Yoga practice can be especially stimulating and beneficial for many, so much so that for a large number of people yoga is their main and even only training system. With an often absorbing and complicated day to day, the most common thing is to invest in accessories that help us simplify routines. We always value everything that helps us move our personal items in a safe, simple and practical way. Hence, yoga mat bag has become so relevant among practitioners of this discipline, since it allows them to carry the mat thanks to the variety of models, sizes and materials that exist in the market today.

What is the best yoga mat bag?

When looking for a good bag to store your mat there are a number of considerations that you should take into account.

The first thing is the size, the ideal is that you look for something that lasts more than a few months. From the beginning, you should look at strong strips, thick fabrics, good material and large size where you can place the larger mats.

The style is also important because your comfort will depend on it, in these cases, you should look at what you find most convenient when transporting: backpack, backpack, sling or handbag.

Neither should you set aside the price, you do not have to spend a fortune, but you should look for something of quality. If you find that in a cheap model, congratulations! But, as a rule, the good costs more.

If you still do not know what you are looking for, here are some options that may help you:

1. Boence Yoga Mat Bag

Indeed, it takes the form of a house style guitar cover, with a closure along the side, which ends on the top of the cylinder, and an adjustable strap to carry it on the shoulders or on the back without feeling the weight of the yoga mat.

It adapts to all sizes of a yoga mat, with dimensions of 26″ long and 7″ in diameter. Made of high-quality canvas and fabric and 100% organic, it is ecological, robust, durable and washable.

The advantage of this yoga mat bag, it is closed and therefore it is perfect hygiene level!

One of the main advantages of this bag is that it has two storage pockets! Indeed, it has a large expandable front pocket, where you can store a bottle of water, books, keys, phone, wallet, and everything else you want; as well as a smaller side pocket where you can store your phone or music player.

The second advantage of this storage bag is the diversity of the proposed patterns: Black, Hunter, Sapphire Blue, Diamond, Elephant and many more. So many inspiring colours and patterns that will brighten up your yoga session and motivate you even more.

There is something for every taste. Finally, the third advantage of this bag is its low price. For its quality and practicality, it is excellent value for money and profitable investment!

2. Yogistar – Yoga mat bag

If the mat you use for your Yoga classes is large, it is recommended that you use this, you will be more than satisfied. It is adjustable, with practical pockets and made of high-quality nylon.

2. Lotuscraft – Yoga bag

A bag for yoga mat should be comfortable to carry both on the shoulder and if you carry it in your hands, this brand will offer you that and more. It is spacious for accessories and a change of clothes.

3. Yoga bag «Vimalaa» by #DoYourYoga

With quality materials and more than enough space to put the mat and take a change of clothes and other accessories, this is one of the favourites to buy. You must consider it.

4. Backpack Chloria

The best thing about this bag is that it is versatile, if you make a comparison with similar ones, your side compartment will keep the mat secure and in place. It has great capacity and is comfortable to use.

5. YogaAddict

This bag model is the most economical you will find in the offer. Ideal for both men and women. It has spacers for dirty clothes, pockets and other compartments for accessories and your water bottles.

6. Yoga Design Lab – yoga mat bag

What is yoga bag?

If you have or have seen a yoga mat bag, you should know that it is a very practical accessory, but that it will most likely not serve to cover other day-to-day requirements, since its use is very specific. Well,  yoga mat bags are accessories with a much greater internal capacity, since they are designed not only to carry the mat but also to incorporate other everyday objects. The manufacturing materials vary, but in general, they are resistant and easy to wash fabrics, and they usually have other extra pockets, so their capacity is expanded a little more.

What is yoga bag for?

They are especially useful if in addition to the yoga mat you must frequently move other accessories such as towels or yoga blocks. If you have a baby or small children, the design of the bag can help you move their things along with your mat in a more practical way. If you travel frequently or go camping, a yoga bag helps you carry your mat along with everything you need, avoiding the use of an extra bag. And if the design of the bag suits your everyday style, you can use it for daily use.

yoga mat bag

How to choose yoga mat bag?

Now that you have seen the benefits that having this accessory can have, you should know how to choose the best yoga mat bag for you. 

We always recommend that the materials you buy are of quality, not only will you avoid having to re-invest money in a new case, but it may not be as practical as you need.

For this, we suggest that you take into account some aspects when choosing your new yoga mat bag.


Note that the materials with which the mat bag is made are of good quality. That will increase its strength and durability. Avoiding breakage.


It is perhaps the most important aspect. Keep in mind that the Yoga bag can easily store your mat. You must carry it comfortably with the weight of the mat and other objects you can carry.

yoga mat bag uk

Find a mat that has pockets where you can put your mobile, wallet, keys or even some material you need in your session. Carrying it all together in the same bag will prevent you from carrying unnecessary junk on top.

Easy cleaning

With use, everything picks up dirt little by little, it is important that the materials from which the yoga bags are made allow you to wash it easily, either in the washing machine or by hand. But this should never deteriorate with washing.


This aspect is more personal. You can find a multitude of options to choose from. From designs with unique colours to more elaborate ones with striking prints and drawings. Choose the one that best suits your style and wear it with pleasure.


Another personal aspect. You can find everything from cheap yoga mat bags to others with higher prices. The ideal is to buy one with enough quality so that it lasts as long as possible. We have tried to bring you a balanced assortment of quality and good price. But everything is to investigate until finding the one that best suits your needs.


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