Many people are hesitant to buy a massage chair, but they regret not having done it sooner after taking this step. Nothing compares to the feeling of a pleasant massage after a hard day’s work with one of these massage chairs.

A pleasant massage while watching your favourite TV series or movie in the comfort of your home is priceless. If you consider buying a massage chair but do not know where to start, we will help you find the one that best suits your needs in our guide.

What are the advantages of a massage chair?

The massage chair offers numerous benefits for the body. The first is immediate relief from stress and anxiety. The feeling of comfort undoubtedly helps fight against physical and mental fatigue.

With a relaxed body and mind, you will sleep better and increase your energy and readiness to perform daily duties. You will also improve your concentration and productivity.

You can plan an invigorating massage before work, as well as a relaxing one when you come home tired.

Another advantage of using a massage chair is that it improves blood circulation in the body, and as a result, the skin becomes firmer and acquires a better appearance.

Other advantages of the massage chair are:

  • Body flexibility (some models stretch muscles and work on joints)
  • Improved posture
  • Headache relief
  • Improved respiratory process
  • Fight muscle stiffness and cramps
  • Elimination of toxins from the body (by lymphatic drainage technique)
  • Auxiliary pressure control

Those who are physically active can use it to warm up their body before a workout. They can also rebuild their muscles after a workout and enjoy the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage.

What are the best massage chairs?

Whether you are looking for reviews of massage chairs or just want to know the benefits of a particular model, we will present our ranking of the best models on this page.

1. Full body relax massage chair

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Are you looking for a good massage chair to help you completely forget about everything around you? There’s nothing better than sitting in one of the chairs with a 3D massage mechanism like the DNTG.

At first glance, the DNTG already stands out with its modern yet comfortable design. However, only after you sit down will you understand why it is among the best massage chairs.

DNTG has a 3D massage mechanism with rollers, capable of performing several different movements, such as rolling, kneading and tapping all over your body, including the legs.

This model can perform pressotherapy massages in any area of ​​your body.

DNTG has an LCD screen from which to configure and adjust options. Practical remote control lets you send any order and activate and deactivate functions.

2. Medisana massage chair RS 650

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Medisana RS 650 is a massage chair with a very impressive and modern design. It adapts ergonomically to the user’s body with a curved and elongated shape. Also it is very compact, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without taking up much space at home. It includes a straightforward control panel on the right armrest, from where you can easily make all the necessary adjustments.

This chair has an electric mechanism consisting of several electric massage rollers. They are designed to perform shiatsu massages moving on the back, neck and lumbar region.

You can choose between 6 massage programs. Medisana RS 650 includes three massage zones and three levels of intensity. Despite several pre-designed massage programs, it is possible to quickly and easily configure the type of massage you want and your preferred area, as well as the intensity and duration of the session.

Medisana RS 650 is made of leather, ensuring that it is a very durable and quality model. On the other hand, it is not possible to tilt the back of the chair.

Includes a USB connection to charge your mobile devices. You will not have to worry about the battery, and you can enjoy complete relaxation watching your favourite series or movies.

3. Real Relax massage chair

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Massage chair Real Relax has a modern and minimalist design, upholstered with high quality leather and is available in black.

If you are looking for a model with different functions and a lifting system, you can look at the massage chair Real Relax.

This great model is equipped with various massage programs for different body areas. It also offers different levels of intensity that ensure maximum comfort.

The massage chair Real Relax has 8 massage zones, 6 massage programs for the neck, back, thighs and buttocks. With the practical remote, you can control the functions without getting up.

4. COSTWAY Full Body Massage Chair

COSTWAY Massage Chair for Home, Electric Massagers Zero Gravity 3D SL Track Full Body Massage...
  • 【Intelligent Mechanical SL Track & Full Body Auto Scan】This massage chair features 135cm SL track, which completely conforms...
  • 【Zero Gravity & Yoga Stretching】One-button zero gravity design keeps your feet and heart at the same level to simulate a...
  • 【12 Automatic Programs & 6 Massage Techniques】The full body massage chair has 6 massage techniques, 4 adjustable areas, 3...
  • 【Full Body Airbag Massage with Heat Therapy】This electric Shiatsu recliner with 32 airbags is strategically located on the...
  • 【Handrail Shortcut Key & Bluetooth Speaker】The relax Shiatsu sofa streamlines its shape to the most compact size, adding 5cm...

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COSTWAY is a chair that stands out with its elegant and compact design, ideal for saving valuable space at home. It has a modern and ergonomic design to ensure that it adapts perfectly to the user’s body, offering maximum comfort. It also has a multifunctional remote control, selecting all programs and functions.

This chair can provide massages on the back, neck, thighs, and legs for complete relaxation. There are advanced massage techniques that you can choose whenever you want. There is also a timer to adjust the duration of massage sessions.

The air pressure massage is performed with airbags, inflating and deflating. They are located in the thighs and feet.

This chair has several preset programs to choose from, but it is possible to customize the sessions to your liking. You can also choose the intensity of the massage at any time.

A positive aspect is zero gravity, which is ideal for achieving deeper and more relaxing massages.

Additional features include speakers that connect to your devices via Bluetooth. You can play the music you prefer to increase the feeling of relaxation during the massages.

5. Electric massage chair Aront

Yoga Stretch Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Office Chair Recliner with SL Track, Air...
  • [Intelligent Massage Mechanism] Automatic scanning after power-on detects your body size,fitting the human body curve.6 preset...
  • [Zero Gravity ] Two-stage zero-gravity massage chair,simulates the zero-gravity somatosensory in space.With heat function on...
  • [SL Track & Full Body Massage] According to the ergonomic design, use SL track, deeply fitting the body's back curve. The 126 CM...
  • [Adjustable Calf Unit & Backrest & Footrest] The Calf Unit and Backrest can adjust reclined angle when 6 auto pre-set massage...
  • [Double Relaxation, Double the Relief] Massage Chair Recliner, whose PU leather is wear-resistant and anti-aging.Use high-quality...

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Aront is a high-class professional massage chair. A product of the highest quality with an attractive design and prepared to offer the best possible service, always increasing the user’s comfort. It has all the advanced technologies to provide the best massages. All settings are selected by a modern remote control, which has an LCD screen for a better view of the configuration parameters of the session.

The chair has leather upholstery and is offered 6 preset massage programs, from which you can choose: relaxing massage, restorative massage, neck and shoulders, back and waist.

You can choose massages for the whole body, from the shoulders and neck, back, thighs, arms, legs and feet, as well as three levels of intensity.

There is also an adjustable footrest to better adapt to the user. It is also equipped with the most modern rollers, prepared for massage and stimulation of acupuncture points, relieving fatigue and pain.

Undoubtedly, this chair differs from ordinary models with the tilt function for maximum relaxation.

6. Ananda massage chair

GLOBAL RELAX® | ANANDA 2D+ Massage Chair | Red | 12 Professional Massage I Pressotherapy | Dimmable...
  • ✅ IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: The Ananda massage chair is equipped with a pressotherapy system with 20 air injectors that...
  • ✅ REDUCES TENSION AND STRESS: With 12 different massage programs, including modalities like Shiatsu, Tuina, comfort, relaxation,...
  • ✅ ALLEVIATES PAIN AND MUSCLE TENSION: The combination of advanced massage techniques like Shiatsu and Tuina, along with air...
  • ✅ FACILITATES RECOVERY AFTER EXERCISE OR WORK: With specific massage programs to recover muscle fatigue and promote relaxation...
  • ✅ IMPROVES METABOLISM: Thanks to deep massage and thermotherapy in the lumbar area, the Ananda chair can help improve...

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The massage chair Ananda is one of the high quality models you can find on the market right now. It has a very elegant and modern design. It is made of the highest quality materials and includes many advanced features that position it as one of the best massage chairs.

All functions are accessible and easily configurable using the remote control or control panel located on the armrest of the chair. As with some models in the rankings, the remote control has an LCD screen for better visualization of the settings.

This chair includes an intelligent system that automatically adjusts the massage in the back area.

This chair includes different massage programs that are already configured to be selected by the user, but it is possible to make 6 custom configurations. You can choose different levels of intensity and speed.

The chair offers Bluetooth speakers with high-quality surround sound and a USB port for charging mobile devices as additional features.

7. Panana electric rise recliner lift massage chair

Electric Rise Recliner Lift Chairs For Elderly Sofa Bond Leather Recliner Armchairs Reclining Chairs...
  • Easy To Use - Lift Recliner Chair For Elderly, Comes With Remote Control, Single Motor Mechanism Enables The Rise And Recline...
  • Comfortable Recliner - This Electric Rise Recliner Upholstered In Soft Bond Leather, Overstuffed Pillow Designed On Back, Padded...
  • Massage Recliner With Heat - Sink Into The Recliner And Turn On The Massage Button, Reclines To A Comfortable Snooze Position, And...
  • With Cup Holders And Side Pouch - This Recliner Armchair Design With 2 Cup Holders And Side Pouch, Easily Storage Magazines,...
  • Easy To Put Together - This Recliner Chair Comes In 2 Boxes, All Parts Slots In, No Tools Required, Easy Assemble And Usually Only...

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If you want absolute comfort and forget about the world for a moment, this is the perfect chair for you. This model has the lifting option and a heat and massage function controlled by command.

You can also choose between black, beige or brown, depending on the colour you prefer. One of its biggest advantages is its indisputable value for money, comfort and ease of assembly.

One of the strengths of the Panana massage and relaxation chairs is that it includes a chair lift function, ideal for helping people with reduced mobility. With its remote control, you can control this action and tilt or lift the backrest and seat of the chair.

Are massage chairs practical?

There is a lot of controversy on this issue, so it is convenient to be honest, and clarify some facts. The massage chair is not a physiotherapist, nor does it have healing abilities. It is designed to provide comfort and pleasure and does not cure diseases.

Can help relieve particular pain or discomfort, but it can never replace the necessary treatment.

Massage chairs are practical, but as long as you as a consumer have the right expectations.

Where to buy a massage chair?

If you are looking for a massage chair, you may be wondering where you can buy it. It is likely to be available in furniture stores in your city, but, likely, the supply will not be large, and you will have no choice.

The better option is to order online. In every online store, such as Amazon, Argos, Ikea or other furniture stores, you can find massage chairs in different shapes, models or brands. You are sure to find one that meets your expectations. But in a few online stores, you will find as wide a selection as the one offered by Amazon.

In addition to offering a large selection of massage chairs, Amazon describes all the product’s features and its qualities and technical characteristics.

You can view different photos of the product in different positions, but one of the most important things is viewing the reviews and ratings of other users who have previously purchased this massage chair that you stopped at.

Buying guide

To find out which massage chair to choose, you must first consider a series of recommendations and points to keep in mind: the existing types or characteristics they have, and then choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Manual control versus automatic control

A massage chair can have two modes of operation to adjust the backrest, headrest and footrest, and they are:

  • Manual control: They have a manual control lever on one side of the chair to adjust the footrest and backrest. The settings are usually activated by control buttons located on the armrest. Depending on your budget, it may be advantageous to save and not choose a chair where each setting is automatic.
  • Automated control: This type is definitely recommended for the elderly or people with reduced mobility. They are more advanced models and allow you to use the control knob to adjust the various useful areas of the massage and control the intensity and select the desired massage mode.

Massage modes

Perhaps the feature that distinguishes one model from another is the type of massage it offers. That is, to perform the massage the chair works in different ways:

  • By activating massage balls that move up and down or sideways
  • By pressure or vibration
  • With airbags that stimulate the circulation of various areas of the body

Based on these 3 ways to perform massages, we can divide the following types of massage that you can find:

  • Swedish massage: Gentle rubbing achieves a therapeutic massage that benefits the whole body.
  • Shiatsu massage: It is performed by constantly pressing some specific nerve points on the body. The massage rollers rotate sequentially in one direction and the other.
  • Displacement massage: Themassage heads move vertically along the back of the chair, relieving tension from the neck to the lower back.
  • Vibration massage: Here, the massage heads do not move but vibrate at high speed to calm and relax the muscles.
  • Focused massage: This type of massage appears in the latest chairs. Only a few rollers are activated, focusing the massage on a particular body area.
  • Compression massage: Airbags inflate and deflate to activate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the arms and legs.

Number of rolls

The rollers are responsible for the massage with their movement and are usually of two types:

  1. Double head rollers:offer more intense pressure.
  2. Rollers with four heads: These can offer a more gentle massage.

If your budget allows, it is better to choose a massage chair with rollers with four heads.

Possibility to adjust the intensity

The ability to choose between different power levels is a feature commonly found in mid-and high-end chairs. It is convenient for adapting the intensity of the massage to different users and different pains.

With the control knob, you can adjust the higher or lower vibration speed or adjust the pressure level as you need.


It is good to check that the chair includes additional features, such as a timer. This feature will allow you to relax completely and fall asleep without reactivating the massage session.

You need to select the duration of the session, and when the time expires, the equipment will automatically deactivate.

Zero gravity

Zero gravity is a feature for complete comfort offered by first-class models. It allows you to move from a sitting position to almost lying down (180º), where the neck, back, legs and arms are subjected to as little pressure as possible, making the massage more effective.

Zero gravity massage chairs have multiple positions and can be used as a standard armchair. They also offer a warming function that is ideal for relieving and relaxing inflamed muscles.

Structure and characteristics

Make sure the chair is strong, stable and comfortable at the same time. Make sure it is designed for your weight has a powerful enough motor to meet your needs.

The simplest models have at least one back massage system. Other more modern and highly effective massage chairs include neck and foot massage systems.

Heat and air compression function

If you choose a model of massage chair with a function for heating and pressure therapy, you should pay attention to the force that exerts and the speed of inflation and deflation of the airbags.

Make sure they offer medium intensity. It will be pretty uncomfortable if the airbags inflate and drop too sharply. On the other hand, airbags that are very weak will not benefit your health.


The aesthetic issue is already something that goes into everyone’s tastes, so it is difficult to give advice on this issue.

Since there are so many options on the market such as classic and current models, different shades, softer fabrics, soft fillings, other harder, with or without a footrest, you can choose the one you like and the one you like best. -comfortable.


The size of the chair is another factor to consider. Not only to know if it will go through the door but also to see the space it needs. Keep in mind that you will need more space when you lie down.

For models that tilt almost horizontally, you will need a space of almost two meters.


Another thing you should check before buying a massage chair is to make sure that it is comfortable when you sit, easy to clean and connect to the electrical outlet.

It is desirable that the seat is ergonomic and adaptable to your body. It will be even better to include pillows or double lining, which will give you a greater feeling of comfort.

Most models are challenging to carry, it is advisable to buy a model with ECO leather, as you will only need a damp cloth to clean its surface. In addition, this upholstery is much more durable.

Remember that these chairs are powered by electricity, so make sure the power cord is long enough so you can plug it in where you plan to place the chair.


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