You’re going to start your car and suddenly … it does not work. What is the problem? The battery has been discharged and will not start as much as you want. If you’re not in a hurry, you can change the battery or call the crane to revive your battery, but if you have to go somewhere, it’s going to touch you how to charge a car battery.

In this article we will teach you to relive the car battery at home and without having to wait for anyone to do it for you in 5 steps. It’s easy, free and the time you can take to do it does not even reach 30 minutes.

Tools needed

  • Cable set with clips:to connect the discharged battery to another one that is charged. Notice that they are of a certain thickness, if they are too thin they will not work.
  • Car with charged battery: it is not a tool but it is essential to charge the battery.

How to charge the car battery in 5 steps

1. Get a car with the charged battery or a battery charger
You need an item that charges your car’s battery. It can be another car with a charged battery or a car battery charger, which is less common and probably not at hand. In case the car has some battery, it could be enough to push it between several people, accelerate and keep the car circulating for 20 minutes to charge the battery. However, if the car battery is dead, this will not help you at all.
2. Connect the clamps of the charged battery to the discharged one
Open the hood of both cars, locate the battery and proceed to connect the set of clips. First, you have to place the clamps with red wires on the positive terminals. Subsequently, connect one of the clips of the black cable to the negative terminal of the charged battery and another of them to the discharged battery. Be careful when connecting the negative terminals, since it could jump some spark.
3. Start the car with the charged battery
After correctly connecting the batteries, you have to start the car that has the charged battery. Accelerate and leave the car running at about 2,000 rpm to make it less difficult to start the unloaded car.
4. Start the car with the battery discharged
After spending a time of 5 minutes, try to start the car that had the battery discharged. If you start the first one, leave it on and go removing the clips that we have placed in the batteries in the reverse order to which we have placed them. That is, first remove the negative terminal of the discharged battery, then the charged one and then the two red wires of the positive terminals.
5. Leave the car on for 20 minutes
For the battery to charge you must leave the car on and running for 20 minutes. Once this time has passed, the battery will be charged and you will be able to use the car again to go wherever you want.

Alternatives to recharge the car battery

As we have said, in addition to starting the car by charging it with the battery of another car you can also try other methods: use a battery charger or push the car and try to start it in motion.

In case of using a battery charger, the process would be similar to replacing the other car with the charger. The price of these chargers ranges between 30 and 120 pounds, depending on the brand and the type they are. The smaller and lighter, the more expensive they are.

If you start the car pushing it, remember to turn off all the accessories and try to make it downhill to facilitate the task. The more speed you take the car, the easier it will be to start.