Have you ever been in a ridiculous situation like not having a corkscrew when everyone is waiting for you to open a bottle of wine? Well, you better go through the unpleasant moments to be prepared. With a good electric wine opener, you will be able to enjoy every holiday at home, on Christmas holidays, or on New Year’s Eve with a good bottle of wine.

You’ve certainly been in trouble and looking for ways to open wine without a corkscrew, and you don’t want that to happen again, do you?

Today you will find five tools for opening wine at a very affordable price that will give you the comfort you need to remove the corks of any type of wine bottle, no matter how tight it may seem.

We know that this device is essential on important occasions and holidays because good wine must always accompany the best triumphs and successes. Below you will find a comprehensive selection of information, opinions and assessments made by consumers, as well as the model of each company to offer you the best products on the market.

What is the best electric wine opener?

Good question, given that these plugs are sometimes made of different types of material, for this reason, the best device should have their own elements that provide the greatest durability and stability, as well as maximum efficiency in performing work.

In our list, you will find five products of the highest quality, with excellent value for money that will satisfy your needs and your most demanding guests. Without further ado, we invite you to continue reading and also to review our short shopping guide.

Electric corkscrew rechargeable wine opener

That’s all you need for a smooth opening of a bottle of wine. This electric corkscrew has a housing that is made of stainless steel and provides the longest possible durability.

Its price is really affordable, considering the quality it offers. You will impress your guests by opening the bottle of wine very quickly.

Electric wine opener Art of Dining by Heinner

This universal model has two really useful devices that will save you time. With one device you can easily remove the cork, and with the other you can remove the aluminum shell cover, which usually remains on the bottle.

This electric corkscrew also has a plastic handle with a soft touch while the device is running, which provides a comfortable and quiet environment.

Electric Corkscrew Nanami

This model will become one of your favorites. It has a really attractive appearance, which with its elegance gives the feeling that you are in a mansion.

In just a few seconds, this little product does all the work conveniently and simply without doing anything but pressing a button.

AIKARO Electric Wine opener

An ideal gift for wine lovers. This model is becoming increasingly popular because it allows you to quickly remove the plugs, as well as aluminum foil, which is located at the top of the bottle.

It is powered by a reusable battery, and its power is so high that it can open up to 40 bottles on a single charge.

Electric wine opener set

This electric corkscrew is designed for faster and easier opening of all traditional bottles. It is made of stainless steel and silicone. It works with 4 AA batteries, with which you can open up to 80 bottles conveniently and effortlessly.

Types of corkscrews

Who can have guessed that there are many ways to open a bottle of wine? Pushing a cork out of a bottle seems like a very simple task, but there are different ways to achieve it. Below we list the different types of corkscrews to give you an idea of ​​what will be best for you.

Classic corkscrew

This one has the simplest design. It is a metal spiral at the bottom and a comfortable handle at the top. Screw this metal spiral into the cork and pull through the handle.

Most are small and inexpensive, making them a fantastic accessory to keep close to your wine collection. However, the main disadvantage of this type of corkscrew is that it requires more force when opening the bottles.

Some users may have trouble removing the corks and realize that it takes longer if ever, to open the bottle. The use of this type is more difficult than other types of corkscrews on the market.

This species is not as popular as it used to be. However, we must note that this type is the cheapest and usually costs only a few pounds.

Corkscrew with wings

Perhaps this species is the most popular of all. Its innovators have added extra lightness in terms of conditions of use. By adding two levers, this type of corkscrew gives you one “wing” on each side.

These levers allow you to perform this activity with greater ease. When you turn the handle on top, the corkscrew’s wings will rise slowly. Then, all you have to do is push them down, which will remove the cap.

They do not require much strength or ability to use. This is a relatively simple process that can be done with minimal effort.

Keep in mind that this type is not recommended for opening old bottles because they have much weaker caps. The use of this type of corkscrew can break or tear older plugs.

This type is bulkier and not as portable as the classic one. The models are usually heavy and are not something that can easily fit in your pocket.


They are even easier to use. They have handles that hold the bottle in place as you lower the spiral and push the lever back. This is a simple and painless way to open a bottle of wine.

As they do not require power, these corkscrews are perfect for everyone. The easy method of opening a bottle of wine has made this type of corkscrew one of the most popular types.

Unfortunately, some do not work well with artificial plugs, which are becoming more common.

Automatic electric wine opener

With each option we present to you, corkscrews are becoming easier to use. The electric corkscrew, as might be expected, is no exception. This automatic type is powered by rechargeable or disposable batteries.

In general, the corkscrew will do all the work for you.

You place the device on the bottle, press a button, and the cap comes out.

They cost more than other models and are usually similar in price. The only effort you will have to make with them is to make sure you charge them or replace the batteries when they run out.

They are easy to store, when not in use you can find a place next to the refrigerator or wine dispenser. So it will always be in a convenient and close place and ready to use.

How to choose a corkscrew?

Take a look at the following features that we will show you here so that you can make a good investment and not be exposed when it comes to an important event.

  • It has a spiral that is at least four centimeters long. Smaller spirals will damage the cap.
  • It can handle all types of plugs. Corkscrews must be able to extract natural and artificial plugs with equal ease.
  • The cork is removed without the need to shake the bottle. In case there is sediment on the bottom you should not shake it before opening it.
  • Does not require brute force. These products must include some kind of mechanical aid, such as a lever or swivel. Thus, opening a bottle does not depend entirely on your ability to press hard. For this reason, you should avoid T-shaped models and the way of opening by turning and pressing.
  • He does the job easily. Which means no accidents, broken glasses, broken corkscrews, or cut fingers.
  • Portable, functional, and elegant! The visual aspects of the corkscrew can add more emotion or move away from the experience of using one.
  • An important aspect of electric corkscrews is the charging power. Note how long it takes with one charge and the way it charges. For environmental reasons, the most optimal and healthy options are models with rechargeable batteries.
  • There is nothing worse than investing in a magic product that fails during the presentation. It is very important to read user reviews and make sure that the product can be used by anyone who uses it. It must also be able to work with all the materials from which wine corks are made.
  • If the model you choose is complex and difficult to use, it would completely destroy the purpose of buying it! What you need is the surprise factor when you press the button. Simplicity is the key.


Now you know more about electric corkscrews. Some models of stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic become an ideal choice for easy transport and travel and a perfect gift for any family. Their strength and durability give them a long life!


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