After my intense badminton training, I had wrist pain. At first, I thought it was muscle fatigue related to taking the racket. But finally, I discovered that it was really a sprain. My doctor recommended that I always wear wrist support until my joint was restored. It was from there that I got a good knowledge of this type of protective accessory.

After 4 weeks, I finished my orthopedic treatment. But I continued to use a more flexible model to avoid a recurring sprain. There are several varieties of wrist supports on the market, and I was able to test a dozen models to select the best wrist supports.

What is the best Wrist Support?

To choose good wrist support is not enough to go with the cheapest because for an adequate recovery it is important to know our need.

For example, for a syndrome of the carpal tunnel, it is necessary to look for inferior resistance, whereas for the pain of sinews our device must have superior rigidity. For this reason, the different products conform to a diverse amount of use and injuries.

In addition, I recommend combining this method of rest and immobilization. With experience, I have noticed that its effectiveness is greater if heat therapy and anti-stress exercises are added.

Actesso Stomatex Wrist Support

This model is perfect to relieve joint pain in the thumb without impeding office work as it releases the other four fingers to make all your movements. The neoprene design is extremely comfortable and makes it easy to wash and dry without any lint.

Actesso Advanced Wrist Support Brace

I included the Actesso advanced wrist support in the list of the best products because of its immediate action on the reduction of pain in the wrist.

If you often have numbness or tingling in your fingers, and you feel your hand getting weaker day by day, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. If your doctor confirms, you can relieve the pain with this orthosis.

I have already tried this model also on a person who suffers from an acute inflammation at the level of the wrist joint, and it manifests its beneficial effect from the first day. This Actesso wrist support is also interesting in the case of sprains.

It has metal support positioned under the wrist. It is in this sense that it offers a great capacity of maintenance.

This orthosis acts on pain day and night. And even while you sleep, it keeps your wrist from moving.

The Actesso advanced wrist support is more than a protective accessory, it is a class 1 medical device.

This quality orthosis is registered with the Health Products and Medicines Regulatory Agency.

Its design involved the expertise and advice of several medical professionals.

If you want to take care of your wrist using this protective accessory, measure the circumference of your wrist and indicate your size when ordering. For a wrist measurement between 13 and 15 cm, take a small splint.

Order a medium size for a wrist from 15 to 17 cm and a large size for a wrist from 17 to 19 cm. As for the XL size, it is reserved for wrists measuring 19 to 21 cm.

Mueller Wrist Support

I like it because it provides comfort during the night and enough support without strangulating the hand. It is a long and stable model that dispenses with the plate to give more flexibility if it should be used daily. Its sale by sizes guarantees that anyone can use them.

Actesso Elastic Wrist Support with Strap

If you plan to use your wrist support for your sports activities, I would particularly recommend this Actesso model. It protects your wrist from sprains and strains while giving it great freedom of movement.

Its maintenance is safe and reliable thanks to its elastic fabric. In case of wrist tendonitis or ligament trauma, it relieves pain and reduces inflammation of the tendons.

It is a flexible protective accessory without metal support.

You therefore benefit from immobilization of your joint and flexibility of your wrist at the same time. It is in this sense that this orthosis is more suitable for great athletes.

In addition, its light fabric perfectly and discreetly supports your wrist. Its very flexible band and its tubular appearance further accentuate this holding capacity and avoid recurrent sprains.

I particularly appreciated the availability of this Actesso wrist support in several sizes. You just need to know the circumference of the wrist and refer to the different dimensions offered on your online sales site.

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support by Exoform

Its focused adjustment gives rigidity without pressing too much of the skin. It is suitable for those who sweat exaggerated or those who prefer to wear it under winter gloves. Its design makes it stand out among the comparative because it maintains the manual agility intact and does not give heat.

Mueller Wrist Support

With double metal plate and the triple strap is a wrist strap for maximum support. It also has thermal material that maintains heat and allows perspiration. So if your injury is serious, I assure you that this is the support you need for your medical recovery.

Bracoo TP30 Thumb and Wrist Support

This device has been perfect for my tendon problems because it gives maximum grip in the thumb area and is also ideal for wrist sprains. Its open model allows it to adjust to all types of injuries and size. It combines perfectly naturalness and rigidity.

Wrist Support

Benefits of wearing a wrist support

Its main use is because it relieves the terrible pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. It is one of the main treatments to maintain the rigidity in the hand affected by excessive use of the wrist.

This is something very common in drummers, surgeons, mechanics and programmers who require constant hand movements in their daily routine.

In addition, its use prevents an injury from worsening and a vulnerable wrist extending overnight.

Its support also helps the recovery of wrist operations and fractures.

Types of Wrist Support

Standard support strap

It works as a splint to reduce inflammation and recover mobility of the wrist. It also provides rest when there is repetitive effort and overload of the carpel tunnel.

Sports support

When the injury is the product of sports, such as tennis, the compression must be greater to increase stiffness and speed up recovery, as the player must maintain mobility and recover strength quickly.

How to wear the wrist support correctly?

I suggest you start by observing carefully whether it is designed for the left hand or for the right hand.

Mobilize your wrist and fingers a little before putting on the orthosis. Then position it by holding the thumb at the bottom and avoiding orienting it upwards.

For a model that is difficult to put on, I suggest that you get help to get the correct positioning.

Place the wrist in the splint while holding it firmly. Then roll up the accessory, and close the fixing bands according to the level of compression sought.

The more classic models can be easily put on like gloves. Rather, they are considered as protective devices reserved for athletes.

Wrist and Thumb Support

What to look for in the best wrist support?


These bracelets adapt to different wrist thicknesses and swelling levels thanks to their Velcro cover.

Rigid splint

It is the plate itself that holds stable and neutralizes the position of the wrist.


A light and soft material allow to keep the hand functional in various daily activities.


Depending on whether your need is intensive or not, you can opt for a more economical model that does not require a super resistant design or a more reinforced for long uses.


If we are thin limbs we will need a smaller piece, on the contrary if our bones are thick it is better to go for the most robust.


Padded can give comfortable rest and greater support but will be less breathable. On the other hand, less thick fabric will give more movement and ventilation in the long term.


Depending on the brand our purchase can go to cotton, suede or polyester pads. All are good but some are more rigid than others.


Some models come with holes for air penetration, being less prone to sweating and more convenient in summer.


The amount of Velcro straps will determine the firmness of the wristband and the coverage of the union. The more there is, the stronger the pressure we will have to endure to recover.