We take many things into account to create a reliable buying guide. We rank each women’s motorcycle helmet listed below based on price, average customer score, build quality, warranty, and many more specifications. Only this way we can be sure that our list of the best motorbike helmets for women is most accurate.

List with best motorbike helmets for women

A large number of women’s motorcycle helmets from various manufacturers are released every year. With that in mind, choosing the right option is not easy. You have to be very patient to compare all available motorbike helmets for women and choose the best one. That’s why we offer you the list of the best models on the market. Use it to quickly find a suitable model!

1. YEMA Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

A model that belongs to the YEMA brand and that has a full face design that guarantees use for men and women. It has adouble visor to provide greater protection and security at all times. A neutral black colour that is available in 3 sizes, a point that you must take into account when purchasing it.

It has a modern and completely fashionable design, as it includes advanced features. It can be used by mopeds, road bikes, snowmobiles and much more, it includes quality materials and acoating that makes it light but resistant at the same time. It is very easy to clean and has a high quality reinforced strap.

2. MOTO Helmets motorbike helmet for women

The MOTO Helmets is a product that you cannot stop looking at. The model has features that make it quite versatile since you can use them with motorcycles, bicycles, Scooters and much more. Its design is comprehensive and can be used by both men and women. You can use it without any problem on the European territory.

Among the things that this product includes is its external shell that has a great lightness and inside the presence of an EPS that makes padding and soft for your skin. This product guarantees maximum protection and has an absorption system high- efficiency strokes. Its visor is completely transparent because it allows you to see clearly.

3. MOTO Helmets H44 Flower

If you are looking for amodern but useful product at the same time, we recommend that you do not stop looking at this design that is composed of a white background and flowers that seem quite striking, it has certificates to be used on the road in Europe so it does not we have drawbacks, it also has an easy-to-operate buckle.

This product can be closed with one hand and closing and opening system without great complications even when wearing gloves. It includes a high-quality antibacterial lining that can be removed so you can wash it easily, it does not accumulate odours and it has a great tolerance to the skin.

4. ARMOR Helmets AV-63 Open Face Helmet

It is a product that is available in a red colour that attracts the attention of most, the available size is XS, S, XL, XXL and it has an anti-scratch visor system that guarantees protection at all times against possible risks with elements in the way, it includes an antibacterial fabric inside to avoid skin irritations.

The interior is completely removable, that way you can clean it more easily and avoid the accumulation of humidity and annoying odours. It includes the approvals necessary to circulate, approved for use in the UK. It is compact but it guarantees you good care when walking outdoors.

5. ARMOR Helmets AV-84 for Women

It is a pink model that adapts to the tastes of a large number of people, this product is made of highly resistant materials and which also provides lightness to the product, so it does not represent a burden on the head at the time to use it. Includes breathable materials inside and padding.

It also has openings for optimal ventilation, so annoying odours do not accumulate on long trips, it provides a friendly surface to your skin inside and has the necessary certifications to provide comfort at all times. A size S product, an aspect that you should consider when buying it.

6. Motorbike helmet for women Protectwear

We present you a motorbike helmet for women that has an efficient aerodynamic design. This model is specially designed to protect the cervical area as much as possible.

It incorporates different holes to achieve optimal airflow while riding and it is also a high-quality motorcycle helmet that is available in different sizes. We recommend it if you are looking for a high-quality motorcycle helmet for women that will provide you with optimal peripheral vision while protecting you on the road.

7. LS2 Rapid Full-Face Ladies Helmet

First of all, we have chosen a modern, original and different flower motorcycle helmet for women. It is a model with a mixture of polycarbonate and a resistant structure, as well as a lightweight. It is the ideal helmet to use on city walks that is also made of a special polymer with high resistance to impacts. In addition, this motorcycle helmet incorporates an efficient dynamic flow ventilation system and can be adjusted efficiently to keep the rider comfortable and cool at all times.

8. Astone Helmets GT2G-LADYC-BPM Full-Face Ladies Helmet

This motorcycle helmet for women that you see here is an ideal full-face helmet for driving small-displacement urban motorcycles. It is made of polycarbonate that has a modern and elegant design. It is a great aesthetically beautiful alternative that also incorporates an efficient zipper that facilitates the closure of the helmet in a simple and efficient way.

9. Leopard LEO-813

If you prefer amore sporty women’s design, you have this full face model that will take care of you because it is made of high-quality ABS and high-density EPS.

The chin strap is quick-release, making it easy to wear with gloves, and comes with a clear, scratch-resistant outer visor.

The inner lining is removable and washable to make it easier for you to clean the helmet. In addition, to make you more comfortable, it has an adjustable ventilation system that will help you stay cooler while driving your motorcycle or travelling as a passenger.

10. Pink motorbike helmet for ladies

The brand seems to be among the best at the moment in terms of quality/price ratio. In fact, I was able to see the discreet difference by walking around the motorcycle shops, and I must say that here on amazon I found the object further lowered.

The helmet complies with the standards and descriptions, is very well decorated, rather light and comfortable to wear. The coupling is provided with a quick-release connection and there are air intakes both at the mouth and above the head.

The visor is not tinted, but for a second passenger, that’s just fine. The fact remains that I believe you can replace the visor with a tinted one if you wish.

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Why buy women’s motorcycle helmet?

The head is indeed the most fragile and most exposed organ of our body, especially when travelling on a motorized two-wheeler. According to medical studies, the skull cannot withstand a shock beyond 17 km / h without serious damage.

This is why it is the duty of every driver and passenger on a motorcycle to wear a full face motorcycle helmet to minimize the risk of severe injuries or head trauma in the event of a fall.

In addition, the helmet also plays an important role in the protection of the eyes of the driver which ensures all his protection while driving. If an insect enters his eyes at full speed, he can lose control of his vehicle in seconds and suffer a serious accident.

What is the difference between men and women’s motorcycle helmets?

A women’s motorcycle helmet is not much different than a conventional men’s or unisex motorcycle helmet.

The only differences that you can find in a motorcycle helmet for women or a motorcycle helmet for a girl is their design. They are usually much more beautiful with very colourful, modern drawings and graphic motifs that attract attention compared to a conventional one. or a more sporty helmet.

Another difference is usually that some models are usually made smaller sizes. Specifically for the sizes or head measurements that biker girls usually demand.

Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t have many options. There are all kinds of them, so you can find a flip front, full face and modular helmets. All with very beautiful designs and manufactured for all types of motorcycle or use.

Women's Motorcycle Helmets

Image credit: Pintrest

Types of motorbike helmets for ladies

First, you will have to choose which helmet model suits the use you want to make of it.

For example, the full-face helmet is ideal for extra-urban routes, when speeds over 50 miles per hour are reached and it is also necessary to have more complete protection from wind, insects or probable debris from the road surface.

The open face helmet, on the other hand, is open on the face and lets the air pass. This model is suitable for city routes, where speeds are low and having a bit of refreshment definitely helps comfort.

It is clear that the choice is not easy at all, it is possible that a motorcyclist has different needs based on the route he decides to take.

So let’s analyze in depth the characteristics of the different helmet models.

Open Face helmet

The open face helmet, as we said earlier, allows you to have your whole face free. It is immediately evident that the protective aspect of this model leaves something to be desired.

The chin part is completely free and without protection, even the construction materials are not very resistant. As they are designed for use on city routes where speeds are reduced and the risk of accidents is lowered. Another sore point of the open face helmet concerns comfort. Due to the fact of being open on the face and being manufactured with non-optimal materials, the Open face helmet does not protect from noise and wind with consequent annoyances and discomfort.

The strong point of the open face helmet is undoubtedly the ease of fit. It is also very welcome during the summer, as it helps to disperse heat.

This model is the most chosen for children and teenagers. It also welcomes lovers of vintage, vintage, 70s or custom motorcycles.

Full Face Helmet

The full-face helmet is certainly the most recommended for motorcycles.

It protects the head in an optimal way, guaranteeing safety even to the face during accidents or falls.

In addition to the effective protection, the comfort aspect of the full-face helmet should not be underestimated. It has good sound insulation, that is, it muffles external noises, has a mask, often easily removable. This protects the face from the wind and any insects, has a very soft and comfortable internal padding.

They are also built with top-of-the-range, resistant and durable materials. However, they are, and it is easy to understand, heavier than Open face helmets, precisely because the materials are more resistant and the padding more full-bodied.

The full face helmets are divided into two subcategories:

Sporty ones: ideal for laps or track races, they are more aerodynamic, with a tighter fit and certainly more uncomfortable.

Touring ones: they are the helmets most used by motorcyclists on the road, designed to be worn in an upright position and the padding is more comfortable than sports helmets, so as to be comfortable on long journeys.

The full face helmets are those in which best expresses creativity. They are decorated with the most varied designs and fantasies, mixed colours and decorated for example with Marvel references.

Modular helmet

A modular helmet is a middle ground that combines the protection of the Full-face helmet and the practicality of the open face one. The modular helmets can be opened and closed completely with simple pressure.

Both the chin guard and the visor can be raised above the head, in this way, in city routes where speed is reduced, you can enjoy the comfort given by the greater passage of air.

On the other hand, when the chin guard is completely lowered, the same effect is obtained as the Full-face helmet which, we remind you, in addition to protecting completely, protects against noise, cold and wind discomfort.

The Modular helmet is very popular with motorcyclists in general, who appreciate its versatility and like to use it in combination with hands-free or Bluetooth devices to communicate with the passenger or with the group of motorcyclists.

What size motorbike helmet to buy?

Beginners often have the annoying tendency to choose a motorbike helmet that they feel comfortable in that is easy to put on and take off. However, a motorcycle helmet is comparable to good jeans. You have to feel a little tight at first, while it adapts to our body type.

So when trying on a helmet, it is important to make sure that it sits properly on the cheeks and forehead. If you can fit a finger between the forehead and the foam on the helmet, it is too large. If you turn your head quickly, it shouldn’t move an inch. But it is useless to cut off the circulation of the blood! If the helmet is really painful and tears off your ears when removing it, try a size up.

Pilots wearing glasses should also remember to try on their helmets with their glasses on. Some models also have an Easyfit system which makes it easier to thread the branches.

Not all brands cut the same. Thus, the best way to determine your size is still to measure your head circumference and refer to the brand’s size guide generally indicated in the product sheet. The measurement is taken at the level of the forehead, approximately 2.5 cm above the eyebrows.

Where to buy motorbike helmet for women?

If you want to get or choose between different designs, finding the helmet that will really help you to be more comfortable and safe and at very good prices, buying a women’s helmet on Amazon is the most practical option for these reasons and because you will also find low-end helmets- Medium and high for women. From original brands and with opinions from people who have already bought it and who will help you to know what are the defects and disadvantages of that particular model that you like.

It is not advisable to buy a second-hand women’s helmet unless it is almost new since helmets have a useful life and if it has already been used that life is reduced. In addition, the helmet is a very personal accessory and it is better to buy it new.

Price of women’s motorcycle helmet

Several elements influence the price of a ladies motorcycle helmet, but this does not affect the level of protection provided by it. Indeed, there are models sold at £50, just like others offered at more than £500, knowing that cheap motorcycle helmets doesn’t mean less protective helmet.

The price varies mainly according to the exterior design, interior comfort, the various functions, the material of manufacture and the quality of finish. Anyway, we advise you to bet at least £150 to acquire a quality full-face motorcycle helmet.


Given that it would be good practice to change the helmet every 5 or 7 years, it is a good idea to remove all the internal components and wash them in the washing machine at least once a month.

This is primarily a matter of hygiene, but also because, especially if you do not use a balaclava, sweat could ruin the internal parts of the helmet, thus compromising its durability.

Pay attention to the temperature to be set during washing, it is good to refer to the booklet supplied with the helmet or check the label sewn into the internal parts. It is important to set a correct washing cycle as the fabrics could shrink, thus distorting the fit that could shrink and change size.

Even the outside of the helmet should be washed periodically, we will deepen the subject in the following chapter. Be careful when storing your helmet not to hang it on the mirrors. In addition to dirtying the interior, it may deform with weight. It is, therefore, better to place it on the side of the closure, thus avoiding that it rolls inadvertently.

Helmet washing

As can be easily understood, the helmet can be washed with water externally, being suitable for use even in the rain. What you need to pay attention to is the cleaner you are going to use.

It is in fact good to avoid any type of degreaser that can be aggressive.

In fact, a too corrosive detergent could ruin not only the decoration and the design, but could also compromise the quality of the building material.

Better to use aneutral soap, the one to wash your hands will be fine and follow these simple steps:

  • start by extracting the visor through the special hooks
  • wet the helmet with water
  • with your hands, without using sponges, apply a generous amount of soap and start rubbing gently, removing any attached insects. Using your hands is the best solution so as to avoid scratches during the operation, but if you really can’t bear the contact of your hands with insects, use a soft cotton cloth.
  • at this point rinse gently using lukewarm water (never hot!), then dry it with a dry and clean cloth.

This simple and quick maintenance must be performed at least once a month, in order to keep the helmet in excellent condition.

Visor wash

The visor must be washed much more frequently, at least every two outings on the motorcycle. In addition to a practical aspect of visibility, the visor must be cleaned more often as the attacked insects create encrustations that are difficult to clear away.

First of all, you need to free the visor from the helmet. In some models, there is automatic release and the action is simpler, in others it is necessary to put pressure on the specific hooks, this operation must be performed with extreme delicacy, if when removing the visor the hooks break, it will be necessary to change the whole visor.

When you decide to wash the visor it is good to always remember to remove the Pinlock, as it is not scratchproof it could be damaged during the operation.

Then, once the visor is completely freed, it is time to wash it with water and neutral soap. It is important in this case, more than with the helmet, to use your hands, the visor is very delicate and could get scratched, thus compromising the quality of vision. At this point, rinse well with warm water and dry with a dry, soft cloth

This can also be done on a tinted visor.

Pinlock must also be washed, just use lukewarm or cold water and a lot, but a lot of delicacy, remember that Pinlock is not scratchproof.


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