The wireless keyboard is by far the most suitable way if you want to minimize the hassle of wire tangles on your desk. Since there is no wired connection, you will not necessarily need to sit too close to the screen to operate your computer.

The main advantage of using the wireless keyboard will be the cleanliness and the order it brings to your workspace. Efficiency, comfort and productivity, three factors that rhyme very well with the wireless keyboard. To facilitate your selection, we have established a selection of the most attractive wireless keyboards on the market in order to orient you on the model that best suits you.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is part of our ranking, a wireless keyboard that can be taken and used anywhere and anytime. There is no better word to describe it, other than practical.

The best wireless keyboards in comparison

Choosing a wireless keyboard may not be a very simple task. There are many types, with different types of connection, special keys, types of keys and more. Some work with tablets and your mobile, while others are not compatible with older Bluetooth systems.

The most important thing is that each model varies in writing speed and the ease with which you can write or select keys and the amount of pressure they require, so there are some models more oriented to professional players, or full-time writers. There are even keyboards with built-in touchpad for more versatility and practicality.

However, we bring you the following list comparative with the five best models of the market based on their speed, convenience, ergonomic design and special features. All so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

1. Jelly Comb Rechargeable USB Wired & Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

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A foldable keyboard that turns out to be very compact for carrying in a bag. Unfolded the keyboard is almost the size of a real keyboard (a little smaller anyway). The finish of the keys is pleasant with a stroke reminiscent of the mechanical keyboards. The typing sensation is there and allows you not to lose your haunts while travelling. We like the pad available which allows you to do without a mouse on vacation for example. Compatibility with the tablet in Bluetooth is quick and easy.

Autonomy level: You have 180 hours of autonomy in the event of 2 hours of daily use. this is made possible by the fact that the keyboard has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Note that the keyboard will enter standby mode if not used after 10 minutes and can be awakened by pressing any key. A USB cable is provided for recharging your keyboard after 180 hours.

2. Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard for Windows, Apple android or Chrome, Wireless 2.4GHz...
  • Multi-Device Productivity: Pair your wireless keyboard with up to 3 devices and switch between them with the touch of a button....
  • Slim Quiet Keyboard: The Logitech PerfectStroke key system provides precision and quiet typing, solidly designed with thin,...
  • Reliable Connectivity: Choose how you want to connect your device, whether via Bluetooth or Unifying receiver. This wireless...
  • Adaptive Layout: Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS, this Logitech wireless keyboard recognises the device it's...
  • The USB Dongle is located inside the battery compartment. In order to make the most of the K780 functionalities, it is recommended...

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This wireless keyboard is perfect for those who want to use it in a fixed place, but still, seek to have the greatest flexibility and versatility possible to use it with other devices such as tablets or smartphones.

It has compatibility with Windows and Mac OS 10.10 and 10.11, iOS and Android and offers the possibility to connect with 3 devices of any of these operating systems at the same time and go from one to another with a single button press. Some very interesting is the design of the keys, which is rounded for a better feel and feel for quick and comfortable typing.

It has a range of 10 meters. It also comes equipped with a full numeric keypad and includes integrated support for mobile or tablets.

3. Rii K18 Wireless Keyboard

Rii K18 Touch Wireless Keyboard Black (UK Keyboard Layout QWERTZ) All-in-One Keyboard With Touch Pad
  • Super slim 2.4GHz Mini Wireless keyboard large size touch pad mouse combo with USB interface adapter UK Layout
  • 12-meter (40-feet) wireless range: Ensures trouble-free connection in the largest room. Wireless range may vary depending on...
  • Touchpad mouse supports multi-finger functions, A single finger click as left mouse function, two-finger click as the right mouse...
  • Long time stand by:500h to 700h. 850mA can support over 40 hours operation without stopping
  • Innovative size, Portable and elegant, Perfect for PC, Laptop, Pad, Android TV Box, Google TV Box, Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC, IPTV,KODI...

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This is one of the most economical keyboards on the market and the second one on our list. It is a 2.4GHz radio frequency connection and small and convenient USB receiver.

It is elegant, modern, with an attractive design and is easy to use and comfortable to transport. It is compatible with tablets, Raspberry PI 2/3, iOS, PC and Mac, Linux, to use Smart TV, Android and much more. In fact, it is one of the most versatile and with the greatest compatibility in our list.

At the same time, it comes equipped with F1 to F10 keys to control multimedia options, load status LEDs and upper case indicator and even an ultrasensitive touchpad and multi-touch capability to control more functions on your device. It also has an energy-saving function.

4. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Windows...
  • Works across devices - Pair the keyboard with any combination of two compatible devices and quickly switch between them with one...
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight: Only 5mm thin, the innovative, foldable design easily fits into a purse, bag, or pocket
  • Bluetooth Smart - Clutter-free and reliable experience utilising the latest in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, consuming less power....
  • Rechargeable battery - The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to three months of usage on a single charge. The Universal...
  • Easy on / Easy off - Open the keyboard to connect to your tablet or smartphone. Simply close the keyboard to shut it down....

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Microsoft is a leading brand in technology and has not been left behind in the race to make the best wireless keyboards. This model connects with Bluetooth 4.0 and has a really portable mini format that can be folded. It is also important to consider that it uses silicone membrane switch system.

With it, you can have a way to work easily with your tablet or smartphone anywhere and anytime. In fact, it is compatible with Windows computers, iPads and Android devices.

It has a lightweight of 340 grams, is really compact, takes up almost no space and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

5. Rii Mini i28C Wireless keyboard

Rii mini wireless keyboard (K28C black)
  • 3 in 1 2.4Ghz Mini Wireless keyboard with Touch Pad Mouse LED Backlit Hand feel two mouse(left and right mouse at the top of the...
  • Innovative Shape, Portable, elegant, Perfect for PC Laptop Pad Google KODI XBMC Android TV Box HTPC IPTV Smart TV Mac IOS...
  • Built-in rechargeable and removable lithium battery. Power Save Design: With auto sleep - wake up function with two modes(3minis...
  • How to use it on Amazon fire TV: use an app called app2fire on android you can send any app to fire TV then run it so for example...

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Unlike most wireless keyboards and their rectangular designs, this model has a quite different and, to tell the truth, attractive form. This shape makes it really ergonomic and comfortable for your bones and joints.

Not only is compatible with Windows and Mac computers but also has connectivity for mobile and Android devices by radio frequency thanks to its USB 2.4 GHz connector. It has a good design and also includes a backlight for able to play, write or schedule at night.

With it, you can also control Raspberry Pi, Google TV Box, Smart TV and many other modern electronic devices. It also has a rechargeable lithium battery and features multimedia and volume controls, as well as a very good quality touchpad.

6. Apple MLA22Y / A keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad: Bluetooth, rechargeable. Works with Mac, iPad or iPhone;...
  • WIRELESS, RECHARGEABLE CONVENIENCE — Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad connects wirelessly to your Mac, iPad or iPhone via...
  • WORKS WITH MAC, IPAD OR IPHONE — It pairs quickly with your device so you can get to work straightaway.
  • ENHANCED TYPING EXPERIENCE — Magic Keyboard delivers a remarkably comfortable and precise typing experience. Its extended layout...
  • WORK FASTER WITH NUMERIC KEYPAD — The numeric keypad is ideal for spreadsheets and finance applications.
  • GO WEEKS WITHOUT CHARGING — The incredibly long-lasting internal battery will power your keyboard for about a month or more...

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This model is the official solution to give a wireless keyboard to your Mac with Bluetooth and QWERTY design that also includes a lightning port connector. Its construction is, as in most Apple designs, fine, elegant and really compact.

At the same time, it is quite durable and even luxurious thanks to its aluminium construction. The route of the keys is adequate and really easy to use and also have a good range of connectivity of up to 9 meters.

It uses a scissor mechanism under the keys, which provides excellent typing speed and a totally comfortable and pleasant feeling when using it. Another really positive aspect is its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can last up to 720 hours of continuous use.

Reasons to buy a wireless keyboard

Now you can use your computer remotely. More and more of us have connected our computer to the big screen of the television. This allows you to download movies, watch videos on Youtube and take advantage of all the services that the internet offers, but on a larger screen. You can work or have fun, the use will very often only be more pleasant.

A wireless keyboard can replace the remote control

More and more people have a media box or an Android box. They are delivered with remote control, sufficient for the most basic actions, but not always practical for browsing the internet. As a result, a keyboard and a mouse are infinitely easier to handle.

Today, we can connect most wireless keyboards to most boxes or even directly to a smart TV. Some people, therefore, do not have a computer at home but have access to all the services of the net via their TV. We can then have fun typing comments or doing research using the remote control, but we are wasting time. With a keyboard, it goes much faster!

wireless keyboard

How to choose a wireless keyboard?

The first question to ask is that of utility. Do you need a keyboard for office tasks, for pure multimedia use in the living room or for a mixture of the two? The functionality and ergonomics will not be the same from one use to another.

The living room keyboard

For multimedia use, we will opt for a living room keyboard. It works without a mouse, and has a touchpad instead of the numeric keyboard which is no longer essential for this type of use. It has many shortcut keys to manage volume, playlists, or to access your main tools, such as the audio player, mailbox or browser.

This type of keyboard is really thought to be used comfortably from a sofa, so we will also find a left click button at the level of the left hand, for ease of handling.

The desktop keyboard

It is a very traditional keyboard, with a numeric keypad. It is therefore necessarily associated with a mouse. Finally, the only difference with a wired keyboard is that it is not cable. It is, in this case, a small coquetry, which allows to better clean the desk and to store the keyboard in a drawer when not in use. It will not have any particular functionality, but a typing generally of good quality to type command lines, texts, or enter emails.

The versatile keyboard

It looks pretty much like a traditional keyboard, with a numeric keypad. We will therefore also associate it with a mouse. It will however offer some additional buttons than the desktop keyboard, with shortcuts for easier multimedia use. Thus, we can comfortably use it for our work, then take it to the living room to launch videos, or use the internet on our large TV screen.

The selection criteria

To choose a keyboard that best suits your needs, there are a few criteria to consider. Here are the ones that seem essential to me.

The strike

You should first know that there are two types of keyboard: membrane keypads with domes, and “chiclet” keyboards. Players generally prefer the latter, which have shorter keys and therefore more responsiveness. These are usually the keys found on laptop keyboards.

Membrane keyboards offer a different touch, reactive too and often a little quieter. Everyone will have their preference. Personally, I prefer chiclet keyboard, but my partner who writes more than me prefers membrane keyboards.

Anyway, we always appreciate that there is a good rebound at the keys, and that they are not too soft. This lets you know when typing a letter. With a keyboard that is too soft, we are never sure that we really pressed.

It is obviously necessary to take into account the size of the keys, and their spacing. If you have big fingers and you are not necessarily super agile with a keyboard, then you will need keys well spaced and wide enough to avoid typos as much as possible.

Finally, whatever the technology of the keyboard, we appreciate that it is as discreet as possible. No secret here, you have to test it to realize. On all of my tests, I give you my feelings in the paragraph dedicated to typing. To work, you quickly get used to a slightly noisy keyboard, but for relaxation, we appreciate that the keys are as quiet as possible.

Functions and shortcuts

Depending on how you plan to use your keyboard, you may or may not need different features. For living room use, it will be appreciated to have only one device, and therefore to do without a mouse. The keyboard will therefore have to integrate a touchpad. It will often be accompanied by a left click on the left of the keyboard.

Obviously, for work, if you enter numbers in a mess on tables, then you will need a numeric keyboard.

Then, the more possibilities for shortcuts, and the better they are indicated, the more the keyboard will be practical, intuitive and simple to use. Personally, I like to find separate keys for all multimedia actions. I can then quickly open my mailbox, my favorite browser or my audio player, and I can manage my music tracks or my videos without touching the mouse or the touchpad.

The backlight is rather interesting for a living room keyboard. You will often watch your films in a dark room and to avoid mishandling, you will appreciate that the keys are perfectly visible thanks to the slight lights they give off.


Finally, whether for the office, but perhaps a little more for the living room, we have the right to also choose a keyboard for its look. It will be regularly before our eyes, so much as we appreciate it.

However, for now, the manufacturers are fairly serious and generally offer fairly sober and classic models. The living room keyboards are starting to be a little more worked in terms of look, but for the office, apart from the gaming keyboards, we stay in the very traditional black shell.


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