Different people have different preferences for how to dry their laundry. Some people prefer to buy the best indoor clothes airer, while others choose to buy a washer-dryer. However, in either case, the expected expenses can be quite high, since it typically costs several hundred pounds to purchase either type of household appliance.

Fortunately, to keep control of your budget, but also to provide your laundry with optimal drying conditions, the clothes airers can be obvious to you. It actually offers many benefits, some of which are unique.

The best Clothes Airers in comparison

Ready to buy? Do not rush, the first thing you must do is select or visualise the space of your floor or house where you want to place your clothesline, so you can know what size you should have, even if you want a folding model. It is good to put it prudently near the heater.

So you should also see if you are the one who washes large quantities of clothes or not. Remember that usually, your clothes drying rack will be in contact with moisture so a stainless steel model can be very convenient because it is a material that is resistant to wear and is durable.

If you think about placing it inside and outside of your house, a mobile model with wheels will suit you. For the price do not worry, is the cheapest option in the market and you will see in the brands and models that I suggest:

Foppapedretti Stenditutto Gulliver – Clothes Airer

This retractable model will save you a lot of space at home because it manages to reach only 14 cm deep and remains standing in that pose so that you can keep it behind the door. It can be opened entirely or partially and has four wheels in the base.

One Click Luxus WS-E4 – Clothes Airer

Looking for an easy assembly model? This model has an innovative One-Click system with which you will flip. It has eight retractable side wings in 4 levels of adjustable height and 6 feet with rollers allow to move easily, also allows your clothes to be well separated.

Todeco – Folding drying rack with 4 levels

It is made with a combination of stainless steel and ABS has a large capacity and additional wings for a shirt. Its maximum height is 163.5 cm, its width 88.5 cm and its depth can go from 13cm to 64cm. It has four adjustable levels.

Gimi Albatross Steel extendable drying rack

All its structure is made of steel, including its rods in which each of the garments is laid. This grid is extendable from 108 cm to 188 cm in a fast and straightforward way, so you do not scratch your head in the process.

Leifheit Pegasus 200 – Clothesline

You can choose between white and blue. This clothesline is very firm and stable, very convenient for when it is enough clothes. It has wings designed for longer garments such as skirts and dresses, and two supports for smaller garments. Its five hangers are wind resistant.

Foppapedretti SuperGulliver Clothesline

It has a combination of aluminium and wood, hence its design in white and brown. It weighs only 8.8kg and, in turn, is quite robust, you will not have to do too many manoeuvres to keep it standing. Its depth being folded is 61cm.

Benefits of Indoor Clothes Airer

Indoor clothes airer has many advantages. This simple, ingenious and useful object has been present in our homes for generations, like the traditional iron. Despite dazzling technological progress, its efficiency has always found a place among the many household appliances that make our daily lives easier. There are many reasons for this success.

Indeed, drying your laundry can sometimes be a problem depending on the equipment and the configuration of our living areas. First of all, it is clear that this solution is undoubtedly the most economical there is. Compared to the significant energy consumption required by an electric clothes dryer, the indoor dryer costs only its purchase price.

By specifying that it is quite possible to find a simple model of small size for a good price, the savings made transforms over a more or less long term, into a pretty sum that allows you to have fun elsewhere.

In addition, some people may not be able to house astand-alone washing machine and an electric dryer. In this specific case, the only two solutions are, on the one hand, to go to the nearest laundromat, or on the other hand, to invest in indoor clothes airer which, once folded, does not occupy minimal space.

It is therefore easy to store it behind a door or against a wall and to forget it until the next round of laundry. Finally, the evolution of models allows today to find many models that can perfectly adapt to the space available.

Thus, the solution of the conventional dryer which unfolds and then folds is no longer the only alternative. The ingenuity of the creators now produces varied models that can meet the needs of the greatest number.

The different types of clothes dryers

So there are many different models on the market. Buying an indoor clothesline must, therefore, correspond to one’s own possibilities for arranging the space within one’s home. First of all, the classic models remain safe values.

Efficient and inexpensive, they can be deployed as easily as they can be folded and, thanks to their two side wings, they can accommodate all of your laundry fresh from the machine. A basic model of standard size will cost you ten pounds and may suit you for many years.

The latter is favoured by single people or couples without children. Their capacity allows managing approximately two people according to the frequency of the machines.

In this same range of models, it is possible to prefer models in stainless steel, for example, more durable and more solid. However, the price will no longer be the same and will easily pass the £20 mark. For people who do not like to see their laundry dry in the middle of a living room, another solution is then proposed.

There are indoor dryers that attach to a section of the wall. The first models simply work by fixing two supports on two walls facing each other, which allows you to stretch the clotheslines between the two. This system allows dedicating a space where the laundry can dry without causing the slightest discomfort.

For around thirty pounds, there are good quality models that are very easy to install yourself. The upper range offers telescopic systems to fold the assembly once the laundry is stored. Always a little more expensive, this type of indoor clothes airer remains a very practical, aesthetic and effective solution.

Clothesline as an alternative

In order to maximize the space available in a room in your home, it is possible to attach a drying rack to the wall or ceiling. An extendable clothesline, for example, has cords and supports on which the cords are wound, and which can be fixed on two walls using screws. To install a clothesline or dryer on the top of a wall, you must use a pencil and mark the holes intended for the height fixing of the wall, near the ceiling.

Then, you have to make holes in these reference points with a drill, position the drying rack and screw it using screws suitable for the wall material, on a wall, then on the parallel wall. Some models of clotheslines are suitable for installation on the ceiling, which will allow clothes to be hung without being bothered and without wasting space. Ceiling fixing systems have a pulley system which allows the laundry to be lowered.