Air fryers are all the rage these days and dual air fryers are even better. They provide an easy and efficient way to cook healthier, delicious meals for the entire family with minimal effort. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the best dual air fryer.

1. Tower T17088 Vortx 9L Duo Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish

  1. Why Choose This Product? Move over, old-school fryers, and make space for the king of versatility! The Tower T17088 Vortx is not just any air fryer; it’s the epitome of modern kitchen convenience. Imagine cooking two different dishes at once, feeding up to eight hungry souls, and all that without the guilt of unhealthy deep frying. Revolutionary, right?
  2. Key Specs:
    • Duo Basket Technology: Two large 4.5L baskets.
    • Smart Finish Function: Synchronizes cooking times for both baskets.
    • 4 Cooking Methods & 10 Pre-sets: Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Grill.
    • Energy Efficiency: Save up to 70% on energy.
    • Warranty: 3 years (with online registration).
    • Cable Length: 96.3 cm.
  3. Our Opinion: Beyond its sleek design, this air fryer’s duo basket technology is a game-changer. While it’s a tad bulkier than single-basket fryers, the benefits far outweigh this minor limitation. Its Smart Finish function is a godsend for multitaskers. And while it might seem a bit pricey at first glance, think of all the energy bills you’ll be cutting down! The cherry on top? That generous 3-year guarantee. Simply put, it’s a worthy investment for any modern kitchen.

2. Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Digital Air Fryer 7.6L AF300UK

  1. Why Choose This Product? Ever dreamt of a kitchen gadget that’s a master of multitasking? The Ninja Foodi Dual Zone turns that dream into reality. With two independent cooking zones, you can whip up a steak in one and some crispy fries in the other. And guess what? They’ll be ready at the same time. Talk about kitchen efficiency! Check more air fryers for family of 6.
  2. Key Specs:
    • Energy Saving: Reduces energy bills by up to 75%.
    • Dual Cooking Zones: 2 independent drawers.
    • 6 Cooking Functions: Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate.
    • Capacity: 7.6L total (two 3.8L baskets).
    • Includes: Non-stick, dishwasher-safe drawers & Crisper Plates.
    • Dimensions: H31.5cm x W38cm x D26.5cm.
  3. Our Opinion: The Ninja Foodi is an impressive piece of equipment. The independent cooking zones are a standout feature, allowing for diverse meal preparations. While the price tag might be on the higher side, the energy savings and sheer versatility justify it. However, it might take a little time getting used to all its features, but once you do, there’s no going back. It’s like having two chefs working for you!

3. EMtronics EMAFDD9L Extra Large Family Size 9 Litre

  1. Why Choose This Product? Size does matter, especially when you’re feeding a hungry horde! The EMtronics EMAFDD9L is the answer to all your large portion woes. Combine that with its smart controls, and you’ve got a powerhouse in your kitchen. And did we mention healthier meals with 80% less fat? Yum!
  2. Key Specs:
    • Power & Capacity: 1750W with a dual basket 9L.
    • Smart Controls: LED Smart Controls with 8 pre-set programmes.
    • Health Benefits: Cook dishes with 80% less oil.
    • Convenience: Removable drawer for easy serving.
    • Safety: Auto-Off function and a 99-minute timer.
  3. Our Opinion: The EMtronics EMAFDD9L stands out for its sheer size and power. It’s perfect for those hosting duties or large family dinners. The pre-set programmes are super handy for those who aren’t too tech-savvy. On the downside, its size might not be ideal for smaller kitchens. But if space isn’t an issue, this is a must-have for its functionality and value.

4. EUARY Best 9L Large Dual Basket Air Fryers for Family

  1. Why Choose This Product? Say hello to guilt-free indulgence with the EUARY Air Fryer. With its dual cooking zones, it’s like having two kitchen assistants at once. Its sleek design and compact size mean it won’t hog your counter space. And with 8 different modes, you’re set for culinary adventures!
  2. Key Specs:
    • Ultimate Kitchen Tool: Cooks with little to no oil.
    • Large Capacity: Dual cooking zones, ideal for families.
    • Versatility: 8 different cooking modes.
    • Design: Compact size and modern aesthetics.
    • Precision: Adjustable temperature range (50-200°C).
  3. Our Opinion: The EUARY Air Fryer is the answer to modern cooking needs. The dual zones are fantastic for multitasking, and its various cooking modes give a gourmet touch to every dish. While it’s pretty user-friendly, the myriad of features may be a tad overwhelming for some. But, give it a few tries, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

5. NETTA 8L Dual Basket Low Energy with Digital Smart Programmes

  1. Why Choose This Product? If you’re seeking an air fryer that’s both powerful and user-friendly, look no further than the NETTA 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer. With its digital smart programmes and 8L capacity, you’re looking at efficiency and convenience rolled into one.
  2. Key Specs:
    • Digital Air Fryer: 8L capacity with dual baskets.
    • Design: Sleek, modern aesthetics.
    • Power: A robust 2700W for quick cooking.
    • Safety Features: Overheating protection system.
    • Dimensions: 32.5cm x 40cm x 42cm.
  3. Our Opinion: The NETTA 8L is a beast in terms of power. It cooks food to perfection in record time, making it a staple for busy households. The digital programmes are intuitive, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience. However, its power might be intimidating for first-time users. But trust me, give it a few tries, and you’ll be dishing out gourmet meals in no time!

6. ProLux Concepts 9L Family Size Digital Air Fryer: Dual Basket

  1. Why Choose This Product? Dive into the world of guilt-free gourmet with the ProLux Concepts 9L Air Fryer. Whether you’re craving crunchy fries or a succulent roast, this gadget has got you covered. And with 90% less fat, your waistline will thank you!
  2. Key Specs:
    • Healthy Cooking: 90% less fat with rapid air technology.
    • Efficiency: Multi-functional with adjustable digital temperature control.
    • Large Capacity: Ideal for family-sized meals.
    • Versatile: Suitable for a range of dishes, from fries to roasted meats.
    • Safety Features: Non-slip rubber feet and easy grip tray handle.
  3. Author’s Opinion: The ProLux Concepts 9L Air Fryer is a boon for health-conscious foodies. Its rapid air technology ensures every dish is crispy yet healthy. While its many features might seem daunting, they’re actually quite user-friendly. A minor hiccup might be its size, which isn’t ideal for compact kitchens. But if space isn’t an issue, this is a culinary investment you won’t regret.

7. Vytronix DD9L 9L

  1. Why Choose This Product? The Vytronix DD9L is not just an air fryer; it’s a smart culinary assistant. With its match cook function and sync feature, you’re guaranteed perfectly cooked dishes every single time. And who can say no to healthier meals without the fuss of complex calculations?
  2. Key Specs:
    • Match Cook Function: Synchronizes cooking for both drawers.
    • Healthy Cooking: Little to no oil required.
    • User-friendly: Intuitive controls and 9L total capacity.
    • Safety Features: Overheat protection function.
    • Power: Robust performance with efficient energy consumption.
  3. Our Opinion: The Vytronix DD9L is a gem for those who love to cook but hate the complications. Its match cook and sync features make cooking a breeze. While it’s pretty straightforward to use, the myriad of options might be a tad overwhelming for beginners. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be whipping up masterpieces in no time!

8. TUOKE Double Air Fryer, 9L

  1. Why Choose This Product? The TUOKE Air Fryer is the epitome of modern culinary efficiency. With its dual 4.5L baskets, you can cook two different dishes simultaneously. And with its high-speed circulating hot air, you’re guaranteed healthier and tastier meals every time.
  2. Key Specs:
    • Dual Baskets: Two 4.5L baskets with independent temperature control.
    • Healthy Cooking: Uses high-speed circulating hot air.
    • User-friendly: Large screen for easy operation and adjustable settings.
    • Versatility: 10 cooking options for diverse dishes.
    • Safety Features: Overheat protection function.
  3. Author’s Opinion: The TUOKE Air Fryer is a must-have for every modern kitchen. Its dual baskets are a game-changer, ensuring efficient cooking. Its various cooking options might seem daunting at first, but they’re quite intuitive. A minor limitation might be its size, which is on the bulkier side. But if you’ve got the space, this is a kitchen investment that’ll pay off in spades.

9. Duronic AF24, 9L

  1. Why Choose This Product? The Duronic AF24 isn’t just another air fryer; it’s a culinary revolution. With its advanced hot air circulation technology, you’re looking at healthier and tastier dishes. And with its dual 5L drawers, you’ve got a clear view of your culinary masterpieces in the making.
  2. Key Specs:
    • Advanced Technology: Hot air circulation for efficient cooking.
    • Dual Drawers: Two 5L drawers with clear viewing windows.
    • Intuitive Controls: Tactile control panel for easy operations.
    • Versatility: 10 diverse pre-set modes for various dishes.
    • Safety Features: Overheating protection system.
  3. Author’s Opinion: The Duronic AF24 is a game-changer in the world of air fryers. Its dual drawers and tactile control panel make it a breeze to use. While its many features are a plus, they might be a tad overwhelming for beginners. But give it a few tries, and you’ll be dishing out gourmet meals like a pro!

10. Lakeland With Easy View 8L

  1. Why Choose This Product? Dive into the world of efficient cooking with the Lakeland Dual Basket Air Fryer. With its 8L capacity spread across two 4L baskets, you’ve got the flexibility to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. And with its easy-view cooking windows, you’re in for a visual treat!
  2. Key Specs:
    • Versatility: Separate cooking baskets for diverse dishes.
    • Capacity: 8L total across two 4L baskets.
    • User-friendly: Easy-view cooking windows.
    • Controls: Touchscreen display with 8 pre-set cooking programmes.
    • Warranty: Up to 3 years with proof of purchase.
  3. Our Opinion: The Lakeland Air Fryer is a perfect blend of efficiency and convenience. Its dual baskets are ideal for multitasking, ensuring dishes are cooked to perfection. While it’s pretty straightforward to use, its size might be a limitation for those with smaller kitchens. But if you’ve got the space, this is a culinary investment you’ll cherish.

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