The Karcher K2 Compact Home cleaner is one of the multifunctional mid-range devices designed for a wide range of home-based cleaning tasks. It combines the high quality of a branded device with a very attractive price of around 100 pounds.

Our top product is able to convince both with the performance and with the scope of delivery. The opinion on this model from Karcher reflects the overall high level of customer satisfaction.

Sophisticated technology from the traditional company

The Karcher K2 Compact Home appears in the brand colours yellow and black. The cleaner is equipped with a1,400-watt motorand develops the power of up to 110 bar. At the same time, the pressure between 20 bar and the specified maximum level can be infinitely adjusted using a rotary control.

Note: Car and bicycle paintwork, wood and glass should be cleaned with comparatively little pressure, with the stone paved garden paths and terraces or stone borders you can turn the pressure up to full pressure.

The high-pressure cleaner from Karcher consumes around 360 litresper hour during operation at maximum pressureand is able to clean 20 square meters of average polluted surfaces every hour.

With only 4 kg, this model is a real lightweight, so we will not consider the absence of the chassis K2 as a minus point. Only with the length of the high-pressure hose, which is quite scarce with only 4 m, we see the reason for criticism. The cleaner would, therefore, have to be moved more often, which in turn, given the lack of landing gear handling is not exactly easier.

Equipment at upper-class level

The Karcher K2 Compact Home is equipped with a standardized garden hose connection. Like the absolute majority of high-pressure cleaners for private use, this device is also a coldwater cleaner – so the water is not warmed up by the cleaner. For the cleaning work around the house and the garden, however, the cold water cleaning is completely sufficient.

In addition to pure water purification, aspecial cleaningagent can also be added to the water for greater efficiency. For this purpose, the high-pressure cleaner from Karcher is equipped with a suction hose. The advantage of this technical solution is that it is compatible with any detergent packaging. The disadvantage – the device loses mobility, because when changing location also the bottle must be moved extra.

The scope of delivery

The equipment with high-pressure spray nozzles leaves nothing to bedesired, because in addition to the nozzle with rotating water jet – the so-called dirt or dirt cutter – also a nozzle for the flat jet is included. This serves to eliminate relatively slight soiling.

In addition, the scope of delivery also includes the extremely practical surface cleaner – a nozzle with a plastic cover against splashing water. This accessory, as its name implies, is particularly useful when cleaning larger flat surfaces such as terraces or garden paths.

The standard equipment also includes the high-pressure gun and the spray lance. Also, a bottle with 500 ml detergent is included. We think: For a mid-range high-pressure cleaner at a low price, the Karcher K2 Compact Home is quite lavishly equipped, whereby the processing of the accessories as well as the handling are completely convincing.

Experience with the K2 Compact Home model from Karcher – Thousands of satisfied buyers

K2 Full Control

This high-pressure cleaner from Karcher is at the top of the bestseller list, both in online retailing and in specialist retailers. The feedback from the buyers is for the most part positive, the consumers are full of praise.

As the biggest advantage of this model, the unique price-performance ratio is underlined. In fact, currently, no other high-pressure cleaner from a well-known manufacturer can be found on the market, which would convince with a price of less than £100, with such solid equipment and flawless function.

The Karcher K2 Compact Home is optimally equipped for any cleaning work on the house and in the garden. The customers report effortlessly and quickly cleaned pools and patio tiles, about carefully cleaned vehicles or trailers.

The device is immediately ready for use and works reliably, even after the expiry of the warranty period. Thanks to its low weight, the high-pressure cleaner from Karcher is comparatively mobile even without the suspension.

From the point of view of most consumers, the control is unproblematic and can be described as intuitive.

Conclusion and recommendation

K2 Premium

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, versatile and efficient high-pressure cleaner, the Karcher K2 Compact Home is exactly the right solution for you. The cleaner convinces with the maximum pressure of 110 bar, which is sufficient for most jobs.

In addition, the device is able to remove every 20 square meters of dirt per hour. The scope of delivery includes several nozzles for multifunctional use, and even cleaning with a detergent-water mixture is easily achievable.