With the growing number of robberies of houses, apartments and villas, the home safe is becoming a major means of storing important documents and valuables for more and more households. Jewellery, documents or even cash, thieves cannot reach them due to lack of time and money.

If you are considering buying your first home safe, you will need tips on how to choose it. This article will present you all the information that will help you find a suitable model. We will also show you a ranking of the best home safes we have chosen for you.

Different types of safes

Before you start looking for the perfect model, you should be aware of the different types of safes that you can find on the market.

Freestanding home safe

This type is designed to be fixed to the floor or wall with dowels. The advantage of these models is that they can offer a large volume. Starting with the smallest with about 10 litres and reaching the largest, which offer a capacity of up to 1000 litres. The disadvantage of large ones is that they are difficult to cover up.

The built-in safe

This type can be built into the wall or floor. Unlike the previous one, it can be easily hidden behind a picture or wallpaper. Carefully disguised, only you will know of its existence! Unlike the previous type, the disadvantage of this is the capacity, which usually does not exceed 60 litres.

Fireproof and waterproof safes

In addition to resisting thieves, fireproof safes can withstand fire! You can be sure that computer media and paper documents will be protected from fire, as models of this type can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Keep in mind that, like theft, the risk of fire is also a good motivation to buy a home safe. The highest quality models can guarantee the protection of your valuables and documents for 2 hours in extreme temperatures.

You can also choose a waterproof safe to protect your documents, for example, in the event of a flood. Note that there are also combined models.

Portable safe

We include this type because you can easily carry important documents or valuables locked in a small fireproof box. It is usually locked with a lock or padlock depending on the model and allows you to take valuables with you. But you should be careful, walking with such a box can arouse the curiosity of malicious people. You better be discreet!

for money and jewellery

Buying guide

Locking method

You can always choose between mechanical locks that need maintenance from time to time or electronic systems that do not require much care. At the same time, you can buy a safe that uses both mechanisms, as they are the safest.


In general, people buy safes because they provide protection against fire, water and theft. There should always be fire protection, but if there are frequent floods in the area where you live, a waterproof safe is best for you.


Portable models are a double-edged sword, as they are very convenient for any thief. The most recommended safes are those that are fixed to the floor or wall. They may not be 100% impossible to steal, but they are much more difficult than portable ones.


This factor is obvious, but it is important to clarify a few things. The size of the safe will need to match the number of documents, money and other items you want to keep in it. It should always be a little bigger because, over time, you will start to store other things.

Where will you use it?

If you are thinking of putting it in the living room, it is advisable to change the place. Thieves usually go straight to the larger room, so it’s best to place it in an extra room, small closet or even in the basement.

What will you use it for?

Safes can be used for documents, watches, money, jewellery, other valuables. Once you decide what to store in it, you will need to look for different features. For important documents, fireproof and waterproof models are recommended, while for jewellery, money or family heirlooms, it is advisable to look for models with advanced anti-theft features.


Most safes for home use usually have compartments, hooks, pockets for organizing your jewellery, documents and more. It is worth checking the options before you buy.

Accumulation of moisture

Moisture usually accumulates in safes, so it’s important to put some dehumidifier inside to protect your belongings.

Which is the best home safe?

When it comes to buying a product, for many people, the brand is essential. The truth is that this is not the most important thing, because after all, some of the best safes are from manufacturers who are not very well known.

Also, you need to consider the materials, types of locks and features, whether you need them for your home or office, the type of valuables you want to keep in a safe place and more. We will show you a few home safes suitable for entirely different things and probably like them in the list below.

MasterLock LFW123FTC safe

MasterLock LFW123FTC is a home safe with a digital locking system and combination lock. Great for storing keys, personal documents, expensive jewellery. It has the ability to protect against fire for 60 minutes or water for 24 hours. It also facilitates the organization of objects. The lock is performed by a programmable combination of numbers with a lighted keypad, allowing two users and one backup combination.

Yale YSM/400/EG1 Security Safe

With an internal volume of 34 litres, this box with an electronic code will allow you to store everything and protect it from theft. It has a solid construction and can be fixed to the floor or wall.

Amazon Basics Home Safe

This model is recommended for important documents and even money. This is an electronic steel safe that allows you to use passwords up to 8 digits, and although it is not resistant to floods or fire, it can be fixed to the ground or wall for greater security and peace of mind.

Safe Yale YSV / 390 / DB1

Steel is a good material for a home safe, and this model shows it.

On the one hand, it is good that you can use an 8-digit electronic cipher, and on the other hand, it is equipped with an emergency key. You can also fix it to the floor or wall.

Master Lock LFW082FTC Fireproof Safe

With three locking bolts and burglary-resistant hinges, it offers high protection against forced opening attempts. In addition, this extremely reliable safe has a programmable electronic system for combined locking. To open it, you will need to enter a secret code that you have previously set, but you can replace it at any time.

For greater comfort, the electronic module is backlit. Therefore, you will have no difficulty entering your code even in low light. There is also built-in lighting inside, which makes it easier to store your valuables and documents.

The shelf is movable; storage is integrated with a door pocket. Undoubtedly, the interior design of this safe is an advantage compared to many other safes.

MASTER LOCK Fireproof Security Safe

This portable safe turns out to be an excellent alternative to the heavy models we are already used to. In addition, it is one of the highest quality on the market, effortless to use and is UL / ETL approved for its resistance to floods and fire.


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