Perhaps it is distilled, or instead of apple, balsamic, sherry, or probably of Champagne, but it is vinegar, a product that can serve us for many things in our home.

In the kitchen of our house, one of the products that can never be missing is this liquid solution that we can use for salads, and even to clean windows and mirrors. Pay attention to this article and learn about the incredible benefits of vinegar.

What exactly is vinegar?

Vinegar is composed mainly of acetic acid, a compound that is the result of the fermentation of sugar when it is converted into alcohol, and which is obtained after the sealed bottle is opened, which constitutes the second fermentation and gives way to acetic acid.

This element gives the acid taste of vinegar. The one that contains a quantity of pH 2.4 will have astrong acidity, higher than that of the orange juice.

The sour factor of vinegar makes it ideal for cleaningdiversities of things, besides being excellent for treating difficult spots.

What is the correct vinegar for cleaning?

In the market there are different types of vinegar that originate with double fermentation, there is even wine vinegar from red or white grapes or even rice vinegar.

However, the correct vinegar to clean is the white, for its amount of acid, which is perfect for cleaning difficult dirt, although in some cases it may end up being very strong, it can be diluted with water or something softer like vinegar of Apple.

How vinegar works?

Vinegar is one of those products with which we save some extra money, since it can be used for many things in the home, and this represents a saving in the pocket because by using it, we could skip some other items from the Market.

The glasses, windows and mirrors can be polished with vinegar, mixing it with water and using newspaper alternately use of a paper towel, to avoid scratching the surface. It also serves to clean wooden panels and cabinets, leaving them bright.

The stains of glues and red wine are easy to remove with vinegar, it is also useful to dissolve the soap residues.

If rather, at home, your dog or cat has a place reserved for your needs, vinegar is a great alternative to make your pet does not come close to that place. Their strong smell drives them away.

When not to use vinegar

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not approved that vinegar can be used to disinfect harmful pathogens such as salmonella.

Likewise, it is advisable to be careful with delicate clothes, since the concentration of vinegar usually generates stains, while its use for cleaningnatural stones, granites, or marble, can cause streaks.

The incredible benefits of vinegar

Although vinegar represents damage in some situations, it has a list of benefits for many areas, besides being the right cleaner, it is useful for beautyand remedies.


  • The acid of apple cider affects the growth of the Malassezia, which can help control dandruff. So start massaging your scalp with this acid solution.
  • No need to buy expensive creams, with vinegar you can soften your feet saving a little. Soak them for 20 minutes daily in hot water and a little vinegar. This will remove the dead skin, and leave your feet smooth and smooth. Additionally, it helps to remove calluses
  • If you have hair that isdifficult to untangle and opaque, apple cider vinegar can also be used as arinse, leaving shiny hair. For this, you should mix a little apple cider vinegar with water, and after removing the shampoo, you should pour the solution and let it act for a few minutes. Finally, you must wash your hairthoroughly. If your scalp is sensitive skin, due to the high acidity of the vinegar, you should choose to do this with a weaker dilution.

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  • Wash the inside and outside of your refrigerator with vinegar, using water. Also, avoid the growth of mould by washing the walls with vinegar concentrated in a cloth, and you can use it to clean the surface of your fridge, leaving it free of dust and accumulated dirt.
  • The antibacterial compounds of apple cider vinegar position it as a great odour eliminator, like the one that leaves the onion in our hands.

Mixing it with a little water, this liquid can work as an excellent deodorantspray, or adding Epsom salts you can get a product for the foot bath, which will help kill the bacteriathat usually smell bad.

  • One cup of vinegar per month is useful for cleaning the dishwasher.

Cleaning Coffee machine

  • We know that the coffee maker needs cleaning when the coffee comes out bitter, for them, we recommend you use two cups of white vinegar with a little water. You must place that dilution in the water chamber of the coffee machine, and let it run as if you were preparing coffee. Then you must remove the filter and replace it with a new one, and therefore you must pour water to make two complete cycles and thus the system is completely clean. It is recommended to clean the coffee machine after preparing 80 espressos.
  • Mixing vinegar with water is ideal to restorethe pressure of the shower.
  • Add vinegar to the clogged drains of the dishwasher or the sink, and it is excellent to free them from the dirt that prevents the passage of water.
  • Spraying vinegar with a spray on bathroom and floor accessories is ideal for killing the germs that lodge there.
  • Those hard patches to remove that you have your carpet you can eliminate by rubbing a cup and a half of white vinegar with salt. For larger or darker spots, it is recommended to add 2 tablespoons of borax and use it in the same way.
  • Pouring two cups of vinegar is an option to frequently clean soap residues from our washing machine.
  • It can eliminate rust in tools such as screws and spikes. It is done by soaking the pieces overnight in the acidic liquid.

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Natural medicine

  • With a cotton ball, apple cider vinegar is used to relieve pain caused by the bite of mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Also, it reduces the pain of the sting of a bee or jellyfish, by applying it to the irritated area.
  • It is popularly a home remedy for discomfort in the throat. However, you should use it with water gargling, as the apple cider is acidic and could cause burns in the throat when consumed undiluted.

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Other advantages

  • Some fruits and vegetables usually bring germs, but the vinegar serves to wash these crops and likewise eliminate chemical waste.
  • Vinegar also works as a homemade herbicide, which should be sprinkled on the weeds.
  • After the winter period, keep your car free of frost on the windows, with the use of three equal parts of vinegar and a cup of water.
  • The ants detest the smell of vinegar, so pour water and vinegar into the area invaded by ants that you want to release.