To improve your exercises and postures, you will need a good yoga strap to help you improve your posture.

Straps are helpful because they promote eccentric contractions, avoiding injuries and improving muscle activity. Using one of them will certainly bring you great benefits in yoga.

What is the best yoga strap?

When choosing the best model, you should always compare the price, and the quality offered to choose the one that meets your requirements.

It is advisable to choose something durable that will be an excellent addition to your yoga mat.

If you do not know what you need, take a look at the models in this list to help you make your choice.

Manduka align yoga strap

To make an effective yoga exercise, this strap can be handy for you. You will improve your physical skills as well as your flexibility. It has a non-slip metal buckle and is made of cotton.

EverStretch yoga strap

With a clean design and made of quality material, this model from the EverStretch brand is ideal for finding the right stand.

Yoga-Mad 100% cotton yoga strap

Balancing and improved breathing will be easier with this Yoga-Mad model, which will serve you for different poses. It is durable and easy to store.

Yamkas yoga strap for stretching

If you want to stretch your limbs easily when practising yoga, a good strap for this purpose will help you balance your postures; with that of the manufacturer Yamkas you can increase flexibility, strength and endurance.

Tumaz stretch strap

To see progress in stretching, you need Tumaz. This strap is inelastic but very durable, does not deform and is easy to use and store.

Benefits of using a yoga strap

Its main benefit is that it improves your practice. But here are a few more benefits:

  • Proper Shape and Alignment: It helps keep your back aligned and avoid injury so you can stretch without problems. Breathing during the session is also easier.
  • Balance: With these straps, you will be fully balanced with less risk of falling or shaking your body.
  • Fast progress: You will notice the progress with one of them; you will improve the flexibility and range of motion. You will be able to hold the pose longer.
  • Practice at home: The strap is suitable for practising at home, so you will not need a partner to help you stretch. You can work without additional help.

How to use it?

There are many ways to use, here we offer some of the most famous:

Lateral stretching

It is more effective with a strap. You need to hold it shoulder-width apart and move from one side to the other.


Place a strap under your feet and hold it at both ends. You should try to straighten your legs while keeping your back straight.


With this exercise, you can stretch your legs and arms. You can use a strap in case you can’t hold your hands behind your back.


You need to look for a fulcrum, fasten your leg with a strap and hold the other end with your arms raised. Move your arms through the strap to shorten the length.

Paripurna navasana

Sitting, you need to put a strap under your feet and hold both ends. Raise your legs without stopping. You need to stretch them completely while holding the belt.

Buying guide

You can choose a model that is made of cotton or artificial materials; you can also choose between different sizes, with a length between 180 and 230 cm, with plastic or metal buckles; it will all depend on your preferences. The price is also something to keep in mind, a cheap model will cost you about 6-7 levs or less, but there are much better quality products that are a little more expensive, but you should know that the cheap ones will last. Less and it will cost you more.

How much money should you spend?

Price should never be a determining factor. Even if you can afford the most expensive model, this does not mean it will be the best choice. A product that is offered at an average price can cover all your needs and save some money.


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