All the gift ideas for travellers are here! Original ideas for globetrotting, hiker or adventurer, to offer at Christmas, a birthday or to celebrate a departure on a trip.

Choice of travel accessories, travel gadgets, unusual, precious or fun for backpackers and Sunday tourists. But also world maps, books and games.

One thing is certain: the nomadic gift you are looking for is here, in this magic list filled with 100 finds that smell good travel and departure at the end of the World.

Now find practical surprises for excursion enthusiasts, sumptuous boxes for geography enthusiasts and universal attention for all itineraries. We have created a list created, that can help you every time!

Top Gift Ideas for travellers

Sleep mask

Sleeping on the plane has always been a problem. Now, with this mask, your dear friend and even you can do it easily and wake up when you reach your destination. It does not leave marks.

Scratch the World Travel Map

The perfect gift for a traveller: A scratch-off World poster to reveal every part of the planet already visited!

This superb wall map is made of laminated paper with cardboard and coloured sheets. It is not only very decorative but also fun. The golden film hides a different colour for each country to be scratched with a coin or the tips of your nails.

This “scratch map” world map exists in many formats and colours. A gift that succeeds every time, delivered in a beautiful case.

Travel pillow with neck support Trtl Pillow

Sleeping in the car or plane has never been so easy. This ergonomically designed pillow provides a durable and comfortable sleep with a weight of just 148 grams, and twice the size of the U pillow.

Comfortable cnoc parachute silk hammock

Are you going out of town? This comfortable hammock will serve as a place of rest and refuge after a long day. In addition, it can be compressed and stored to the point of being the size of the fist.

Camping Stove with Camp Stove 2 Biolite

No more roasting the food in the open. With this stove, you can place just a little wood, and you will have a scam to roast your food outdoors. Of great demand in the market.

Lifestraw Go 1 Bottle Filter

Dying of thirst, or getting sick from parasites of contaminated water will no longer be a problem. With this thermos that has a filter included you will have pure water whenever you want.

Travel bag Suvelle

This perfect and economical bag is ideal for any trip for your comfort. It does not take up much space and fits perfectly under the seat of an airplane.

Cork Globe Traveler

This globe of cork is perfect to puncture the destinations which you have traveled, ideal to always keep in mind that you are a person of the world.

SYOSIN Selfie Stick

Indispensable for taking your “selfies” around the world if you are travelling alone: ​​a selfie stick which also serves as a photo tripod.

This pole is compatible with all Android and IOS smartphones but also SLR and digital cameras as well as GoPro cameras!

It allows you to take photos hands-free with a Bluetooth button, telescopic up to 70 cm but once folded it fits in the pocket (less than 20 cm). In addition, its 180 ° angle of rotation allows for perfect selfies.

Steam Brush Travel Iron Smoother Aicok

This portable fast heating iron will be perfect for any type of trip where you need to keep your clothes always ironed. Its power cable is 2.5 meters.

Multipurpose tool – 16 in 1 Leatherman

This instrument of 16 uses facilitates greater versatility, and are elements that we will always need in any excursion. It opens with one hand.