I clip slim cards wallet – elegance in your hands

With the modern wallet I clip slim wallet, you can collect 12 cards and many banknotes.
This extremely practical model produced in Germany by high-quality plastic with dimensions of 15 x 6.4 x 8.7 and weighing only 18 grams. The large selection window at the back allows you to find the credit card you are looking for easily and conveniently. The wallet is not only approved and practical but looks very stylish. This wallet is available in seven different versions, making it also ideal for a gift in many cases. Be elegant and impress around with your new wallet and clip.

Why you should buy I clip slim cards wallet

With the arrival of new plastic banknotes in the United Kingdom, we ask the question: Is my new wallet compatible with the new banknote shape?
This wallet is perfectly suited for any type of banknotes and cards with a size of credit card or driver license.

Available in seven different models

Here, we will look at the seven different models of the i clip slim cards wallet.

I-CLIP ® Wallet Carbon-Look, Metallic-Grey (Available in 2 Variants)
  • I-Clip is the perfect...
  • In contrast to a...
  • The combination of the...

1. The Carbon Model

the carbon wallet – This model is the most prefered among the other 6 models because it is suitable for everyday use

2. I clip slim cards wallet in Black Leather

Made of plastic and black leather, this model is reminiscent of classic wallets that will be always trendy.

3. Gunmetal Black Carbon

Gunmetal black carbon is similar to the first in the row. The difference between them is that this model has a black case and a clip.

4. Nutshell i Clip slim cards wallet

This is for people who fall in non-standard colours. It comes in the same size and quality.

5. Navy blue style

The blue wallet same as a nutshell model comes at a lower price which makes it more affordable for people with a limited budget.

6. Red Wallet

The manufacturer also thought of the red colour lovers. The model is also suitable for a gift for ladies and gentlemen.

7. In Cream Colour

With the latest model, we will finish our article. The cream wallet is beautiful and stylish. I don’t recommend it for everyday use considering the light colour of the model.