If you are looking for gift ideas for book lovers or you are a great lover of reading who wants to buy an original treat, in this list, you will find a good selection of articles both to improve your comfort during your hours of reading and to discover new gadgets and recommended readings.

10 Gift Ideas for book lovers

Reading is one of the few pleasures in this life that allows you to travel to places never imagined and allows you to learn without even realizing it. Book lovers will understand perfectly what I say and will love with all their soul the following products. I hope you find that gift that you are looking for in any of the products mentioned in this list.

1. Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic

It is a new and wonderful edition dedicated to the universe of Harry Potter, discover the curriculum of Hogwarts, sketches and manuscripts of JK Rowling and beautiful illustrations of the artist Jim Kay.

2. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It!

It’s a great recipe to prepare quick, simple and delicious for every day meals, without falling into the routine. Enjoy and have fun while you cook breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

3. Actto BST-09 Green Portable Reading Stand

This useful and innovative reading stand is perfect gift for a book lover. You can adjust the angle in a range of 180 ° to adopt a correct posture at the time of reading. It is made of PVC.

4. Little Fires Everywhere

It is one of the most acclaimed novels of recent years. The author, Celeste Ng, tells us a fascinating story about intertwined destinations, where she explores the nature of art and identity.

5. GIFT Republic 100 books Scratch Off Poster

It is a great interactive and inspiring poster. An illustrated list of recommended readings, once the goal is met, the reader discovers the corresponding box.

6. Amethya – Subject books

It is a beautiful piece native to Brazil, perfect for organizing your personal library and holding books in place. In addition, it will add a unique and special touch to your decoration.

7. Personal Library Kit

It is a registration system similar to that used by old libraries when lending books. Relive the best of that era and keep accurate control of your favourite works.

8. New Fire HD 8 tablet

It is a fantastic digital tablet, ideal for storing and taking your favourite books with you. It has a 1.3 GHz processor, 1.5 GB of RAM and is equipped with Dolby sound.

9. Joyoldelf Bamboo Reading Rest Cookbook Holder

It is a beautiful and durable rest cookbook, made of bamboo. Its design has an inspiring engraving that will delight the imagination of any reader, It can be said that the only other is to make it easier to relieve.

Now you will be ready to use it on your office desk, tight room, kitchen table or even a comfortable bed, a beautiful park, the pool or beach etc. “To be continued”

10. The Book Seat – Bookstand for book

This pyramid-shaped “Wizard’s Hat” pillow is a great base for a book, iPad, or e-reader. This is particularly useful if you are a man who likes to lie down on a bed. It is also great for children because there are no edges on the scale if they fall or knock. Made of 100% polyester, which can be easily cleaned. It is an ideal gift. It is provided in a plastic bag. It is a book stand super versatile, its cushion design adapts easily to any surface. Includes plexiglass of pages to keep the book open.


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