10 Best Windsurf Harnesses to Get Better Stability and Speed

I started windsurfing a few months ago, but as soon as I took the practice, I felt that there should be a little more fun on the water. After consulting with my coach, he recommended me to acquire the best windsurf harness, to achieve maximum balance, harmonize my body with the sea, and increase speed.

This sport that raises passion among many beach users, is undoubtedly fascinating. If you are looking to add more adrenaline to your sports days between sun and water, get one of these ten products from our comparative list.

What is the best windsurfing harness?

To optimize the experience, and achieve amazing performance, it is essential to choose the most appropriate model that meets our needs. Each has a different physiognomy, so it is key to find a harness that is your size, to avoid entanglements, and discomfort.

Take a look also at the construction material, and weigh its price relationship with the quality offered by the brand. Although as always, you can enjoy the products on this list, with a really cheap and economical price.

1. Hybrid Harness Nrg Dakine windsurf harness

DAKINE Harnass 2016 Hybrid NRG Orange/White L
  • Power Lock System
  • P.E.B. internal structure of pre-curved support
  • Compression-molded wood carpet
  • Wide cover from top to bottom.

First windsurf harness on the list has an unbeatable price, its pre-curved dual density structure allows to provide greater support to the back, with padding in the pressure areas. It fits perfectly to your body, with a bar made of stainless steel.

2. Harness T-7 Blue Neon Dakine
windsurf harness

DAKINE 10000463-0610934043785 T-7 Windsurfing Harness Blue Neon
1 Reviews
DAKINE 10000463-0610934043785 T-7 Windsurfing Harness Blue Neon
  • In warm soapy water Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x...
  • Boxed-product Weight: 1.00 Kg
  • Dual Lock posi sliding buckle bar system
  • T series palonnier

Made with high strength vinyl materials, they make it compact and solid, to provide an unparalleled ride. It has a system that includes a loop with a sliding bar, with an internal foam structure. Its black colour is quite attractive.

3. Vertex Ion windsurfing harness

Its three-dimensional shape makes this option quite ergonomic, which allows raising comfort thanks to its quilting in the hip area that makes it almost imperceptible. With this product, you can reach super fast speeds.

4. Waist Harness Mystic

Mystic Watersports - Surf KiteSurf & Windsurfing Legend Kite Waist...
1 Reviews
Mystic Watersports - Surf KiteSurf & Windsurfing Legend Kite Waist...
  • Throw away all of the various layers and combine them...
  • The Legend is a one of a kind harness which combines...
  • Unibody design
  • Non-water absorbent. Multi Hook Banana Bar. Leash Eye....

When purchasing this equipment, you will notice the difference of using a model of good quality, its reduced design, emphasizing simplicity, compacting excellent performance, without absorbing water, and with great flexibility to move about the sea like a professional.

5. Small Prolimit Rookie Seat

Prolimit Harness Rookie Seat Cy/Nvy XXXS
  • For children
  • Unique design
  • Sustainable construction
  • Safe

Stand out among your colleagues with a harness that is quite solid, and robust, but at the same time is internally covered with soft and comfortable pads, with a well-positioned bra that will allow a perfect fit with the sails.

6. Dakine windsurfing harness

This windsurf harness integrates a belt that includes double Velcro to close it more compactly, in addition, it provides an appropriate weight distribution in eight different areas. It has a pad on the lower back to make the day more enjoyable.

7. Harness for seat L 52 Gaastra

Not for nothing is this fascinating model flying out of the market as soon as it arrives, its curved design, streamlined, soft, padded and made of good quality fabric, makes it one of the favourite choices among all lovers of this hobby.

8. Trapezoidal seat Echo Kite Lithium

Are you looking for something light, but at the same time solid and resistant? Make yourself with this wonderful trapezoidal seat, which without a doubt knows how to combine the desire of an aggressive model, but at the same time soft and comforting to enjoy pleasantly a rich day of Windsurfing.

9. Harness Dakine windsurf harness

This windsurf harness is for women looking for a modern, stable and comfortable option, this product is the right one. Its removable handle allows a better installation, with a pre-curved structure to fit perfectly with your anatomy. Excellent combination of colours, and a very chic outfit.

10. Rosa Prolimit windsurf harness

Created with women who love Windsurfing in mind, this option offers the maximum comfort, thanks to the design of the neoprene edges that fit perfectly to their anatomy. It has a fairly lightweight, and very convenient to use, useful for kitesurfing as well.

How to choose the best windsurf harness?

The first thing I recommend is that you make the decision based on your level. Keep in mind that the purpose of the harness is to transfer the power generated by the sail to your pelvis so that you can protect your hugs from the effort, and ensure that the lower back of your back is in the proper position. The time you spend browsing will be the determinant of how comfortable the option you should be.

What type of surfing do you do?

For example, if you usually do long days on heavy boards with strong winds, it is recommended to buy a seat harness, to optimize traction and comfort, also, it will help you to deal with the recurring back pains of having to carry a heavy sail with you.

For those who take the experience of quieter windsurfing, with lighter winds, and much larger boards, it is advisable to choose the waist harness, as it will allow you to adopt a more appropriate vertical position, straightening the trunk of your body, toasting better support, and good navigation.

Do not forget that these products, most times, are determined by a series of sizes X, L, M, among others, so, depending on the size of your pants or waist, you must choose your option. Do not overlook this point, or you will have to finish returning the harness, or giving it to someone else unless it is very adjustable.