The contaminated water, the accumulation of rubbish and food in decomposition are the main causes of the appearance of mosquitoes, these annoying animals that with an unnoticed bite can cause diseases or infinite itching. To get these evil flyers to disappear from your home, we offer you these six easy ways to kill mosquitoes.

1. Kill the Mosquito using Vinegar

Mosquitoes have a very well developed sense of smell, which is why they are commonly attracted by the smell of fruits and all decaying matter. One of the infallible tricks to kill mosquitoes is to grab acontainer with vinegar, create some holes to release the aroma and wait for our enemies to come enchanted, serve a bit of this sour water and, cruelly, remain floating. When you have enough mosquitoes trapped or the vinegar has lost the smell, get rid of the contents of the container and repeat the task.

2. Kill the Mosquito with the help of Lemon or Lavender

A very cheap way to kill mosquitoes is to place lemon incense or lavender-smelling candles. The aromas of these products work as an effective repellent for mosquitoes, ideal to use when they are in the garden and you want to relax in the company of nature.

3. Get Rid of Mosquitoes using Soda

Very similar to the effect of vinegar is the soda with disinfectant. Place a bowl of soda in the invaded area and add two caps of disinfectant. The sweet smell will attract the greedy fliers and these will be trapped in the pool that also has disinfectant.

4. Keep Away Mosquitoes with Basil plant

The aromatic plants such as basil and eucalyptus are ideal to keep mosquitoes away since these insects repudiate the aroma that they give off. Place some of these plants near the area to be disinfected and wait for them to disappear.

5. Prevention for Mosquitoes

The prevention is certainly the best way to avoid becoming a serial killer mosquito. Therefore, avoid leaving stagnant water in glasses, bottles, if you have any fruit that is rotten get rid of it as fast as you can and disinfect the entire area where it was. It is also good to check if there are mosquitoes inside your pipes or drains, if so, you must pour boiling water twice a day for a week to clean the pipe thoroughly and eliminate any refugee flying.

6. Choose the best mosquito repellent

It is also an effective way to prevent mosquito bites using mosquito repellent. Here we have a selection of best mosquitoes repellents that will help you a lot.