If you too dream of overtaking cars in traffic jams and climbing the hills effortlessly, you need an electric bicycle! Of course, choosing the right model for you will not be very easy, especially if you are not sufficiently informed.

What are the best electric bikes?

Some electric bikes will be ideal for casual use, while others, with more speeds, will be ideal for sport riding. Similarly, some are more suitable for the city, and others are more suitable for tourism. Take a look at our guide to help you know how to make your choice.

1. POWER RIDE Electric Mountain Bike

Power-Ride EAGLE Electric Bike Powerful 250W Motor, 27.5" Wheel, 19" Aluminum Frame, Speed 25KM/H,...
  • 🚴 STRONG ALUMINIUM FRAME – Strong but light Aluminum alloy 19-inch frame. The shock-absorbing forks are made of...

  • 🚴 BRAKE & GEAR SHIFT SYSTEM – With front and rear disc brakes with an electric brake lever and a 7-speed Shimano...

  • 🚴REMOVABLE BATTERY & MILEAGE – 36V-10.4AH Rechargeable battery with an easy charge port system, the electric bike...

  • 🚴3 WORKING MODE– With 3 ride modes: 1. electric power mode. 2. power assists pedal mode 3. pedal only mode. You can choose...
  • 🚴 FEATURES - YK5 front and rear disc brakes, Shimano TZ500 Rear Derailleur, TX50 gear shifter, M5 model electronic...

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  • Rated power 350 W
  • Top speed up to 25 km / h
  • Samsung Cell Removable 10.4AH Lockable Battery
  • 45KM range on battery power alone

POWER RIDE is one of the best electric bikes, which mountain bike enthusiasts will well appreciate.

It has 6 levels of pedalling assistance and a 21-speed Shimano with TXZ500 gears shifter system. These features make it a very versatile model, as you can adjust the rotation rhythm according to the terrain you are on or the level of physical effort you want to perform.

In addition, with these features, you will be able to face more demanding mountain routes. The good suspension will provide you with stability, and disc brakes safety, because with them, you will be able to control the fast braking, which in turn will allow you to ride a little more extreme.

It also includes a double tube on the frame and easy adjustment of the seat. You can adjust it quickly, providing extra safety when riding.

2. Folding electric bike Mi Smart

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  • Rated power 250 W
  • Maximum speed up to 25 km / h
  • Lithium-ion battery 5800 mAh
  • Mileage up to 45 kilometres

Mi Smart ranks as one of the best-selling folding models on the world market. This is a folding electric bike that has a lithium-ion battery built into the tubular frame.

It has ultra-lightweight, weighs only 14.5 kg, which is even less than some models of electric scooters and is the lightest folding electric bike on the market.

These features, added to its small size when folded, make this folding model perhaps the best option for those looking for fast and independent transportation for their daily travel in the city.

In addition, it is ideal for those who have more difficult routes and have to combine cycling and public transport. One thing that sets the Smart Smart apart from its competition is the sleek and minimalist design.

In short, if you are looking for a good tool for easy and fast movement in urban conditions, you can bet on a folding electric bike Mi Smart, as it is manufactured by one of the best at the moment, offering an unsurpassed price-quality ratio.

3. eelo 1885 PRO 14 Adults Folding Electric Bike

eelo 1885 14" Folding Electric Bike for Adults - Easy to Fold, Carry and Store - UK Designed and...
  • ULTIMATE TRAVEL COMPANION - For the passionate caravanner, motorhome owner, or boating enthusiast, your love for adventure just...
  • COMPACT, CONVENIENT, SECURABLE - Say goodbye to storage worries. The eelo 1885 folds away in seconds, shrinking to an incredibly...
  • POWER AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Experience the thrill of speed at your command. The eelo 1885 features a thumb throttle control that can...
  • LONG-LASTING ADVENTURE - Don't let your journey be cut short. With a stunning 45-mile range, the eelo 1885 ensures your...
  • 12 MONTH UNLIMITED MILE WARRANTY - Peace of mind comes standard. Each eelo 1885 bike comes with a 12-month unlimited mileage...

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  • Rated power 250 W
  • Maximum speed up to 15mph
  • LG battery
  • Range up to 40 miles

eelo 1885 PRO is one of the few folding models on the market. It has an LCD screen that allows you to select the level of support. You have chosen the level that best suits the terrain or the level of effort you want to make while extending battery life.

The model is designed with a durable folding aluminium frame that allows you to store it easily or transport it comfortably in the boot of your car.

It includes manual and digital speeds, which allow mutual assistance of the engine and the rotation of the pedals. This is especially useful when the terrain has climbing sections.

This is probably the ideal option for users looking for a folding electric bike with good performance and a competitive price.

4. ANCHEER Electric Bike for Adults

ANCHEER Electric Bike, 250W 26'' Electric Bicycle E-bike with Removable 36V 8Ah /12.5Ah Lithium-Ion...
  • Long battery life: 8Ah capacity is competent for daily use. In the electric mode, it supports a range of up to 25km. If you use...
  • 34N torque: 250W high-speed brushless motor can generate enough power to meet the needs of daily commuting and short-distance...
  • Comfortable riding: With 21-speed gear transmission, normal short hills are no longer a problem; with the pedal assist mode...
  • Safe travel: The high-efficiency double disc brakes can brake in time under a variety of terrains, and will cut off the bicycle's...
  • Packaging and installation: The battery is included in the package. The bicycle is highly assembled, but there is a small amount...

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  • Motor power 250 W
  • Maximum speed up to 25 km / h
  • Removable battery
  • Range 25-50 kilometres

ANCHEER is a mountain electric bike that offers good quality at a very competitive price, which is why it is included in our ranking.

These features will allow you to make long trips without sacrificing aesthetics, thanks to the model’s elegant design.

It has an LCD screen that provides a very wide range of support configurations and information that can be read as well as select the level of support as it includes 21 different speeds. Thanks to this function, you can use more or less energy depending on the difficulty of the terrain and thus extend the battery life.

It has a sturdy aluminium alloy frame that perfectly withstands the most complex mountain terrains’ vibrations while adding ease to the user.

5. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

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  • Motor power 250 W
  • Maximum speed up to 17 km / h
  • Lithium-ion baterry
  • Range of up to 30 miles

ANCHEER is a folding model with good technical characteristics at a very competitive price.

It has a durable aluminium alloy frame, allowing convenient folding, storage, and transport in the car’s boot if you decide to take it out of town.

Its features allow you to easily climb slopes thanks to the traction of the electric motor and the flexibility offered by the assistance levels and the professional 7 speed transmission gears.

This model includes all the elements that a city electric bike should offer: Maximum speed up to 17 km / h, LED LED headlight and brake light, reflectors and bell, which makes it an ideal option for those looking for a universal model to use both in the city as well as in small settlements.

6. Hyuhome Electric Bicycle for Adults 350W

Hyuhome Electric Bicycles for Adults, Aluminum Alloy Ebike Bicycle Removable 36V/12.5Ah Lithium-Ion...
  • ✔ Smart Mountain Bike: Ergonomic handbar, adjustable seat and rst, Anti-slip and wear resistant tire. The bright LED headlight...
  • ✔ Strong power ebike: High speed motor, hign power. The gradeability can reach <25° in common road condition. 5 setting smart...
  • ✔ Large Capacity Removable Battery: 36V/12.5Ah Li battery. Removable power supply makes you charge it on or off the frame,...
  • ✔ Working Modes: This electric bike comes with [Pure electric(5 shifts), Electric assist(5 shifts), Pure human riding] 3 cycling...
  • ✔ Excellent Accessories: E-bike wields front and rear disc brakes design and 7 speed shimano professional transmission system....

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  • Rated power 350 W
  • Maximum speed up to 35 km / h
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Range up to 70 km

Hyuhome is one of the best brands for electric bicycles, as it continues to lead the market in this field, offering a variety of models. This case presents the mountain model, an ideal choice for those looking for a universal bike, with excellent technical characteristics and at a very affordable price.

The battery is integrated into the frame, which provides a very aesthetic design and increases the functionality of the electric bike, as it maintains low weight.

This model is specially designed to meet urban conditions, so its speed is limited to 35 km / h and includes a standard headlight and stop connected to the battery. They provide not only excellent visibility but also greater safety.

These features make it the best electric bike for those who want to use it intensively in the city or mountain. It combines good cushioning and very comfortable and stable riding, thanks to the design of the frame and the adjustable seat and handlebars.

7. Hyuhome

No products found.

  • Rated power 250 W
  • Maximum speed up to 35 km / h
  • Integrated battery
  • Range up to 90 km

Hyuhome is also one of the good city models, but without a folding function.

It has an aesthetic very light aluminium frame, making it one of the most lightweight urban models on the market.

They were specially designed for everyday city trips. For this reason, the manufacturer has included some extras to suit the way it is used. Also available with a rear rack, fender, chain guard, reflectors.

Thanks to its braking system and comfort, this city electric bike provides safety, thanks to its suspension and 26-inch wheels.

Hyuhome is a good choice for value for money if you are looking for an urban model that surpasses the standard models available on the market.

Why buy an electric bike?

Electric bikes are quite expensive, so you need to think about your needs before making your purchase.

If you want to buy it for use on level ground and are in good physical condition, this rather expensive purchase may not be worth it! An excellent classic bike, which will be much cheaper, may be a better choice for you.

If you want to travel to work every day and it is a matter of long distances, the electric bike can be a good solution. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the electric bicycle.


This type of wheel has many advantages:

  • Assistmode: this mode allows climbing uphills without much fatigue and makes it easier to start on a hill.
  • Speed: travelling in the city is one of the fastest means of transport. The support mode works up to 25 km / h for most electric bikes, but this speed can reach up to 45 km / h on some sports models. Therefore, this help allows everyone to reach a good speed to sneak in and get ahead of the traffic jam.
  • Long distances: the combination of the previous advantages makes it possible to travel much longer distances than with a standard bicycle.
  • Good for health: It allows you to exercise even after a health problem and if you are older.
  • Environmentally friendly:although battery production causes pollution, e-biking is much more environmentally friendly than internal combustion engines.
  • Economical: energy consumption is much lower than most vehicles. E-bike consumes an average of 1 kWh per 100 km.


A vehicle without flaws has not yet been invented. The electric bicycle also has its:

  • Weight: at 20 to 25 kilograms, an electric bicycle is not preferable when the battery is not charged. To climb stairs, take it on the train, or even get it on the car’s bike rack requires considerable effort. There are also lighter models, but their price is higher.
  • Charging the battery: it must be recharged regularly. It is advisable to be careful and check it to avoid being left without help in the middle of the trip.
  • The price: the average price of an electric bicycle is between £900 and £2000, which is much more expensive than the standard models. Depending on the equipment that may be included, the price can reach £4,000 – £5,000.
  • Theft: Unfortunately, their high cost and lack of a completely reliable anti-theft system make them easy prey for thieves.
Men riding

Buying guide

Electric bicycles have become popular in recent years and are increasingly found in cities and sometimes even in small towns. Therefore, the market supply is becoming more numerous and choosing the right model for your needs, and you must first get acquainted with their characteristics.

Some models are light and manoeuvrable, an ideal choice for city trips. Another very popular model is the Dutch electric bike, which has an upright seat. And sports fans can also find what they are looking for by choosing a mountain electric bike.

Your needs

Before focusing on the characteristics of individual models, certain criteria must be taken into account to focus properly. Consider the following requirements:

  • The type of route for which you plan to use an electric bicycle (distance, terrain, etc.),
  • Your preferences for posture (sporty, dynamic or rather relaxed position),
  • Also, think about the things you want to transport (such as a bag, backpack, etc.).

Once you have clarified these needs, you can look at the specific characteristics of the electric bicycle.

Battery life

As you know, this vehicle runs on battery. There are models equipped with two types of batteries: lithium and lead-acid. The lead-acid are usually the cheapest, but of course, less durable. Some are loaded directly without being downloaded, while others are allowed to be separated, which facilitates the task.

In terms of autonomy, models with medium quality and price can travel between 25 and 80 km fully charged. If you use your bike for long trips on weekends, it is good to be careful with this feature. Finally, a medium quality rechargeable battery can perform 1000 – 1500 discharge/recharge cycles.

The location of the battery

  • On the rear rack: this option is very common, especially on cheaper models. In this case, the considerable weight of the battery can make the wheel more unstable.
  • On or in the frame: this position is more central, and the lower position allows better stability when cycling.

The size

In general, adult models have several wheel sizes between 20 and 28 inches, depending on the type and size of the frame. Before you choose, you should know that the smaller wheels allow better handling when driving and are even easier to carry when needed, while the larger dimensions will give you more speed. In any case, the size will also depend mainly on the height of your body.

Support system

There are two types of support systems. The first system has a sensor that detects when you pedal and when you don’t. So when you step on the pedal, the engine starts and then stays at a constant level, no matter how hard you pedal. The other system works in proportion to the pressure on the pedals: the bike adjusts its engine according to your rotation. More prestigious, this system is also more efficient and more pleasant to use.


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