It is very important to be well equipped when you aspire to practice a sport discipline correctly. The yoga lovers recognize, for example, the need to protect their feet by wearing good yoga socks during their indoor or outdoor sessions. These socks are useful not only for doing yoga but for the training in the gym.

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Before making the purchase of yoga socks, however, it is necessary to inquire of some particular characteristics. Like the clothes, they must certainly be chosen according to the comfort morphology ratio. Distributed in large quantities in the trade, these socks also put the buyers faced with the dilemma of the embarrassment of the choice. In any case, this guide offers you the right tips to make the best choice.

What are the best yoga socks?

While it is good to wear socks for yoga, not all are safe for you. You need the best support and grip with great comfort so that you do not slip on your mat or mat and you can make the positions in the best way because otherwise, we would be talking about any ordinary sock.

Excellent quality does not always mean great cost and I’ll show you next with the models that best fit the quality standards, but at low prices. Also, these are washable and highly durable models, with beautiful designs. Looking for the least expensive? Keep reading!

1. ToeSox dance and yoga socks

A unique style

These great yoga socks are made of 90% cotton, which makes them very soft and comfortable. Its design with fingers and open toes allows a greater feeling of being barefoot, also allowing your fingers to stretch as necessary during the different exercises you perform. Grip perfectly on wood floor and stairs. Available in different colours.

2. Rainbow socks non-slip socks

Security and style

These socks are ideal for fun people because of their variety of colours. They offer a comfortable and safe footprint thanks to their anti-slip sole with ABS silicone bubbles, of the best quality on the market. They provide a great sensation of perspiration by its surface with micro holes.

3. Anti-slip socks LA Active

Elegance and comfort

They are traditional socks, with a sole full of anti-slip bubbles that offer a great body balance to avoid slips. They are ideal for yoga because of the softness and good perspiration offered by the breathable cotton they are made of, which are completely washable.

4. Yoga socks by Gaiam

Very versatile!

Their unique design makes them different and ideal for all barefoot activities such as pilates, martial arts, yoga and other exercises that you like to perform barefoot. Its design with free fingers provides a more natural experience to fitness people like you. And they have a very safe non-slip sole.

5. CB Valley yoga socks

For delicate women

They are adorable socks that not only serve to do yoga but also for dance and related activities. They are of fine cut, with rubber bubbles that avoid slips and that offer good support. Its design is ideal for subtle and elegant women.

6. YogaAddict Yoga Full Toe Socks

This pair of full toe socks are perfect for Yoga, but also can be used for fitness classes, gymnastics or dance. The non-slip lines help you to keep balance and giving you stability allow you to focus. Available in five different colours: black and green, grey, blue, white and again black with grey rubber lines.

Why you should use yoga socks?

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If you have already done yoga, you know perfectly well that having good posture is essential in order to perform all movements perfectly. And this is not possible with ordinary stockings. Here are a few reasons that will likely encourage you to wear these socks.

Against cold feet

Yoga requires concentration and application. If you have cold feet, you risk becoming distracted and your movements can be done anyhow. These anti-cold shoes will then keep you warm when you exercise in winter or when the floor of the gym is too cold.

Against slips

If you use a yoga mat, you already know that it is non-slip. But this is not always the case if you exercise directly on the floor. Besides, if you plan to protect your feet for other sports exercises, nothing like a pair of tight socks.

Against injuries

In yoga, you must remove your shoes, even if they are very clean. And without shoes in a studio, your feet are at risk of injury and others. So nothing like specially dedicated socks!

Against dirt

If you practice at home, you can be sure that your floor has been cleaned. But this is not always the case in sports halls where several practitioners follow one another. These socks, in addition to protecting you from dust and dirt, will also prevent you from being contaminated by the perspiration of others.

Against imperfections

Maybe your feet are covered with an unsightly tattoo or an ugly scar that you want to hide? Probably also that you simply don’t like the idea of ​​walking barefoot? Nothing better than these adapted slippers.

Against all kinds of anxiety

As said above, practising yoga means concentrating to the maximum. You must be 100% in your movements. And just thinking that you can slip with ordinary socks or that your feet may be injured is not at all conducive to a state of mind of concentration.

For your simple pleasure

Of course, it is not compulsory to wear this kind of equipment. But if others feel good about wearing them, why not you? Likewise, if you just enjoy wearing it, do not deprive yourself and treat yourself.

The different types and styles available

As we have seen above, the market is flooded with different brands. It is clear that there is something for everyone, whether in terms of shape, colour or style.

You can find crochet yoga socks at ankle height or a version that goes up to the calves. Some models can be mittens (as for classic stockings) while others can be yoga mittens socks where the toes are separated. And there are even versions where the toes are open.

In terms of manufacturing materials, you also have a wide variety. From natural cotton to bamboo and synthetic materials, you are free to choose. In any case, the best model will be an antiperspirant sock which can ventilate your feet well, reduce the risk of blisters and provide you with perfect grip.

How to choose the best pair for you?

All socks have a design that adapts to endless tastes. That’s why there are them with fingers open or closed and without fingers, at the ankle, a little lower or a little higher. In short, you should choose but always keep in mind comfort, quality and that is slip-resistant.

  • Open fingers vs. fingers closed: This decision is totally personal, but if you like to be in greater contact, but without losing the protection and the anti-slip, the best choice is open-toed. Those with closed fingers are ideal if you do not want to get your feet dirty a bit. They offer the same comfort, but without having a single part of the barefoot.
  • Anti-slip: This is the most important thing of these socks and they can have the non-slip surface in strategic areas of the plant, while others are found throughout the length and breadth of that space. They are usually made of rubber, rubber, ABS silicone, simple silicone and others.