Surely in your house you have ahot glue gun that you have not used for a long time or that you only dusted it off to hit something punctual, but if you surpass all the creative and great ways to use a glue gun, you would not leave it still for a second, as I do not give truce to the poor. Well, I have encouraged to share all these tricks with which you will freak out.

Creative ways to use hot glue gun

1. Hem the pants

If you have that pair of jeans that you have left a little longer than you should and you do not stop stepping on them again and again, you will love this trick. Put a few dots of glue between a piece of cloth and another, just at the height that suits you. Then you can leave it like this or remove it to sew.

2. Repair buttons

Again, is there no time to sew? Place some hot glue on the threads and place on it the button that you have dropped.

3. Embossed cards

Have you got a birthday and you do not have a good gift? Moment of being creative! With the glue gun you can record beautiful words or original designs on a homemade card. Once everything is ready, you can put some colored enamel and even a little glitter.

3. Create scrapbook embellishments

The silicone molds are super cool to combine with glue guns because you can pour hot glue onto the mold without melting or warping it, no matter how delicate it is, and the glue will always take the form of glue.

If you add a little nail polish or any other little detail, you will have beautiful appliques in just minutes. The most important warning is not to fill these molds in excess, but it is important that the glue reaches all corners of the mold.

Then those appliques will decorate your sketch pads or notes to give a super cool touch.

4. Create a mould in seconds

Those who love cake decorating or using polymer clay will love to know that with hot glue they can make moulds for their activities and many others. Goodbye to the expensive moulds, just throw a good amount of hot glue and then push whatever you want to mould. Once it hardens, you will have your mould. As a last warning, it works best with small things and with very hot glue.

5. Decorate windows for special dates

Just apply color glue on the windows of your windows can make beautiful designs to give them a more Christmas or more terrifying, on Halloween, and even more festive, if you are celebrating a birthday.

6. Make jewelry

With the help of baking paper in the background, you can create beautiful bracelets for your children.

7. Anti-slip hangers

A strapless dress or any delicate fabric slides quickly from a hanger and is a headache, but you can fix it by drawing a doodle or straight line on your hanger with your glue gun and holy solution.

8. Anti-slip socks

Goodbye falls! Stick a few lines or points to the soles of your socks and you will not slip any more.

9. Anti-slip mat

Especially when the carpet is on a wooden floor it becomes a dangerous weapon. Let’s avoid accidents by making some lines with glue under our carpet.

10. Home decor

Let’s think creatively to customize our house! The glue gun can give a perfect touch to that vase you have at home or that pot you have.

11.Create 3D projects

Your crafts can take a different turn with 3D details made with a glue gun, as well as a box where you put your things or your wall, you can always do it much more fun adding details, flowers, arabesques or words with the 3D roll that the glue guns can give you.

12. Hot glue bases

There are pots that look great on a glass table, but they have a rough bottom and we do not want to scratch our glass. Buying a base or a silicone bumper seems to be the solution, but we can always use what we have at home so as not to overdo it. Put a few dots of glue on the bottom of the pot and let cool a few minutes and ready.

13. Paste bathroom toys

Bath toys can get dirty and moldy with ease, a way that does not happen is by sticking them in your bathtub using your glue gun.

14. Clean your makeup brushes with a handmade cleaning board

You can use a table of acrylic or plastic, or simply a clipboard that you no longer use. Now you are going to place on it some lines and squiggles with your glue gun along the entire surface. Once the glue dries and hardens, it will be perfect for scrubbing your brushes and make-up brushes, and so will release any impurities they hide.

15. Create a custom roller stamp

You only have to draw with a marker lines and designs with a marker, now you will review those designs with your glue gun, you will wait for it to dry and that’s it! I recommend making complete designs, which are connected to each other, the result will be better than just single lines.

16. Decorate a vase

The vases are a must in everyone’s homes and sometimes they can be a bit monotonous or boring, especially when they are monochromatic. The time has come to put emotion to them! Writing phrases such as “home” or “family” on a one-color vase in cursive using your glue gun and a gold silicone bar can give it a more modern touch.

17. Make a coaster

Roll some string and stick it as you go to have a rustic and beautiful cup holder.


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