The gamer wave has come to stay, is a trend that over the years has been increasing with incredible strength. It is really difficult to find someone who has not played a video game in his life. And surely within your family, group of friends or colleagues, there is someone who brings this love to a way of life.

For Christmas, a gift of this type becomes the best Santa Claus of all times, and you will fascinate your boyfriend, friend, or colleague by giving him a console, game or accessory that best goes with him. However, if your hobby is not as strong as theirs, choosing a gift of this kind can become quite daring.

Not just a single brand, there are dozens of them, with thousands of accessories to buy but we have summarized the best options in twenty products of good quality and above all with an excellent price. What if you read our comparative list?

The Best Gifts for Gamers

1. Nintendo Switch

Sometimes you have to leave unexpectedly, but you still continue your game. No matter. Switch to a portable mode and continue the game with this powerful console.

2. HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Want to hear every little movement in any game you play? The HyperX Cloud Alpha helmet is sure to do the trick. Its dual-chamber speakers allow complete and precise audio immersion and its 100% 7.1 surround sound allows for surround sound, which means everything is crisp and clear. Of course, what is the point of having agood quality helmet if it is not comfortable and durable? No worries here because the HyperX Cloud Alpha also comes with a durable aluminium frame and a signature HyperX memory foam. Who says you can’t play for hours and have comfort at the same time?

3. Gaming Gift Card

Sometimes, despite the advice, we do not know what the person you wish to give would like. Better give him a fabulous gift card so he can buy what he wants.

4. Nintendo – Pack of 5 Figures

With this set of Nintendo figures now your desk will have a much more personalized look, maintaining the impetus of the good player you are. Excellent option

5. SteelSeries Arctis 7

The emotion of the game is often given by the sound. Feel how the audio envelops you to enter an unknown mode of action where you are the protagonist.

6. Retro Console Sega Mega Drive

Sega has been with us since the beginning. With this fabulous console, you can enjoy retro games with wireless controls and relive the emotion of the past.

7. Sony PlayStation VR (PS4)

Here is one more of the best gifts for gamers. A new world awaits you, where reality is combined with fiction to share an unforgettable experience fulfilling new challenges. Magnificent helmet.

8. Super Nintendo – Console SUPER NES

Are you a lover of the classic or arcade? This console is for you. With 21 pre-installed games, connect it to the TV and play it.

9. Sony – Dualshock 4 Control

You always need a command, this gift will fall as a ring. Super ergonomic design, and wireless appeal to optimize the action.

10. Logitech G810 USB QWERTY

They are nothing more consoles in the gaming world, computers dominate their rankings too. This keyboard creates a perfect environment for each game.

11. PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4)

With the cover of the crack of Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, this game console is the perfect gift for Christmas. You do not want to know about the outside world again.

12. Xbox One X

For some the best product to play. Without a doubt, it has great exclusive games like Black Ops and an excellent online community.

13. Razer Blade Stealth

Enjoying the best graphics and the best interface has never been easier than now with this Razer Blade. Its screen is QHD and 16 GB of RAM.

14. Corsair Harpoon

The Corsair harpoon PC mouse ensures extreme precision on your favourite games with its 10,000 DPI sensor. Question recharge, the mouse is “plugin and play” so no need to pause to let it charge. We also welcome its significant autonomy between 30 and 40 hours. Finally, to manage the different parameters of your mouse, it is on the corsair iCUE software it’s happening. The RGB lighting of the logo is dynamic and therefore customizable. Smooth and optimal displacement with high precision to improve game quality to levels never before seen. Easy installation.

15. Logitech G903

There are tons of wireless PC gaming mice on the market. It is therefore out of the question to use a conventional desktop mouse to target a zombie’s head or decapitate a space shuttle. For gamers, it takes heavy. You need a wireless mouse that will combine performance and manoeuvrability.

Perfect gift for gaming boyfriend with Ergonomic design and visual appeal that simulates a collectable object of Star Wars, to be a powerful and fast mouse.

16. Corsair ONE PRO

16GB of RAM and Windows 10 are merged to create a very powerful and fast desktop computer ideal for heavy games.

17. Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

Do you want to share your experience with others? With this recorder, you can create direct with low latency and link it with your favourite social network.

18. Samsung UE32N5000 32 inch

Make your room a whole cave gaming with this 32-inch TV with which colours are made more vivid thanks to its HD LED technology.

19. LG SJ8 – Wireless soundbar

If you want to make explosions, combat sounds and special effects to another level, this soundbar promises an experience like no other.

20. G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR Full HD

This briefcase goes unnoticed, but inside it has all the power needed to play quickly and without latency, with the PS4 operating system.

21. LED backlight Luminoodle for TV

Just connect this strip around your TV, and you can enjoy a halo of light that will improve the visual field.


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