The yoga wheel makes it possible to work on stretching and bending, thanks to the numerous advantages which you can draw from it. But what do we know about it? How to use it? This is what we invite you to discover.

What is the best yoga wheel?

Taking into account the characteristics and benefits offered by a wheel for practising Yoga, before buying it is important that you make comparisons with all the models that are available so that you stay with the one that best suits your needs.

Here we leave you this guide of suggestions so that you analyze the one that best suits you for your exercises and the most suitable one for the budget that you have thought of investing in it.

Yogi-Bare Yoga Wheel

Made of ABS plastic inside with TPE foam, this wheel is the most economical of our selection. One of its greatest qualities is that it offers therapeutic benefits for back pain.

It is an instrument of basic size, light, with just 150 grams of weight, ideal for beginners in the world of yoga practice, as well as for the most expert.

It is a functional tool for deep training and also stretches the hip flexors. You get them in various colours and a soft material that does not hurt your back or joints.

Ubefit Yoga Wheel

The Ubefit yoga wheel is the perfect tool to improve flexibility and perform all types of stretching. It is an instrument that works well for beginners, professionals and even intermediate users.

It is 34 cm high, 14 cm wide and another 34 cm long, dimensions that make it appropriate to improve posture with exercises that relieve stress, reduce tension and provide total relaxation.

It is affordable, available in turquoise, purple, brown, pink and white. It brings an illustrative manual of use and comes with a comfortable bag to store it and transport it everywhere

A-Flower yoga exercise wheel

Being a product highly recommended for patients with constant back pain and for mothers at the time of breastfeeding, this wheel provides its users with comfort and stability

It is made with resistant and durable material and its dimensions allow to take advantage of the elasticity of this instrument to stretch shoulders, back and hips.

Those who already bought it have the opinion that it is an ideal tool for beginners.

Although it is not as light as other similar wheels, it weighs 1.2 kg, it offers good results with stretching. You can get it at a low price in a nice turquoise tone with black. It also brings a bag to store it.

Yoga Wheel MyYogaWheels

The brand MyYogaWheels puts at your disposal this tool that is best suited to practice Yoga both outside and inside the home.

This Dharma wheel is ideal to achieve, with the ideal training, a state of balance and relaxation typical of those who assiduously devote themselves to Yoga as a discipline.

It also works as a massage roller for the back and is also useful in other forms of exercise such as pilates and massage therapies.

You get it in the market in a green model with purple and if money is not a problem, you will not mind paying what it costs.

Yoga Wheel Cork wheel 33 cm

he Meglio model is made to accompany you in your stretching exercises for an infinite time. It is an instrument made with good quality materials and is also one of the least expensive of our selection.

You get it in a striking royal blue colour with the interior printed on black flowers. A similar model is available in black with colourful pink flowers. The instrument comes, in addition with a practical guide of use.

If you want to train with exercises for the abdomen this wheel provides you with what you need. It is also ideal for pilates, and for the chest training. Using it properly will improve your flexibility and help you release muscle tension.

IVIM wheel

With finishes of great elegance, luxury and comfort, the IVIM Yoga wheel is a good instrument for exercising hips and quadriceps.

It is of great help for the restorative practice yin style yoga and promotes relaxation. It offers a deep stretch in front, opening the chest and the heart.

It has dimensions of 33 cm by 13 cm that help relieves pain and stress and also improves the practice of Asana.

It is a product made of ABS plastic and TPE foam with comfortable, soft and easy to use an external yoga mat for exercises on the back and joints. It is achieved in pink with purple and its price is the highest of our selection.

yoga wheel

What is a yoga wheel?

It is a circular support that helps to open the body in the front side, assist in advanced yoga postures and helps to exercise and massage the spine.

Yoga wheel can be used by beginners as well as by experienced yogis. The wheel supports the body in movement by guiding it safely, and at your own pace, towards the most correct, thorough pose. It makes it possible to practice more advanced postures.

Benefits of the yoga wheel

Using a wheel for this type of disciplines brings many benefits to the body in the practice of exercises that will improve your balance, muscle tension and concentration. The most usual are:

Massage the spine

With this practice what is sought, mainly, is to propitiate a straight, straight posture without bending the back and throwing the shoulders forward. Here the exercise is done by placing the wheel behind, between the lower part of the back and the sacrum, with the feet on the floor, placing the arms on top and starting to roll back and forth.

Open the chest

Here an exercise similar to that required to massage the spine is done. But here you should focus your breathing and concentration on opening the chest, you should do stretching exercises and once you get a comfortable area, but difficult to access you should focus there and breathe while you exercise with your arms at your sides and softening your shoulders, drop your legs and this will soften the hip flexors, your belly will expand and you can stay like this until you start to feel discomfort, there you will have to find the position of a child.

Helps to make backward bends deeper

Many times, if you are not a cheerleader, dancer, or gymnast, backbends or backbends may seem impossible, dangerous, difficult and unattainable. This is where the yoga wheel really shines and makes possible the impossible and, with the right training, it will allow you to perfect the technique and do better and better backward bending.

Help in your flexibility

Apart from the stretching and opening aspects of the heart, the wheel can also be used perfectly as a flexibility tool. The most creative yoga practitioners often use the wheel to gain more and more flexibility with exercises that constantly improve these abilities.

Strengthen your balance

Using the typical Yoga exercises and using the wheel correctly you can improve your balance considerably through workouts that allow you not only to open the chest, shoulders or hips but also to sit on the wheel and be able to remain in a still position without the instrument moves. For this you need a lot of practice and concentration.

yoga wheel for back pain

For assiduous yoga practitioners, it is a real “assistant” to deepen the postures, and more specifically the openings of the heart, the rear extensions and the reverse postures. It can also help to “break free” from the wall and learn to find balance in certain postures.

For pregnant women, the Yoga wheel will be useful to relieve their lower back pain, soften the pelvis and adductors. And it’s also easier to store than the exercise ball.

Ways to use a yoga wheel

The yoga wheels are an ideal accessory for your training to be extremely complete, especially in the practice of dharma yoga, which is a style that allows you to open your mind and improve concentration.

Among the ways in which you can use a yoga wheel are:

It will open your shoulders

The shoulders are one of the areas of our body that accumulate more stress and these wheels, by allowing you to rest on them, will give you a great way to open your shoulders, flex them and release all the tension that is in them.

It will open your sides

As with the shoulders, the yoga wheels can be positioned on your sides, making stretching and working in this area less complicated, in fact, you will not need an instructor to achieve it.

It will open your back

You will get the perfect support for your back with a yoga wheel, you just have to place your body on top of it and perform your breathing exercises.

Improve your subsequent push-ups

The yoga wheels are able to help you improve the way you make new poses, since they give you more flexibility.

Improve your balance

The balance is essential in the world of yoga, since it is what allows you to perform correctly all positions and a wheel is a perfect accessory to improve it.

Strengthen your inverted poses

Standing on your head is one of the first things you want to try when you start practising yoga and achieving it is not that simple, but with a yoga wheel, all your inverted poses will be easier to perform.

Improve your flexibility:

And speaking of flexibility, this is one of the biggest advantages that you will get when using a yoga wheel since you can achieve a great variety of poses using the lower part of your body.

You can do a Hollow Back

The hollow back is a very difficult position, especially when you are a beginner of yoga, but with the help of a wheel and constant practice, you will be able to achieve it easily.

dharma yoga wheel

Things to consider when choosing a yoga wheel

Before buying a yoga wheel, it is important that you take into account the following factors:


Although these do not tend to be too heavy, it is important that you get a light yoga wheel, as it will help you to perform more comfortably the positions you want.


The capacity of a yoga wheel is related to the amount of weight that they can resist, which is an extremely important factor that you must keep in mind when choosing one.


You will find that many of these wheels have a padded surface, which is ideal if you want a computer that is comfortable to use and that, in addition, do not slip from it because of sweat.


The design should not be a determining factor in this type of yoga accessories, however, there is enough variety among which you can choose, although all pursue the same purpose.


And among such a variety of options, you will also be able to find different sizes, which will be according to your needs.

Friendly with the environment

Many of these wheels are made with recycled materials, so they are friendly to the environment and become a great option to take home.


These wheels will be under constant use, so you should look for a model that offers durability and is made with the best materials, this way you will have made a good investment.