Drinking water is not just a summer thing, when it is hot or when you exercise, this should be a daily habit in your life, as it is necessary for good health and the functioning of our body.

Surely on many occasions you have read or heard the importance of staying hydrated, that you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily; and this is an absolute truth, since every cell of our body needs this vital liquid to function and be able to perform all its functions.

Why do our bodies need water?

If you did not know, you may be impressed by the fact that our bodies are composed of 60% water. Basically it is found everywhere, inside our cells, in our blood and in other liquids of our organism, like saliva and tears, hence the importance of its consumption in our day to day life.

Water fulfills a large number of functions in our body, from expelling toxins, regulating our body temperature, transporting nutrients and minerals, lubricating organs and even keeping our kidneys healthy.

Essential benefits of drinking water

When you feel the need to drink water,it is likely that your body is already a little dehydrated, so, more than an obligation, you must make it a habit.

Experts recommend starting the day with a glass of water, this helps activate our body and regulate different levels in our body, likewise recommend to continue drinking water during the day, up to two liters, if you want to enjoy all The benefits that this vital practice includes, among which are:

1. Combat fatigue

Nothing better than starting your day energized and maintaining this good energy during the different activities you do, whether exercise, work or study, water will become your best ally to keep you active, this coupled with good sleep and eating habits.

2. Reduce high blood pressure

By keeping your body hydrated, the composition of the blood will be in an approximate 92% of water, which will help your circulation to be much better, regulating blood pressure in this way.

3. Fight allergies and asthma

Being dehydrated our bodies release more histamines, compounds that are responsible for regulating the response of the immune system and when there is a lot of these, you may find yourself with difficulty breathing and allergic reactions to external agents.

By drinking the recommended amount of water you help these levels remain stable.

4. Reduce acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and premature ageing

Water helps to release toxins in our body that can cause acne breakouts, redness, skin allergies, irritations and other skin conditions. If you stay hydrated, your skin will be visibly healthier.

5. Lower cholesterol levels

At lower levels of water in the body, it will begin to produce more cholesterol, in order to maintain the functioning of our organs.

6. Helps to eliminate digestive disorders

If you suffer from digestive problems such as gastritis, ulcers, gas and reflux, water can help you reduce the symptoms of these disorders, since you can better eliminate toxins.

7. Eliminates unwanted bacteria from the bladder and kidneys

If you stay hydrated you will have less chance of getting urine infections, because your body can eliminate through it different bacteria and toxins, maintaining the proper functioning and health of the kidneys and bladder.

8. Your joints and cartilages will recover quickly

If you exercise regularly, abottle of thermal wateris a fundamental element that can not be missed in your workouts, since, by keeping hydrated, the recovery of your muscles, joints and cartilage will be much faster, preventing stiffness.

9. Help control and lose weight

Being dehydrated, the body sends signals to our brain, letting it know that it requires energy to keep functioning, mixing with hunger and what will cause you to end up eating calories that you do not really need, leading to you gain weight.

For the control and weight loss it is vital the frequent consumption of water, since it will help you to feel satisfied between your meals.

10. Slow down aging

By keeping hydrated you can slow down the ageing time since your cells, organs and systems can function normally without working more than necessary, so that not only will you feel young, but you will also see and feel healthy.

Tips that will help keep you hydrated

If you do not have the habit of drinking enough water during the day, this is something that you must change and, luckily, you will always be in time to start improving your lifestyle with steps as simple as keeping hydrated.

If you do not know where to start to create this custom, there are tips that you can follow that will make the task much easier, among these:

Always carry a bottle of water

It is important that you have water with you where you go, therefore, a bottle of water will be your best friend, you can also make use of a reusable bottle to reduce costs.

If you are a fan of going for a run or hiking, a great way to improve your water intake is with a hydration pack.

Alternative tests

If you are not fans of the taste of water, you should not worry, you can make use of slices of lemon or your favorite fruits to add a new flavor that you find more pleasant.

It is also an option to have a bottle of infusion in which you can create your own teas and infusions, taking advantage of the benefits that water and different herbs have to offer when drinking them.

If you are hungry, drink water

The brain often confuses the signs of water and thirst, as it is difficult to differentiate, therefore, if you feel hungry shortly after having eaten, it is a sign that your body needs hydration immediately.

Create a schedule

If you have problems remembering to drink water, you can create a schedule or itinerary to meet every day, in which you program every time you drink water, whether you get out of bed, in the middle of tomorrow, during lunch and so on until you meet your needs

Drink water whenever you can

A great advice to stay hydrated is to take advantage of any place to drink water, be it at work, at home, in the gym or when going out to eat.

If you come to a restaurant and think about ordering something to eat, first make sure you drink water, this will make a base in your stomach and create a feeling of fullness, helping you not to eat more than necessary and controlling your weight in this way.