For most people, eggs are just a type of food. But for others, they represent a potential income from hatching chickens or other more exotic birds. Whatever the reason you need an automatic egg incubator, choosing this appliance can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar enough.

There are many companies on the market offering an incredible variety of incubators of different sizes and capacities. However, each automatic incubator works in a unique way, which means you have to consider your needs before making your choice.

What are the best egg incubators?

There are certain aspects to consider when making this purchase. Of course, it all depends on your needs, but it is recommended that the equipment be available with automatic reversing and ventilation control.

After long research and study of different models, we have created a list to find incubators with good value for money.

Fully Automatic 48 Digital Egg Incubator

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The Yosoo brand offers poultry farmers a fully automatic incubator that allows them to hatch up to 48 eggs at a time. Although quite large, this model is efficient. Made of transparent material, it will enable you to monitor the various stages at any time.

This automatic incubator made of Yosoo allows you to have healthy chickens at every hatching, thanks to its good thermal insulation for the eggs. The model is suitable for almost all eggs from different poultry species, but on a manual basis, it can also be used for larger eggs than hens.

This device also has an automatic rotation function. Thanks to this, you will not have to rotate them by hand, and they will be subjected to optimal conditions that will ensure the hatching of the chickens. This incubator also has a fan that provides good air circulation in the device, thus softening the shells so that the chickens can easily break them. This feature can be adjusted according to your needs and the nature of the eggs. With this automatic model, you will find a function for programming the incubation time and counting the days.

ColdShine 96-cell Incubator

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Thanks to the ColdShine brand, breeders will get more than 96 eggs in record time. This automatic incubator is quite practical. As temperature plays a vital role in the incubation of eggs, this model has a suitable automatic control. The latter allows precise temperature regulation. Equipped with a display and indicator lights, this incubator allows you to monitor changes occurring in the device. Thanks to them, you will know the temperature variations that can affect the success of hatching.

Zerone Egg Incubator and Hatcher

Egg Incubator, 24 Eggs Incubator Temperature Control Digital Automatic Chicken Chick Hatcher for...
  • 【24 EGGS】: The egg incubator can house 24 Chicken size eggs in the automatic egg turner which gentles turns every 2 hours.
  • 【24 EGGS】: The egg incubator can house 24 Chicken size eggs in the automatic egg turner which gentles turns every 2 hours.
  • 【AUTOMATIC EGG TURNING】: Adjustable automatic egg turning. Digital temperature controls allows for temperature settings and...
  • 【EASY TO FILL WATER】: Water inlet design is easy to fill water. Separated sinks can reduce vapor caused by the oxidation of...
  • 【TRANSPARENT BASE】: Transparent base for observation give a clear view to observe the incubation process without having to...

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Don’t worry about cleaning. Its excellent finish and organized design will keep the area clean for incubation. Made with state-of-the-art technology, it integrates automatic heat control and hatching of up to 24 chicks.

Large Automatic Egg Incubator 112 Eggs

incubato Large Egg Incubator Poultry Incubator Egg Hatcher Automatic 112 Eggs + Candler IN-112DDI...
  • Large—for up to 112 chicken eggs on two levels
  • Clear—easy-to-use buttons and clear displays
  • Cost-effective—constant results with only 160 W of power
  • Reliable—temperature is consistently maintained between 30 and 39.5 °C
  • Automatic—eggs are turned 45° every 2 hrs

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The option for more industrial use can accommodate up to 112 chicken, turkey and duck 56 and goose eggs 38. In addition, its automatic system allows you to pay attention to your important commitments throughout the day.

Large Egg Incubator 84 Eggs Fully Automatic Hatcher

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A powerful and compact machine that offers ideal power for 84 chicken eggs. The device has automatic control of humidity and temperature, including a timer for turning the eggs and an irradiation system.

M.Z.A Mini 7 Egg Incubator

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This fantastic option offers a clear visibility on the inside of the product and easy internal cleaning thanks to its antimicrobial plastics. In addition, you can maintain the required temperature thanks to the built-in thermostat. An excellent model that also offers external water replenishment.

Automatic Egg Incubator for 12 Eggs OUTAD

Egg Incubator Automatic LED Screen Display Constant Temperature for 12 Eggs Duck Egg,Bird Egg,Turkey...
  • 🐣【LARGE CAPACITY】This poultry hatcher machine offers more space for a total of 9-12 eggs for incubating. It is extremely...
  • 🐣【MORE FUNCTION】High intensity egg candling lamp for monitoring egg development. Basket-like hollow egg tray ensures good...
  • 🐣【UNIQUE DESIGN 】Removable and adjustable egg trays with grille,Constant temperature range from 20℃ to 40℃, Excellent...
  • 🐣【EASY TO USED 】It feature simple buttons, which is easy to operate. It features automatic temperature control and...
  • 🐣【100% SATISFACTION】This incubator is easy to assemble and suitable for breeding poultry eggs - chickens, ducks, geese,...

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Compact and professional design with a capacity for 12 eggs, with adjustable hatching time and a really easy, configure a system that will allow you to save time and optimize breeding or experimental experience without much effort.

How do egg incubators work?

These devices are used to hatch birds or reptiles’ eggs, maintaining the temperature needed to keep the eggs always hot, which allows the fruit to develop inside them and hatch artificially.

Are all types of poultry suitable?

Many manufacturers have designed universal incubators to provide consumers with this opportunity. These models allow the hatching of different species of poultry: chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quails and others. In addition, they are perfectly suitable for the incubation of reptile eggs. But before you make your purchase, check the humidity, temperature or capacity options to see if they will be ideal for the eggs you plan to hatch.

Preliminary preparation

Knowing when and how many eggs your hens lay, you need to collect them and prepare them for incubation. To do this properly, it is advisable to follow certain steps.

One of the main steps is to know how often you will collect the eggs. You should perform this task at least once a day. In this way, you will be able to store them in ideal conditions for their protection. Once you have collected enough eggs, you only need to keep some of them. You need to remove all that is too big, too small, dirty, deformed or cracked. If you want to clean some of the eggs, never use water because you will remove their protective layer and make them weak. If you’re going to clean them, try as dry as possible.

Then place the eggs in a suitable storage medium such as a box or shell. Depending on where you will store them, you should place them lying down or with the sharp side down. Once you have arranged them carefully and you are sure that there is no danger of breaking them, store them in the dark.

If you put the eggs directly in an incubator, be sure to leave it away from direct sunlight. As in placing eggs in a suitable container, it is important to place them lying on one side or facing upside down. The device should be between 36 and 38.5 degrees to maintain the correct temperature, depending on whether the incubator is equipped with a fan or not.


How to use an egg incubator?

As with natural reproduction, the incubation time in an automatic incubator is 21 days. In some cases, however, this period can vary between 19 and 23 days.

If the automatic incubator is a more advanced and efficient model, it will be easier to use. Thanks to special technologies, this device is easy to handle. Before loading it with eggs, it is crucial to make sure that the appliance is working correctly. To check it, plug it in and start it as if it is loaded.

After completing the inspection, place the eggs in the grilles and shelves for this purpose before starting the incubator. If you have an automatic model, the appliance will regulate the temperature to encourage the hatching of eggs. Thanks to a very sensitive sensor, the device will precisely control the temperature and humidity in the compartment so that the contents can be incubated well and quickly turned into chickens.

Once the automatic incubator is activated, you will have to wait. It is essential to monitor the humidity in the device, so you should watch the level of the tank and do not hesitate to add water if necessary. If the appliance is operating normally, the tank will need to be refilled every 2 days.

Around the 18th day of incubation, remove the bars and stop rotating the eggs, leaving them lying down or with the tip up to make it easier for the chickens. On some models, this movement is done automatically. Adding water to the tanks is also important at this stage, as moisture softens the shells, making them easier to crack. When they start to break the shell, it is important to keep the incubator closed to hatch. By opening it, you risk releasing the formed moisture in the appliance, which will lead to the hardening of the shells, which complicates the process.

Can the eggs in the incubator roll or knock into each other?

This possibility is entirely impossible. Therefore, manufacturers of automatic incubators have installed removable stands that keep the eggs safe and in the correct position. Therefore, once laid, the egg will be kept fixed in a stable position throughout the incubation period. Some types of incubators also have various kinds of stands, adapted to different categories and sizes of eggs.

Advantages of incubators

Suitable for different eggs

These devices are quite flexible, giving great opportunities to create offspring, which would otherwise be quite challenging to achieve. For example, incubators can be used to hatch various species of birds or reptiles.


It is interesting to raise different types of chickens, a factor that improves historical integrity. In addition, it is more economical to raise a wide variety of breeds by hatching through an incubator than by buying already reared chickens.

The egg is easier to transport

It is easier and cheaper to transport eggs than chickens. However, young chickens are easily stressed by noise or may even be injured in a new environment. This can be easily solved by transporting an egg and hatching it in the environment where you want it to grow.


Incubators also differ in the number of eggs they can hold. You can buy with a capacity of three, ten and even up to a hundred depending on your interests and needs.

Learning experience

Hatching eggs with an incubator makes it possible to learn this process. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for both students and the appropriate development of young farmers.

hatching chicken eggs

How to choose an egg incubator?


The volume is clearly highlighted in the product or box description on most models, but make sure that the appliance can hatch different types of birds that you may plan to hatch in the future.

Power supply

Almost all of this equipment runs on electricity using the traditional outlet, but it is essential to consider the need for a larger power source for larger equipment.

Automatic rotation

This feature allows you to rotate the eggs safely and on time. However, doing it yourself risks cracking the eggs, so automatic functionality is almost necessary.

Temperature control

This will allow you to change the internal heat to be suitable for the type of eggs you have. You can also use a thermometer to adjust the exact conditions your eggs need.

Humidity control

There are two ways to control humidity: using some absorbent pad soaked in water or by a steam system inside the equipment.

Observation windows

Almost all models have some observation window, so you can witness the miracle of life as it happens.

Warning system

This function is intended to warn when one of the important breeding parameters reaches critical values. This can be, for example, an inadequate temperature level or excessive humidity. In short, the alert system helps you with the task and allows you to adjust all parameters timely. In this way, losses are minimized, which increases the profitability of cultivation. This feature is standard on high-end models.

Types of eggs

Some incubators are made specifically for one species of bird, so if you intend to breed a wide variety of species, you will need to check this specification.


Ensure that the model you buy is made of durable materials that will withstand repeated use of the appliance and is not too difficult to clean.


Not all of these products are produced under the same conditions. However, some are certified for safe electrical use, an important issue because you have not forgotten that this device will work non-stop for three weeks.


Since temperature, humidity and egg rotation are three of the most important factors to consider when choosing an egg incubator, the user should take care to invest in a model that is made of strong materials, such as ABS plastic. . and a modern digital control system that maintains the correct temperature.

It should be quick and easy to assemble. If its parts are dishwasher safe, it will be better for easier cleaning.

Some incubators also offer large observation windows to observe the eggs without having to open the appliance.

Finally, depending on your goals, different incubators offer different capacities, so be sure to invest in an incubator that can hold enough eggs.