Choosing an iPhone is not easy, as it is an exclusive series of mobile phones. From the first model to the latest iPhone, Apple has refined the design and performance of these devices to turn them into real collectables.

Due to the impeccable quality and record sales, it can be said that the iPhone is the best mobile phone in the world. It has millions of positive reviews, and without a doubt, we can say that without the advent of the iPhone, the world of smartphones would not be the same.

Since we have a lot to say about these phones, we will divide the article into different subsections to make everything much clearer. We will talk about the design, screen, camera and security innovations and technologies that these phones have introduced.

What are iPhone models available in the market?

In general, the company offers new models every year. You can find the latest models on the market. If you are looking to buy one of the old models, it is best to look for a second hand, as the company no longer produces them. In coin, you can buy brand new models: XS, SE, iPhone X, XR, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, iPhone 12 and PRO series models.

iPhone 12 pro

iPhone 11

iPhone XS

Display size 6.1 

Storage 128 GB

Resolution 2532 x 11703 


Display size 6.1

Storage 64 GB

Resolution 828 x 17922

Display size 5.8

Storage 64 GB

Resolution 1125 x 2436

Stainless steel housing

What should you keep in mind when choosing an iPhone?

If you are not a person who likes to change your mobile phone often, choosing a suitable replacement is certainly important. In fact, this is important for every consumer, as it is not a cheap product and is usually used for at least a few years. That’s why you need to check a few things before making your choice:

  • Years ago, the most modern mobile phones were small. Today, the trend is to increase the size of the screens to make them more convenient when viewing multimedia content. Despite this fact, not all people want a large 6.5-inch smartphone. Apple’s catalogue includes 4.7, 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5-inch models.
  • Apple tends to launch its older models for a while before releasing a new model.
  • Although the company optimizes the software, allowing newer versions of iOS to work quite well on older devices, they rarely include the latest features and functionality. So it’s a good idea to ask yourself if you want the latest or don’t mind getting a model without some new features.
  • Applications are taking up more and more space, not to mention photos and videos, which need a few megabytes for a simple photo or a few seconds of video to improve camera quality. If you like to store many photos and music, games and applications, you will need a model with large internal storage. Note that it is impossible to add a memory card as the iPhone does not have a Micro SD slot. The capacity of the different models varies from 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.
  • Although all points are important, there is one determining factor that always influences, and that is price. Apple’s mobile phones are not cheap and not in everyone’s budget. If your budget is low, you probably won’t be able to buy an expensive model unless you sign a payment agreement.

IOS operating system


Not only hardware is the reason for the success of the iPhone. Using its operating system allows the company to develop these mobile phones increasingly.

Apple is always developing iOS in parallel with the new iPhone models to take full advantage of the improved components. The affinity between software and hardware is complete, which provides the user with a unique experience thanks to the perfect connection between them.

The secret to developing an operating system has always been to anticipate user needs. Facing a problem during the tests, the smartphone developers improve the design, icons and functionality. In this way, they manage to surprise us with the simple operation, use of the phone and the smoothness and naturalness of each of the actions that we can perform in any situation.

Multi-Touch functions

Multi-Touch features have already become a standard that other companies are just copying. The Apple team puts itself in our place, solves various daily lives, and manages to do it spectacularly. One of the proofs of this is the 3D Touch function. Touching the screen was just a way to make a phone call, launch apps, view photos, and more. Everything changes with the advent of 3D Touch on the iPhone. Built-in sensors in the display recognize different pressure levels and offer the most used or useful actions and functions in different situations in a customized way for each application separately.

Nothing in iOS is left to chance. From the design of the screen, the layout of the applications or the design of the icons. Let your intuition guide your fingers, and you’ll find that your iPhone responds exactly as you expect.



You can access iTunes with your iPhone. This is Apple’s music and movie platform, where you can find thousands of movies and millions of songs. With iTunes, you can transfer videos, movies, and songs from your computer’s hard drive or buy the latest albums and releases from your favourite artists.

You can create your own lists and access those of other users. See what your friends like and recommend your favourite songs.

In iTunes, you’ll find the music you already like, as well as music you’re about to find. A catalogue with access to millions of fresh ones also offers exclusive music before any other platform. Subscribe and enjoy a three-month trial period. Upload your songs from your old CDs, so they’re always available, and expand your collection with the iTunes catalogue.

You also have access to a catalogue of thousands of movies, with new releases added every day.

With iTunes, you can connect any Apple device, be it your iPhone, iPad or iPod, and download this song that can’t get out of your head, as well as the latest hits to be always with you, wherever you go.



iCloud is Apple’s cloud service. Store photos, videos, songs, memories, and experiences so they’re always accessible from any device.

Photo Library protects your collection of photos and videos so that they can be stored safely. You can access memories from your travels, parties and meetings. All you need is an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac or PC. This will save a lot of space on your smartphone, and you will be able to take many more photos when needed. Share your videos and photos with whomever you want in a completely simple and secure way.

With iCloud Drive, you can store your most important files and access them from another device.

Install the iCloud app on your iPad or iPhone so you can upload your files with complete freedom. That way, you won’t have to wonder which computer you have the latest version of your project.

Sharing is a real sense of freedom, so in iCloud, you can share your purchases on iTunes, iBooks and the App Store with five family members so that everyone can enjoy music and movies with just one payment.

Cheap models

iPhone 7 plus

iPhone SE

iPhone 8

Display size 5.5 inch

Storage 32 GB

Resolution 1920 x 1080 


Display size 4.7 inch

Storage 64 GB

Resolution 1334 by 750

Display size 4.7 inch

Storage 64 GB

Resolution 1334 x 750

Stainless steel housing

Basic apps on your iPhone

Basic apps on your iPhone

There is nothing better than talking to apps like WhatsApp or Telegram to talk to your acquaintances. These are apps that allow you to keep up with your family and friends. Create groups of all kinds. Send files, photos, videos to laugh or organize a trip or learn something new. Stay at hand with your friends with these two apps that you should not miss.

Social media

If you can’t live without social networks, you can install Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Share everything you do, gossip with others and like their posts.


No matter where your bank is, you can now carry it to your iPhone thanks to its app. Install it and check the balance and movements on the account. Do a translation and create various notifications and tasks to be always up to date with everything that happens with your money.

Music applications

These are for you if you are one of those who like to listen to music at any time. You can listen without having to take out your phone often. If you want to focus on running, Spotify and radio apps are your perfect companions. Listen to your favourite station, and you will never miss the latest hits.

Weather applications

Avoid bad weather with weather apps. There is no better way to enjoy a sunny weekend than to plan it. Therefore, you can always check what the weather will be, wherever you want, with these applications.

Plan a holiday

With Booking and Skyscanner, you can plan your holidays like never before. Find the city you want to go to, scroll the map and see all the places you can visit. Booking allows you to find a convenient place to stay, while with Skyscanner, you will find the cheapest airline tickets. With Tripadvisor, no matter where you are, if you are hungry, you will find thousands of places to stop and check the opinions of other users like you. Good luck!

Buy or rent a home

And if what you’re looking for is a new home, you’ll find what and where you want it with real estate apps. Sort by price, filter by the number of rooms, select on the map where you want to find a home, house or lodging and view the uploaded photos.

Order food to take home

If you want food to take home, you can order very easily. Download the current application and search in your city for all related restaurants. Filter by type of cuisine: Asian, Mediterranean, Arabic, Italian, Mexican, etc.

Games are one of the most important apps

We can’t miss the games. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find countless titles to enjoy for hours playing alone or with friends. Compete with your rivals and win the race.

As you can see, the App Store app catalogue is endless.

Connectivity with other Apple devices

The excellent connectivity between different Apple devices is because they use the same operating system. This gives them intuitive and seamless connectivity that allows you to send documents from one device to another to continue what you’re doing, even if you need to log out. For example, you receive an email, but you have to leave the office, you can send the document to your iPhone or iPad and continue reading while on the go. You are watching a video on your mobile phone or received a schedule that you need to view on the big screen of your Mac. One simple finger movement, and you’re done.

You can receive your notifications directly on your iWatch to access your emails, check your messages, calls and notifications on social networks. All this without having to take your iPhone out of your pocket or your iPad out of your backpack.

With these features – sharing, fun and work become one. Always under the same interface and with the same tools. Everything is done thanks to the fantastic system created by Apple. It is designed not to waste time and always focus on what is important to you.

Cases and screen protectors

You certainly don’t want your phone’s display or body to be scratched or broken on the first day. iPhones are exceptional phones, and it is good to keep them always in good condition is to protect them from all sides.

On the market, you will find a wide range of protective cases and screen protectors. Indeed, in addition to your iPhone, you will be proud of your case. Whether it is made of silicone or hard materials, it is important not to forget it at home.

It’s nice, though, every time you decide to charge it to remove the case. This will ensure that your iPhone does not overheat while charging.

Having a certified anti-scratch screen is a plus. The phone will always look new with it, but it is undoubtedly better to protect it with a protector, be it plain or tempered glass. This type of accessory will allow you to continue to enjoy your phone without scratching despite the usual drops and touches with other objects. Finally, we can say that preventive guilt is better than solving the problem!


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