Whether you’re a gardening newbie or a seasoned pro, there comes a time when hand-tilling just won’t cut it anymore. What you need is the raw, mechanical power of a petrol cultivator.

Why petrol cultivators?

They’re powerful, they’re efficient, and they’re surprisingly easy to use.
Petrol cultivators help in turning over soil effortlessly, ensuring your plants get the best bed to rest in.

Top 10 Petrol Cultivators

Every garden, no matter its size, deserves the best tools.

1. Hyundai Petrol Garden Tiller, Cultivator, Rotovator and Rototiller

Why Choose This Product?

Invigorate your garden soil like a maestro with the Hyundai Petrol Garden Tiller. Imagine a horticultural symphony of power, efficiency, and durability that effortlessly cuts through earth like a hot knife through butter. This tiller isn’t just a tool—it’s a garden revitalizer that churns inspiration into your plots.

Key Specs:

2.7kW, 150cc, 4-Stroke Hyundai OHV petrol engine
Tilling width of 560mm and depth of 260mm
Net weight: 29.5kg
Self-propelled with built-in lifting transport wheel
0.8-1.1L/h fuel consumption at full load
3-year Hyundai warranty

Our review:

As someone passionate about gardens that flourish rather than merely exist, I can’t help but be enamored with the Hyundai Petrol Garden Tiller. The 3-year warranty is the cherry on the cake. This tiller exudes sophistication and, dare I say it, turns soil tilling into an art form.

2. Draper 32329 Petrol Cultivator or Tiller, Blue

Why Choose This Product?

Groom your green paradise with the Draper 32329 Petrol Cultivator. It’s like a trusted barber for your garden, adept at giving just the right cut to make everything come to life. It’s more than a machine; it’s your earthy confidant.

Key Specs:

Ideal for gardens, smallholdings, and allotments
Powerful engine with fingertip throttle control
Easy-to-handle frame and quick set-up
Suitable for landscape gardeners and allotment owners
Built robustly for durability

What we think:

The Draper 32329 evokes both simplicity and potency. It’s the Jane Eyre of garden tillers—unassuming at first glance but with a narrative of strength. It’s particularly appealing for those with smaller plots who still demand excellence.

3. BU-KO 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller Engine

Why Choose This Model?

Elevate your gardening prowess to Herculean levels with the BU-KO 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller. A blend of raw power and finesse, it’s a pocket dynamo that packs a punch in digging depth and speed.

Key Specs:

  • 52cc petrol engine with 1.2L tank capacity
  • Max speed of 9000rpm
  • Tilling width: 28cm, Aerator width: 29cm
  • Net weight: 16.5kg without extra attachments
  • 1 Year Warranty

If your garden were a Broadway stage, the BU-KO would be its Hamilton. Compact, yet groundbreaking. A year-long warranty is music to any gardener’s ears. This machine speaks the language of both DIYers and professional landscapers.

4. The Handy THPMT Petrol Tiller Cultivator Rotavator

Why choose Handy THPMT?

Unearth nature’s best with The Handy THPMT Petrol Tiller, the epitome of garden care precision. From flower beds to flourishing vegetable plots, this nifty device sweeps effortlessly between plant rows, transforming your hard soil into a rich bed of growth. Authentically British, this robust machine champions convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness – every gardener’s dream.

Key Specs:

  • 30cm Tilling Width
  • 20cm Tilling Depth
  • 43cc 2-Stroke Engine
  • Removable Steel Tines
  • Foldable for storage
  • Easy Transport with Wheels
  • Lightweight at 15kg

Our review:

Navigating through soil with The Handy THPMT feels almost like poetry in motion. Its compact design paired with powerful performance makes it a must-have for garden enthusiasts. The thoughtful British craftsmanship is evident in every detail, promising reliability and longevity.

5. DEALOURUS 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller Engine 3HP

Why choose the model?

Be it the novice gardener or the landscaping professional, the DEALOURUS 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller is the powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. Dive deep into the heart of the soil with its sharp tines, ensuring a landscape that thrives. Equipped with sure grip handles, it promises both confidence and control.

Key Specs:

  • 52cc Petrol Engine
  • 1.2L Tank Capacity
  • Max Speed: 9000rpm
  • Tilling Depth: 15cm
  • 4 Tines with 4 Teeth each
  • Lightweight Design
  • Two Mobility Wheels
  • 12 Months UK Warranty

Our Opinion:

Having tested numerous garden tillers, the DEALOURUS stands out not just for its robust engine but its sheer ease of use. The way it effortlessly merges functionality with durability makes it a top pick for those keen on a flawless garden.

6. Shienfir 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller

Why choose Shienfir 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller?

Breathe new life into your garden with the Shienfir 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller. This multitasking maestro, with its adjustable depth and width, caters to a range of cultivation needs. Whether you’re aerating the lawn, tending to vegetable plots, or creating the perfect seedbed, this tiller promises precision and perfection.

Key Specs:

  • Working Depth: 6 inches
  • Tilling Width: 7.9 inches
  • 52cc 2-Stroke Engine
  • Max Speed: 9000rpm
  • 1.2L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Lightweight with Mobility Wheels
  • Dimensions: 94cm (L) x 82cm (W) x 30cm (H)

Our review:

Shienfir’s tiller stands as a testament to what a garden tool should be – efficient, ergonomic, and effortless. Its design emphasizes user comfort while its engine showcases raw power. Truly, this is a tiller that respects the gardener and the garden.

7. Petrol Rotavator Mini Garden Petrol Tiller

Why choose the product?

Unleash superior efficiency in your gardening arsenal. Specifically designed for those passionate about maintaining their gardens, allotments, and farm patches with ease, this Petrol Rotavator lets you work on larger spaces with fewer refills. It boasts remarkable power and speeds that help save both time and effort.

Key Specs:

  • Tillage Width: 35cm (13.78 inches)
  • Depth: 3 – 10cm (1.18-3.94 inches)
  • High-speed 1.9KW engine: 6500-7000r/min
  • Fuel Storage Capacity: 0.95L/0.2gal
  • Versatile applications: plowing, turning soil, ditching, weeding.

What we think:

A sheer powerhouse of a tiller, what truly sets it apart is its adeptness in handling diverse garden chores. An added cherry on top? Its super simple assembly. This is a garden lover’s dream come true!

8. Garden Cultivator Tiller 52cc Petrol Soil Cultivator

Why choose the product?

It’s not just about power, but precision and ease. This Garden Cultivator, with its 2 Stroke 1.9KW engine, provides impeccable tilling depth and width, making it perfect for those with expansive gardens. Its ergonomic design ensures seamless operations, even for long hours.

Key Specs:

  • 2 Stroke 1.9KW Engine
  • Powerful operation: 6500-7000r/min
  • Tillage depth: 1.18-3.94 inches
  • Tillage width: 11.81 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 0.95L/0.2gal(UK)

Our review:

An excellent union of power and depth, it’s a game-changer for gardening enthusiasts. Handling it is an absolute breeze, ensuring a pleasurable gardening experience every time.

9. Draper 04603 Petrol Cultivator/Tiller (141cc)

Why choose the product?

Dive deep into any soil type with the Draper 04603. This robust cultivator/tiller guarantees smooth and efficient tilling, helping you create the perfect ground for your plantings. Its adjustability feature ensures you get the exact depth you’re aiming for.

Key Specs:

  • Effective in all soil types
  • Four sturdy blades
  • 360mm working width
  • Adjustable tilling depth up to 260mm
  • Handlebar steering

Draper brings to the table a tiller that is not just efficient but incredibly user-friendly. The handlebar steering is a thoughtful touch, making navigation an absolute cinch. A worthy addition to any garden toolkit.

10. Kripyery 52CC Garden Petrol Tiller Engine

Why choose the product?

Whether you’re prepping for veggies, sprucing up your lawn, or beautifying borders, the Kripyery Garden Petrol Tiller has you covered. Designed to easily rip through even the most challenging terrains, its lightweight structure doesn’t compromise on strength.

Key Specs:

  • 6-inch working depth
  • 7.9-inch tillage width
  • 52cc petrol displacement
  • 1.2L tank capacity
  • Max speed: 9000rpm

Author’s Opinion:

The blend of ABS and metal gives it a robust structure, ensuring longevity and durability. It’s not just a tool; it’s a gardening companion that ensures your grounds are ever-prepared and pristine.

Advantages of buying a cultivator

If you are passionate about gardening, a cultivator will be very useful and will help you save time and money. In addition, you can plant different crops, regardless of the size of the land you have.

For working with small surfaces

Both electric and petrol cultivators are driven forward with the cutting blades that work the land. If you have a small garden, each type of cultivator will help you maintain and loosen the soil.

Many people think that the cultivator is designed for large fields, but this machine will also allow you to cultivate smaller areas faster and more efficiently.

There are different models and thanks to their description and specifications you will be able to learn the work surface, whether it is petrol or electric.

It saves time and money

With purchasing a cultivator, you will not have to work with different hand tools to cultivate the entire planting area. You will not need to remove weeds by hand, just cultivate the land with this machine. Plus, you won’t have to look for and hire other people to do it for you.

If you have a cultivator at home, you will prepare the whole land to sow whatever you want while saving time. There are different models that differ in the way they work, i.e. they have different sizes and working depths. The larger ones significantly reduce the working time.

So you can cultivate a small garden

If you have one of these machines, you will cultivate your small garden, regardless of the type. This will make your work easier before and during the sowing process. In addition, the time and effort you have to put in to cultivate the land are reduced.

One of the main aspects of increasing the production of home-grown vegetables is good land maintenance. The soil should be well ploughed and free of weeds scattered throughout the garden. With the cultivator, you can easily and conveniently achieve much better results with the next harvest.

How to choose a cultivator?

You will find many types of cultivators on the market, but the important thing is to buy a machine that meets your needs and, above all, those of your garden. To find out which model is best, you will need to consider a few important features:


One of the most important things you will need to consider is the power that the machine has. The easy work depends on it, and the time it will take you to cultivate the land.

There are petrol or diesel models with power up to 20 hp. (horsepower) and engine capacity up to 500 cc. As for the electric models, you will find models from 750 W to 1400 W.

The number of blades

The cultivator can have different arms with teeth separated at equal distances. They are responsible for preparing the ground or removing weeds when you pass the machine.

You can find models with up to 37 arms. The choice will depend on the type of land and the area you want to cultivate.

Working depth

If they are not uprooted, the grass and weeds grow back very quickly. Also, if ploughing is not done properly or deep ditches are created, the planting process will not be correct.

The working depth will depend on the cultivator arm and the type of terrain. Most models have a working depth of 18 to 35 cm, but there are also machines that allow you to adjust the depth between 5 and 30 cm.

Maximum working width

One of the most important characteristics of the cultivator related to its efficiency is the maximum working width. This is directly related to the size of the equipment. You need to choose a working width according to the conditions of your garden.

If the right option is not chosen, you can buy equipment larger than what you can use or vice versa. The working width will affect the time required to cultivate the terrain and the price of the machine. Accordingly, the larger the model, the more expensive it will be. But in the end, you will need less working time. Think carefully about this aspect before buying one or another model.

Accessories included

Motor cultivators may require certain accessories that are specific to ploughing and sowing. There are models that include different parts and others that need to be purchased separately.

We recommend that you have at least a plough and cultivators for soil preparation. The cultivator arm will allow you to work at medium or shallow depths. While the plough makes it easier for you to work with harder soil.

Different types of cultivators

Cultivators can be divided into several types according to the method of the drive. Manual or motor-driven. Their main difference is that those with a motorcycle are more efficient.

Hand cultivator

In fact, a hand tool is one that is equipped with a comb or other tool that allows you to prepare or maintain a garden or plant, thus making your job easier.

There are various models on the market, some with short handles and others with long ones to facilitate their use. Some include wheels, while others do not.

With motor

Cultivators that work with an electric motor, with a petrol or diesel engine allow the gardening and agricultural work to be done in the shortest possible time in the simplest possible way.

You can find models powered by electricity, batteries, gasoline or diesel.

Tank capacity

When buying a cultivator, it is important to pay attention to the volume of the gas tank. It depends on how often you will have to stop processing large areas to refuel.

How to maintain your cultivator?

One aspect that most affects the productivity and useful life that a cultivator can have is its proper maintenance.

It is preferable to clean at the end of each use, thus avoiding corrosion and removing any residue on the machine’s rotating parts.

In general, there is nothing complicated in this, and you just need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Unplug the machine if it is an electrical model to avoid an accident. For petrol, stop the engine.
  2. Position the machine so that you have better access and visibility to the rotating parts and blades.
  3. Use a brush to remove any remaining dirt.
  4. Add a lubricant that is suitable for this type of machine.
  5. Also, apply a little grease to the mechanical components. It will help prevent corrosion and prevent them from wearing out and help them function properly.
  6. Wait a few minutes before storing it. It is advisable to keep it indoors. This way, you will prevent ageing by exposing it directly to changing methodological conditions such as sun or rain.


Gardening is an art, and every artist needs the right tools. Whether you have a pocket-sized garden or a sprawling green canvas, there’s a petrol cultivator out there for you. Happy gardening!


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