If you want good heating in your home to create a pleasant and comfortable environment, do not hesitate, a pellet stove will be the perfect option. Its main advantage and what makes it a revolutionary product is that it is extremely effective in heating your home in winter.

Pellets are a natural fuel that has a high calorific value. Because it is made from vegetable waste, the combustion of this type of fuel has low carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, heating with a pellet fireplace is cheaper than electric oil radiators or gas stoves, so you will also be able to save on your monthly bills in the long run.

What are the best pellet fireplaces?

If you do not know what to buy, our purchase guide and the ranking of the best models in our opinion will help you make a decision. You will surely find your ideal option for heating your home by relying on bio heating.

Woody Water Carrying Pellet Stove

Woody Water Carrying Pellet Stove

This model has a power of 18 kW. The manufacturer emphasizes that there is a possibility for WIFI and that it can be controlled via a mobile application. Pellet tank capacity is 30 kg. and water jacket capacity: 41 litres.

Pellet Stove 13,7kw Thermorossi Saint Moritz

Pellet Stove 13,7kw Thermorossi Saint Moritz

A model with a power of 13.7 kW, designed to heat medium-sized rooms. The tank has a capacity of 30 kg. Several specifications are emphasized, such as automatic programmer, presence of a door with thermal glass and easy cleaning.

Qlima Fiorina 74 S-LINE Red Slim Pellet stove

Qlima Fiorina 74 S-LINE Red Slim Pellet stove

A model with a more refined design, although the red colour of the body stands out on the side. This pellet stove has a very remarkable power to heat any room. The capacity of her deposit is 13 kilograms.

This model has many convenient features, some of which are: automatic control of the circulation pump, automatic shutdown at the end of the fuel, built-in weekly programmer.

Eva Calòr Matilde Pellet Stove

Eva Calòr Matilde Pellet Stove

Eva Calòr Matilde is a model with a nominal power of 4.5 kW and an attractive design for placement in the living room or bedroom.

Nella9 is programmable and can be adjusted via a control panel with a convenient integrated display.

SERGIO LEONI Maria Sofia Maestro 8,10 KW

SERGIO LEONI Maria Sofia Maestro 8,10 KW

It is designed for central heating of homes or premises up to 199 cubic meters. With a power of 8,10 kW, Edilkamin has a fuel consumption of 0,5 to 1,80 per hour. You can see the flames thanks to the large glass window in front. The capacity of the hopper is 32 kg, which allows the good autonomy of the device.

Pellet Stove 10 Kw Mod. KING 118

Pellet Stove 10 Kw Mod. KING 118

Another good alternative is KING. With a nominal power of 9.5 kW, this model is suitable for rooms up to 100 square meters. Fuel consumption is controlled by an STB thermostat, which when the temperature in the boiler rises and stops the supply of fuel.

CADEL Shell 3 stove pellet stove

CADEL Shell 3 stove pellet stove

Imagine that you are at work and suddenly realize that you have not programmed the fireplace so that it works before you go home. Don’t worry, and this model has control via a mobile app for Android or iOS. This will allow you to easily control it remotely, directly from your smartphone. It can also be programmed, and you have the ability to control the combustion and convection air as well as the fuel supply. CADEL has a power of 8.6 kW and can be set with a weekly programmer.

What is a pellet stove?

This traditional household appliance heats a single room or an entire home by burning as a central heating system.

Today it is considered one of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly ways of heating.

What is the specificity of the pellet stove compared to other models?

As the name suggests, this type of stove uses wood or pellets from crop residues, etc., rather than whole wood. The result is autonomous heating that works through ventilation or a water jacket.

If you have a slightly more powerful model, you will be able to heat all the rooms in the house much more efficiently.

Advantages and disadvantages

This method of heating is similar to that of wood stoves but is more environmentally friendly and innovative. In addition, these fireplaces can heat larger rooms.

Their biggest problem is the price, which reaches several thousand levs. However, they have a huge advantage over solid fuel stoves because they are truly environmentally friendly and protect the environment, as they use recycled resources that would remain unused, such as residues of agricultural materials and more.

The pellets are very cheap, and their price is stable, but we need a place to store them. And energy efficiency is up to 80%.

Compared to wood boilers, these have a built-in fan that rotates the air in the room, heats it and returns it at a higher temperature like an electric convector.

Carbon dioxide emissions are very low, but keep in mind that some homes may need extra ventilation.

The performance of this type of stove depends a lot on the size. The larger it is, the larger the area it can heat.

The biggest problem when deciding to install this type of heating in your home is that you will need access to a flue or chimney.

Pellets do not generate heat or odours if they are of good quality. In some cases, if the burner allows it, almond shells and other nuts can be used as a substitute fuel.

The boilers are fully programmable and can be switched on remotely or programmed for weekly switching on or off. For this purpose, they must be connected to the mains and the Internet, depending on the model.

Types of pellet fireplaces

The principle of operation of these stoves is using the high and constant calorific value of pellets as a source of energy for heating the home. In other words, the stoves burn the pellets by regulating the temperature and distributing the heat in the room or instance, in the house. The first question you need to ask yourself when choosing is: How will you use it? You can find three different types on the market:

With an air shirt

The most efficient and environmentally friendly, although designed for small and enclosed spaces.

The air is never in contact with the fire, so it is clean, and there is no risk of poisoning. This type works in a way that raises the air temperature. It passes through the hot walls and is pushed out by a built-in fan.

Its efficiency is 80%, and the air diffusion of heat allows regulating the temperature in the room by means of a thermostat. It can even be programmed to work for a long time, as long as there is enough material to burn.

With air ducts

The air duct models are very similar to the water jacket models, as the consumption of pellets is used to heat the air and distribute it in the rooms. In this case, however, the air does not remain only in the room where the stove is positioned; it is distributed in different parts of the house with the help of special air ducts.

With a water jacket

These work like a water heater. Their particular function is to heat the water in a circuit connected and radiators placed in different rooms of the house.

These are most useful if you already have a system or installed radiators in different parts of your home. They can be connected and adapted mainly to the current water installations, using the pellets as heating fuel and a pump to distribute the hot water between all the radiators in the house.

They may include security systems to avoid temperature, pressure and usually have electronic ignition and programming.

If you have chosen to get a pellet stove for heating your home, you should know that heating your home with this type of stove is currently the cheapest method on the market.

energy efficient heating

Buying guide

If you are not familiar with the details, you probably have initial doubts about which pellet stove you should buy. With this guide, we want to introduce you to some of the basic principles so that you know how to choose the type and model that best meets your needs.

You can choose small or larger depending on the house or room you want to heat. But in this case, the power of the stoves is more important than the size, as with any other heating system. The power will tell you whether the model is designed for a small room or, conversely, can be used to heat the entire home.

What power do pellet stoves have?

Between 0.8 and 1 kW of power is required to heat a room of 10 square meters. Therefore, if you want to heat a space of 80 square meters, you will need a model with a minimum of 8 kW. Depending on the system chosen, such as with a water jacket or air ducts, you could distribute the heat in several separate rooms. You will not have any problems, as the market offers a large selection of models with the power of 4 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW, 12 kW, 16 kW or more.


Remember that to heat the whole house, you will need a model with an air duct or a water jacket, but a simple one with an air jacket may be enough for a living room or a medium-sized room.

A design you like

Another important criterion to pay attention to is to have a flawless visual appearance. It is a device that takes up space in a room. So pay attention and choose a design that is in perfect harmony with your interior decoration. The classics can choose pellet fireplaces with a more rustic and traditional design, while others will benefit from models built into the wall or have a more modern style.

Container capacity

One of the most significant advantages of a pellet stove is that it heats the home constantly. Therefore, you need to give priority to this aspect. On average, one tank can hold 15 to 25 kg of pellets, ensuring continuous operation for about 3 days.

Easy setup and management

You should know that there is no pellet stove without a flue, as all models need better regulation and control of combustion. But it is important to buy a stove that allows you to control it with remote control. To allow its programming, switching on and off, and regulating the temperature according to your needs, etc. If you choose one of the most famous and valued brands of modern pellet fireplaces, they will undoubtedly have many interesting features that will add comfort to your daily life and will even save you money. In general, stoves are easy to install and maintain.

Read the reviews of other users.

Many households choose a pellet stove according to price, trying to find the best value for money. This is logical, given that these heaters are one of the most profitable methods of heating homes today. Before making your choice, you can check the opinions of users who have purchased the product. More and more online stores provide an opportunity for customer feedback.


You will find a large number of brands on the market, so the price range today is very wide. They can be found in many furniture stores and hypermarkets. Who prefers can order from online stores for household goods or even from the manufacturer’s official website.

Obviously, good quality models will be offered at a higher price but will also have greater guarantees of durability and performance. Depending on the capacity, type, and brand, prices in different stores can vary from 1000 to over 10 thousand levs.

If you visit a physical store, we recommend that you consult with consultants. They will be able to show you the best models in terms of quality and price, those with the best energy efficiency, the most durable or the best deals.

Here is a list of great stores where they can find a wide range:

  • Home-max
  • Emag
  • Practitioner
  • Practice

Alternatives to a pellet stove

The main alternative to a pellet stove is a wood and coal stove. It is sold at a much lower price. But the wood stove is not programmable, it must be recharged several times a day and is not suitable for heating the whole house.

In summary, the pellet stove is excellent equipment for primary heating. We hope this little buying guide can help you when looking for and comparing pellet fireplaces, their prices and models.


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