to store the necessary accessories for changing diapers, or use it as a waste bag.

It is also folded with a velcro clip, and can be attached to the car or bag by means of a quick-closing clip, or simply carry it in the hand.

Also, it has another integrated external compartment, which allows you to store personal items when you leave the house.

4. Baby Changing Mat by
Crystal Baby Smile

Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad - Diaper Clutch - Lightweight Travel Station Kit for Baby...
  • 💧 SAFE and EXTREMELY PRACTICAL – Portable, high quality diaper change station comes with a detachable padded changing mat 21...
  • ☁️ LIGHTWEIGHT but SPACIOUS and WELL ORGANIZED - makes diapering very easy and hassle-free. The large mesh and zippered...
  • ✔ NO MORE HEAVY BAGS - just this perfect diaper clutch. Have everything you need in one secure bag. The exterior zippered pocket...
  • ☁️ DIAPERING ON THE GO ? - Nothing SIMPLER! Compact and lightweight when folded, this essential traveling changing station...
  • ⭐ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Offering the very best for your baby is the most important thing in the world, right? We are confident...

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It is one of the most practical portable baby changing mats when using it since its wide mat has enough space to place the little one.

In addition, the resistant waterproof material with removable function of the ;changing mat, make washing easy. Also, it has three spacious internal compartments, in which the necessary items can be stored when changing the little one, such as diapers, creams, wipes and even a small toy.

Likewise, the mat is roll-up, light and easy to carry, since its strap handle allows you to carry it hanging in your hand or in the car. Also, for greater comfort, keys or mobile phones can be put in the outer pockets.

5. Portable Changing Mat Lekebebay

Lekebebay Portable Changing Mat Built-in Head Cushion - Waterproof Travel Diaper Changing Pad, Grey
  • Waterproof & Padded: Change your baby comfortably, conveniently- and in style. Material is waterproof & wipe-clean. Cushioned pad...
  • Pockets: Front zipper pocket for personal items (keys, wallet, phone, etc.), mesh inside pocket (holds up to four large diapers)...
  • Use: Use as a clutch or just drop into any bag. Adjustable strap allows you to strap it to your wrist or hook onto stroller. Ideal...
  • Design: Compliments our arrow print nappy changing bag collection! 2 in 1 clutch/pad zips off for independent use & easy cleaning.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. Friendly customer service.

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The manufacturer brand Lekebebay presents a portable changing mat equipped with folding pockets to store baby care products. The design guarantees free manufacture of PVC and optical brighteners. The interior is water-resistant. It has an external pocket and a Velcro fastener.

6. Idepet Portable Mat

Idepet Portable Nappy Changing Mat,Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad with Head Cushion Pockets,Foldable...
  • 【More Comfortable】 -- There are a sponge cushion in our pad which will not only make the baby lying more comfortable, but also...
  • 【More Waterproof 】-- The lining is make of quality nylon cloth, the surface material is TPE snow bottom cloth,which is...
  • 【More Portable 】-- This baby diaper pad is collapsible with detachable handle, can be suspended in strollers as well as...
  • 【Large Capacity 】-- The diaper clutch with 3 pockets, an external zipper pocket, a mesh mesh pocket inside and an open...
  • 【Protecting Your Baby 】-- Public places are a breeding ground for many bacteria. The diaper mat is large enough to cover your...

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Of the existing models of portable changing mats, this one turns out to be quite complete, since it is quite a kit to use it both on trips and at home.

Thus, this mat is made of high-quality nylon fabric, and with waterproof material on its surface, resistant to water, but very simple to wash. Internally, the mat has a pad, so that the baby supports the head and feels more comfortable, avoiding any impact with solid surfaces.

Also, the size of 61 x 35 cm, is large enough, to make the change with the best possible comfort, preventing the touch surfaces with little child bacteria. It also has an inner mesh pocket and an open one, where you can store the diapers, wipes and other utensils for changing the diaper.

In addition, this mat is folded by a velcro clip, having a removable handle, which can be hung in the car. Likewise, on the outside, it has an extra zippered pocket, which is used to store personal belongings or small clothing, when you go on a trip. In short, it is a fairly complete product that can become the appropriate gift for parents with babies.

travel changign mat

What is a travel changing mat?

Surely you have heard more than once about the portable changing mat, a very simple system that allows you to dress or change your baby’s diapers, wherever you go and in the most comfortable way. But there is more! Well, with its use you will be guaranteed to clean the surfaces on which you change it.

In addition to offering comfort, it is portable and takes minimal space, very manageable when moving around with the child. It is a durable, resistant and washable product, always ready to use! Without a doubt, a great investment!

Different types

Now the market offers you a multitude of changing mats, some of them very specific and for home use only. If you travel frequently with your baby or travel frequently, the best alternative is to opt for a travel changing mat. It has everything because it is very comfortable, easy to handle and is created with 100% washable material.

How to choose the best model?

When we talk about a portable changing mat, we are referring to the baby changing mat that is easily transportable. They have a mat where the baby will lie when we change the diapers, made of soft and waterproof material. Because there are many different portable mats in the market, we will give you a series of tips to take into account when choosing the best-changing mat that suits your preferences and needs.

portable changing mat uk

The first thing that we must take into account once we choose to buy a portable changing mat, is the weight of it. Without a doubt, this is a great factor since one of the main functions that we seek when choosing this type of product is that it is easy to transport, so it should not weigh much. The lighter it is the better it will be for our needs.

The second factor to consider is the comfort of both the baby and the person who will be responsible for changing the baby’s diapers. The material that portable changing tables are made of is very important.

We must ensure that the mat on which we will support the baby is comfortable so that it is comfortable and it must also be kept warm to be able to support it on hard and cold surfaces.

Third, another point to consider is the size of it. We must think that this portable changing mat will be used in many different places, therefore it must fit where we support it.

Another factor to consider is the materials with which the portable changing mat are manufactured. For starters, they must be waterproof and easily washable. They must also withstand heavy use.

Let’s remember that we will use them regularly and they usually get dirty since we change the baby’s diapers in it.& Thus, this appliance must be easy to wash either by hand or in the washing machine.

Also, a portable changing mat should be easy to fold and unfold. Because this product must be a practical element to change our baby, it must be easy to assemble and disassemble.

Finally, we know that the issue of price is one of the most important determining factors. We will find different types, from the simplest to those with more accessories, obviously, these will be more expensive.


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