I have chosen to give heart to my yoga training and improve my exercises and postures, the teacher has told me that I need the best Yoga strap that will help me improve my posture.

The straps are useful because they promote eccentric contractions avoiding injuries and favouring muscle activity. One of these in Yoga will surely work wonders in your posture.

What is the best yoga strap?

Choosing the best one to buy will always start with that you make a comparison between manufacturer cost and quality. To choose what fits your requirements.

The recommended thing is that you select something durable and that it is a good complement for your Yoga mat.

If you are not clear about what you need, a look at this list may help you:

1. ProSource yoga belt

You will increase strength and flexibility

To do an effective Yoga exercise, this portable strap will be useful. You will improve the physical conditions, as well as the flexibility in a tris behind. Has anti-slip metal buckle, more resistant than plastic.

2. Yoga belt by uBeFit

Multiple loops, more elasticity

With a hybrid design that combines cotton with elastic materials, the strap of the Ubefit brand is ideal for high intensity stretching that will give you resistance and with which you will find the correct posture.

3. Fitness Mad yoga belt

Elastic and stable

Get balance and improve breathing in Yoga sessions is now easier with this belt that will serve you for various postures, even as support in Paripurna. It is durable and easy to store.

4. Yoga belt from Yamkas

Flexible and durable

Without wanting to easily stretch your limbs when doing Yoga, the best thing will be a flexible strap that will help you to balance your postures, with this one from the manufacturer Yamkas you can increase the flexibility, strength and endurance.

5. Sport2People Fitness yoga strap

Fit several levels

To see progress in stretching you need an adjustable strap in different sections. This Sport2People Fitness has put on the market is inelastic but very durable, does not deform and is easy to carry.

Benefits of wearing a yoga strap

The main benefit of these straps is that they will improve your practice. But here we explain to you many others:

  • Correct form and alignment: The straps help keep your back aligned and avoid injuries, so you can stretch without problems. The breath will flow more easily.
  • Balance: With these straps, you will be completely balanced with less risk of falling or wobbling.
  • Advance: With one of these you will notice the progress, you will improve in flexibility and range of movement. You will hold the posture for longer.
  • Practice at home: A strap is appropriate for the house because you will not need a partner to help you with stretching. You can work without extra help.

How to use a yoga strap?

There are many ways to use it, here we offer some of the most popular:

Lateral stretch

It is more effective with the strap. You should keep it wider on the shoulders and move from one side to the other.

Paschimottanasana: Sitting forward stretch

If you put the strap around the plantar area and hold the strap at both ends. You should try to straighten the legs without rounding the lower back.

Gomukhasana: cow face

With this exercise, you can stretch your hips and shoulders. You can start sitting with legs extended and arms at your sides.

Natarajasana: Lord of the dance

You should look for a point of support, put your foot in the loop, hold the other end of the strap and raise your hands, elbows up. Move your hands along the strap, shortening the length.

Paripurna Navasana: Boat Pose

Seated, you must place the strap under the plantar area and hold both ends of the strap. Lift your legs without rounding your back. You must extend them completely while pressing against the strap.

Choose a yoga strap

You can select one of cotton or nylon, in size you will find it very long or a few feet, with cinches in rings, plastic or metallic, everything will depend on your preferences. The price is also something to consider, a cheap strap will cost you £4 or up or less, but there are other quality products a little more expensive, something economic will last less and spend more.

How much money should I spend on a good yoga strap?

The price of the yoga strap should never be the determining factor. Even if you can afford the most expensive model, you may not need it. Yoga strap in the middle price range can cover all your needs and save a few euros.