CBD oil for dogs and cats is not a panacea. It can be effective when combined with an already well-balanced package of care. It can lead to the improvement of various symptoms and better regulation of body functions, but it doesn’t cure everything. If you are using CBD to relieve your pet, talk to your veterinarian and do not stop taking the prescribed medication.

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What is the best CBD oil for pets?

While it meets the characteristics of CBD oil, any product can be good, however, each pet has particular needs that you should focus on when choosing.

Selecting a good oil will depend mainly on the needs of your pet and the easiest method to deliver the dose. Some owners find it easier to give their pet a pill and others to put a few drops in the food.

Deciding on something 100% natural and without chemists is always a good idea, but if you still have some doubts, a look at this comparative list may help you decide which of all the varieties may be the most appropriate for your pet.

Quick list: the best CBD oil for dogs and cats

1. STRELLALAB Hemp Oil – 50ml – 5000 MG

STRELLALAB Hemp Oil - 50ml - 5000 MG

    Rich in fatty acids and omega, this organic hemp oil flexes range of motion, improves flexibility and greatly alleviates the discomfort associated with digestive problems in pets. The consumption of this product by your dog or cat promotes much healthier.

    2. ChicPet UK Hemp Oil for Dogs, Cats and Pets

    ChicPet UK Hemp Oil for Dogs, Cats and Pets

    Cold-pressed hemp extract, 100% natural with no artificial flavourings, colours or additive.

    It is an oil suitable for dogs and cats that improves the quality of life of pets.

    3. Hemp Oil for dogs and domestic cats from Pets First 

    Hemp Seed Oil Drops for Dogs & Cats 3000mg

    Hemp oil from Pets First is reasonably priced and very popular in the market, it is designed to relieve discomfort and stress in dogs and cats alike.

    A few droplets and your pets will recover part of their tranquillity before certain ailments. With its dropper system, giving them in doses will be very simple.

    4. GOODGROWLIES Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats – 5000MG

    GOODGROWLIES Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats - 5000MG

      Providing this hemp oil to your dog will not only increase the energy but will immediately reduce the sensation of tension due to a condition.

      The product of the RoyalPetsHouse brand reduces stress, pain and anxiety, decreasing the terrible and painful complaints of your pet.

      5. Primary Pets Premium Pet Supplies Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

      Primary Pets Premium Pet Supplies Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

        Recommended for joint pain relief this product reduces stiff joints and muscle pain.

        Positively affects neurological functions by reducing the spasms that may occur in the body.

        Your pet will feel calm with the intake of a dose; counteracts chronic pain, states of agitation and fear. Certified by the European Union.

        What does CBD oil do for animals?

        CBD oil or Hemp oil for dogs and cats works the same way as it does in humans. That is, cannabinoids bind to receptors in their endocannabinoid system, particularly the CB1 and CB2 receptors – which are scattered throughout the body (in the brain, nervous system, organs, glands of the digestive tract, skin and tissue). The cannabinoid system is activated: its role is to constantly regulate and rebalance the body. For an animal, if it is in a situation of stress, anxiety or pain, CBD oil for animals can be effective.

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        The organism of animals with an endocannabinoid system produces, like humans, endogenous cannabinoids. CBD, derived from the hemp plant, fills the gap in situations where the endocannabinoids produced by the body are no longer sufficient. They help the ECS to regulate the organism implying a possible improvement of bodily functions. The internal balance of the animal would thus have aid in situations of imbalance. Clinical trials around the world have tested the efficacy of CBD in dogs and cats. Their results prove to be good, especially in cases where cannabis oil for animals is administered in support of normal medical care.

        Benefits of the CBD for dogs and cats

        There are many benefits that your pet can obtain with the intake of a dose of CBD and, without a doubt, it will be cheaper than a lot of consultations with the veterinarian.

        Relieves anxiety

        Since CBD is a natural inhibitor of serotonin, this will help to have a relaxed pet that does not tremble, bark excessively or chew compulsively.

        Manage seizure disorders

        The cannabidiol present in CBD helps prevent abnormal erratic discharges in the pet’s brain, reducing convulsive movement.

        It inhibits the growth of certain types of cancer cells.

        Alleviate the pain

        cbd oil for dogs and cats

        Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic effects, pets with chronic pain can feel real relief with a dose of CBD.

        Reduces inflammation

        As already mentioned, cannabidiol reduces inflammation, which makes it the ideal remedy for disorders such as canine encephalitis, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disorder, chewing muscle myositis, chronic canine bronchitis, among others.

        Supports the immune system

        The CBD exerts a beneficial activity on the T lymphocytes and the immunoglobulin M, which increases the immunological activity creating antigens and antibodies.

        Protects the nervous system

        CBD inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses, this relaxes the brain and allows neurons to operate at a normal pace.

        hemp oil for dogs and cats

        Promotes a well-balanced metabolism

        The properties of CBD efficiently transport nutrient molecules, improving metabolism and energy storage, hence having a particular effect on digestive problems

        Reduce fears and phobias learned

        The unfortunate noises of fireworks and storms will no longer be a problem for your pet with a dose of CBD.

        Reduce aggressive behaviour

        cat over dogs head

        Since CBD promotes relaxation and calms anxiety it is very likely that a few drops, along with good training, can mitigate the aggressive behaviour of your pet.

        Help with arthritis, joint and mobility problems

        Thanks to its analgesic properties CBD will help your pet in the painful journey of articular disease. Relieves chronic pain and reduces swelling.

        What to consider when choosing CBD oil

        cbd oil for dogs 250 mg

        Before buying this product, it is necessary that you take into account a series of considerations, here we will talk about some of them:

        The label of “hemp oil”

        Rarely does the product put CBD oil on its label so that you should note that it says “hemp oil” or “hemp extract”, data such as “Rito in phytochemicals and PCR” are also useful.

        Source of hemp extracts

        It is necessary that the label says the origin of the hemp, this will give you confidence in the authenticity of the product.

        Natural non-transgenic ingredients

        You should note that the product is free of chemicals and pesticides that reduce the effectiveness of cannabidiol. You must find that the product does not incorporate transgenics (GMO) and that it has international certification.

        Extraction methods

        It is important that you notice the way of oil extraction. The most popular and safest are the cold press and the supercritical CO2 extraction.

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