In the world of home comfort, nothing beats the reliability and consistency of the best oil-filled radiators. These are the champions of chill-busting, bringing warmth even to the nippiest nooks of your home. Whether you’re up against the biting cold of winter or just looking for a cozy touch to your evenings, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of the 10 best oil-filled radiators. So, sit back, maybe grab a cup of hot cocoa (because why not?), and let’s dive into what makes these radiators the hot picks of the season!

1. Russell Hobbs 650W Oil Filled Radiator, 5 Fin

Why choose the Russell Hobbs 650W Oil Filled Radiator?

The Russell Hobbs 650W Radiator is a sleek black knight in shining armor, rescuing you from the relentless cold. Perfect for those smaller spaces, it’s the unsung hero for compact living areas, student dorms, or that home office you’ve squeezed into the spare room.

Key Specs

  • 650W Maximum Heat Output
  • 5 Fins for even heat distribution
  • Suitable for 10m2 room size
  • Features include a variable thermostat, overheat protection, and easy portability
  • Product dimensions: 38.0cm (H) x 13.5cm (W) x 25.5cm (D)

Our opinion

While it might not be the behemoth some winter warriors are looking for, the Russell Hobbs 650W makes up for it with its efficiency and charm. Its ability to blend into your room’s aesthetic while fighting off the winter chill is admirable. However, keep in mind that it’s more of a solo performer than a whole-ensemble kind of deal (meaning, it’s perfect for smaller rooms but won’t heat an entire flat). The 2-year guarantee is the cherry on top, signaling that this little guy is in it for the long haul!

2. Schallen Black

Why choose the Schallen Black Portable Electric Slim Oil Filled Radiator Heater?

“Stylish,” “modern,” and “efficient” are the words that come to mind with the Schallen Black Portable Heater. It’s not just about looks; this slim model is about bringing the heat! With its modern design, it fits snugly into professional or cozy settings, making it versatile for both home and workspaces.

Key Specs

  • 800W Oil Radiator
  • 6 Oil-filled fins
  • Slim and portable design with adjustable thermostat
  • Dimensions: 38cm (H) x 28cm (L) x 14cm (D)

Our opinion

We love how the Schallen tackles the cold without hogging space. Its adjustable thermostat is a godsend for those of us who can never find the “perfect” temperature. It does have a smaller footprint, which means it’s more a personal comfort solution than a whole-room heater. Still, its efficiency in smaller spaces is stellar, especially for those sneaky cold spots under desks or tables!

3. AMOS Oil Filled Radiator 3000W 13-Fin

Why choose the AMOS Oil Filled Radiator 3000W 13-Fin?

The AMOS Oil Filled Radiator is like that dependable friend who always shows up when you need them. Reliable and robust, it’s designed for those who don’t have the luxury of central heating. It brings the sun to you, especially in studio apartments or office spaces where space is a luxury.

Key Specs

  • Indoor Heater with 3000W power
  • Freestanding with 13 heating fins
  • 3 power settings (1000W, 2000W, 3000W)
  • Product dimensions: 61.5cm (H) x 62cm (W) x 25cm (D)

Our opinion

The AMOS is a powerhouse. Its 13 fins ensure heat spreads like a warm hug throughout the room. Though it might be a bit bulky for very tight spaces, the warmth it provides more than compensates (so maybe we can forgive it for taking up that extra room). Its safety features also give that peace of mind, especially for the forgetful ones among us who, let’s admit, sometimes need that extra bit of care!

4. Amazon Basics

Why choose the Amazon Basics Portable Oil-Filled Digital Radiator Heater?

The Amazon Basics Heater is the tech-savvy individual’s best friend. It combines modern-day technology with efficient heating, perfect for those who love having control at their fingertips (literally, because remote control).

Key Specs

  • 2500W power with digital temperature settings
  • Patented wavy fins for high heating efficiency
  • Features include a built-in 24-hour timer, ECO function, and adjustable thermostat

Our opinion

This radiator is for those who love to micromanage their comfort. The digital settings and remote control allow for meticulous heat adjustments. However, while it’s all about “smart” living, it’s worth noting that its techy edge might be a bit much for those who prefer simple plug-and-play models. But, if optimizing energy usage and having scheduled heating is your jam, this one’s a no-brainer!

5. Zanussi 2300W Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin

Why choose the Zanussi 2300W Oil Filled Radiator?

Zanussi takes the stage with a blend of power and finesse. This radiator isn’t just a heater; it’s a statement piece that says, “I can make practical choices without compromising on style.”

Key Specs

  • 2300W with 11 fins for optimal heating
  • Touch control display and remote control
  • Adjustable thermostat with 3 heat settings
  • Safety features include overheat and tip-over protection

Our opinion

The Zanussi strikes a fine balance between elegant design and powerful performance. It’s like having a piece of modern art that keeps you warm! The touch controls and remote might feel a bit fancy for some, but they do add an element of convenience. It’s especially great for heating larger spaces without breaking a sweat (or maybe just a little, because it’s warm).

6. Warmlite WL43002YW 650 Watts

Why choose Warmlite WL43002YW?

Warmlite’s model is the practical, no-nonsense solution for those who want straightforward warmth without the bells and whistles. It’s all about being the reliable, steady heat source in the background of your daily life.

Key Specs

  • 650W power output with 5 fins
  • Features adjustable thermostat and overheat protection
  • Portable and lightweight with integrated handle

Our opinion

Warmlite’s radiator is the epitome of ‘simple yet effective.’ It might not be the flashiest model out there, but it stands as a testament that sometimes, all you need is something that gets the job done. It’s perfect for those who want an unobtrusive, reliable source of warmth without any complex features to fiddle with.

7. VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin

The VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator promises efficiency and cost-effectiveness, maintaining a comfortable temperature without excessive power usage. Its portability allows it to be used in various locations, and it comes with robust safety features. Plus, the VonHaus commitment to a minimum of 2 years warranty offers consumers extra peace of mind.


  • Efficient temperature management
  • Cost-effective operation with multiple power settings
  • Enhanced safety features including overheat protection
  • 2-year warranty guarantee

8. VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin – (2-Year Warranty)

(This appears to be a duplicate of the 7th item; see above for details.)

9. Dreo 2000W

The Dreo Oil Filled Radiator, with its advanced heating capacity and efficiency, ensures a comfortable, warm environment. Its safety features are comprehensive, and its personalized comfort settings allow for a custom heating experience. The energy-efficient modes, coupled with user-friendly design elements like a remote control and LED display, make it a convenient addition to any home.


  • High-efficiency heating with advanced technology
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Customizable comfort with eco mode and precise sensors
  • Energy-saving functions
  • User-friendly interface with remote control

10. De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator

This De’Longhi model is a compact yet powerful unit, offering consistent heat output and various safety features. Its simple design includes a room thermostat, anti-frost protection, and overheat safety measures. The large carry handles make it highly portable, suitable for home or office use.


  • Consistent 500W heat output
  • Safety features including anti-frost and overheat protection
  • User-friendly design with large carry handles for easy transport

Each of these radiators has its unique strengths, catering to different needs and preferences, whether consumers are looking for energy efficiency, advanced safety features, or user-friendly designs with warranty guarantees.


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