Choosing a heated body warmer is not that difficult. Only few years ago, these jackets were not so popular. But today it is possible to find all kinds of models. The selection criteria listed in this post are very important in helping you choose your heated body warmer. Don’t neglect them. However, if you are often exposed to cold or rain, it is better to wear a heated body warmer. But do not forget that to complete your outfit. You will also need to wear gloves, a scarf and hat, especially if it is very cold outside.

Our top heated body warmers

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What are the benefits of the heated body warmers?

Why buy a heated body warmer? To keep you warm all day, simply! When it’s cold, the body gets tired much faster. So if you work outside or go hiking, you’re more likely to get cold weather injuries. Thanks to the heated body warmer, your body is kept at a temperature warm enough for you to feel perfectly comfortable. For certain hobbies or professions, comfort is essential. Being cold is not really pleasant. For this it is essential to wear a heated jacket.

What to look for when shopping for heated body warmer for you

With the intention of providing you with the warmest and most efficient heating jackets (and other garments), manufacturers are trying different solutions in the construction process. As you can see, there are significant differences between models when it comes to battery types, heated areas, types of heating elements, and more. Since heated body warmers are not cheap, you should pay attention to all these factors if you want to buy such a jacket.

Power source

If you want your new jacket to give you the warmth you expect, it needs to have a good and reliable energy source. All of the models we have presented are battery-powered, which means they are heated using electricity from rechargeable batteries. In our opinion, this is the best solution at the moment, as it can deliver the most heat over a longer period of time.

The batteries used in heated body warmers are usually lithium batteries (Li-Ion or Li-Polymer) chosen for their excellent performance in cold conditions as well as their capacity to run the jacket for hours. Still, there are many differences between them, and you need to pay attention when buying them. While some can only be charged via an included charger, others can be connected to and powered by your snowmobile or motorcycle’s battery.

In addition to battery-powered heating sleeves, there are also some alternatives. However, those heated body warmers are not as effective, so you cannot count on the same warmth. They have strategically placed pockets where you can place the heat packs that will keep you warm. These can either be gel packs that you have previously heated or disposable heat packs (similar to hand warmers ) that use chemical reactions to generate heat.

Unfortunately, these don’t work as well as expected, especially when it’s cold outside. They don’t have the capacity to generate enough heat, and they don’t last nearly as long as a battery. However, some people still choose them because they are concerned about the safety of battery-heated clothing. As we will explain later, battery-powered heated body warmer for both men and women are generally very safe.

Heated Jacket


The voltage of the batteries used in the heating system is one of the causes of the overall performance of the mantle. A higher voltage battery can generate more heat, making your jacket warmer. This means that using a 12V battery will result in a warmer jacket compared to a 5V battery. However, the voltage has nothing to do with the battery life (depending on the battery capacity).

The voltage for heated winter jackets is usually between 5 and 20V, depending on the model. Most models use a 7.4V battery, which works well in almost every situation. In addition, it’s a plus if the manufacturer allows you to replace the battery you received in the kit if you feel you need a more powerful battery.

Heating Clothing Vest USB Charging


All the models we talked about come in a package that includes a charger to charge the battery. Since these are special rechargeable batteries, they cannot be charged with conventional chargers. Many users have pointed out that charging the batteries via USB is a huge plus as it makes things a lot easier. For the time being, only the Ororo jackets have this option (in addition to the standard cable). Depending on the battery’s capacity, it will take a few hours to charge fully.

One of the features found on most of the newer models is a USB-A port. This connector allows you to use the battery as a power bank and to charge your device (e.g. a smartphone or a music player). You connect the charging cable to the device, which will charge as you walk. Some models even have ports in the jacket that allow you to thread the power cord so you can keep the device in your outside pocket within easy reach.


The run time you can get from your new heating jacket depends on several factors. The most important thing that determines this is the battery capacity, represented in mAh (milliamp hours). A larger number means the battery has higher power, allowing it to run the heating elements for longer.

However, there are a few other things that can shorten the life of the jacket. The heat setting will drain the battery differently, so you can expect shorter or longer battery life. When using a snow shovel to clear your driveway, you can typically expect up to two hours of heat if you put your jacket up for a quick warm-up. On the other hand, if you go on a hike and you’re on low, some models can keep you warm for up to 10 hours.

Either way, battery life also depends somewhat on the outside temperature, which we can’t control. You probably know that low temperatures have a negative impact on any battery, and this is no exception. If the temperature goes to the negative, your battery will drain faster, giving you fewer hours of heating time. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to have a spare battery, especially if you spend long hours outdoors.

Heating elements

As you go from one coat model to the next, you will come across different types of heating elements. This can be a copper wire, metal mesh, carbon fiber, and several others. Carbon fiber is one of the most modern solutions and is usually very common in heating jackets today. The reason for this is that it is very efficient at warming the jacket, but also very flexible and light. Most heated body warmers that use carbon fiber are also perfectly machine washable.

In addition to the type of heating elements, their placement in the coat plays a big role in how the jacket feels when worn. As you’ve seen, almost every model has heating in the chest area (left and right) and upper back, as these areas are most important for keeping your core warm.

However, some models go beyond this and offer additional heating plates to give you even more warmth. For example, there are some with heaters that cover the entire back or with heating elements that are inserted into the collar to keep your neck warm. Also, warm pockets are very handy for keeping fingers warm (especially if you’re not wearing winter gloves).

Heating settings

Only having a single heat setting on the jacket would not be comfortable as you would end up being too warm or too cold. By allowing you to choose between heating levels, the jacket allows you to easily adjust the temperature to the situation at hand, based on your activity and the outside temperature.

Heat output is controlled by a knob that can be on the outside or inside, depending on the jacket construction. It seems a bit more convenient to have it on the outside as it gives easier access if you want to change the setting.

Most of these buttons have LED lighting that acts as a temperature indicator and shows you the current temperature setting of your jacket. Since most heated body warmers have three heat settings, they are usually symbolized with three colors – red (high), white (medium), and blue (low). The same principle can also be found with other heated items of clothing (e.g. heated gloves).

Some models have additional heating settings, such as the DeWALT heating layer. It has a preheat mode that slowly warms up the jacket so that it is already nice and warm when you put it on.


While the heating elements and battery are responsible for the heat generated, it is the materials for the jacket that keep the heat inside and prevent cold air from entering. In most cases, heated body warmers are made from the same materials as many winter and ski jackets.

One material that you will come across frequently is polyester. It’s a good choice for making these jackets for a number of reasons: it’s strong, durable, and able to retain heat (in combination with the lining and insulation). There’s no point in having a heated jacket if the shell lets the heat escape, and polyester does a pretty good job here.

Another advantage of the polyester cover is its waterproofness. While not fully waterproof, it can still keep you dry if you get stuck in the rain. It also offers some wind protection. To further improve this, some manufacturers equip their models with a DWR coating (durable water repellent). The water is not sucked into the jacket but forms into pearls and rolls off.

In terms of comfort, the inner lining of your new heated jacket is also important. It’s a plus if it’s lined with fleece as it feels very soft and cozy to wear. Of course, one should not forget about the insulation. It’s great if the warmer has at least some insulation, especially if you’re going to be using it in very cold conditions.

We would also like to point out that not all bowls offer the same quality. Some are designed for tough use in a work environment, while others are designed for regular use and won’t last long in demanding situations. If you are looking for that extra durability in a jacket, the Milwaukee M12 is your best bet as it has a tough shell.


Once the heat is generated, the coat needs to be able to keep it inside. For this reason, choosing the right fit is very important for the effectiveness of the jacket. You want to avoid buying a jacket that fits too loose because it will let the cold air in, and you won’t be able to use much of it. The good news is that all of the products we’ve tested come with size charts (with measurements) on their page, so you can easily find the right size.

But there is one more thing to consider here – the number of layers you plan to wear under the jacket. If you’re layering for skiing, for example, then you need a jacket that has enough room for all the extra clothing items.

Some heated body warmers also have a cinch cord at the hem, as well as adjustable cuffs that allow you to pull them on and keep the heat out (and cold air in). In addition, some of the best women’s heated jackets come with a matching design at the waist. Not only does this make the jacket look more flattering, but it also fits better and is more efficient.


The weight of your heated body warmer should not be a problem as the difference between heating jacket and standard winter jacket is not that big. However, they are not as light as one might expect from looking at them. The materials used for the jacket are fairly light, but the battery pack can add some weight.

Manufacturers are constantly trying to reduce the overall weight as much as possible so that you don’t feel like the jacket is dragging you down when you wear it. However, if weight is a concern for you, you should try finding the weight listings that are available for most jackets and see if it suits you.


As with any jacket you buy, the number and placement of pockets are essential. In addition to the battery compartment, you’ll want a few more compartments so you can easily organize the items you bring with you. Most models come with front hand pockets (but not all). We also find it useful when a jacket has a breast pocket for storing a phone, money, cards or similar. It’s good if the jacket also comes with some inner pockets to store items you don’t want to accidentally lose.

As mentioned, all of these models have a dedicated battery compartment, usually located on the back. This gets the battery out of the way and lets you roam freely. However, the battery can sometimes still get in the way, such as when sitting in a chair or car seat. This is why some of the best heated body warmers allow you to put the battery in the inside pocket for more convenience in carrying.

So don’t wait any longer, head to a store right away to find the perfect heated body warmer for you!


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