If you are tired of cleaning your windows with a towel and detergent for hours and want to save time and effort, a window cleaning tool can make your life much easier.

What is the best window cleaning tool?

When cleaning windows, it is good to use an appliance that can make it easier for you. The surface will be treated with special care, and there will be no unwanted dirty stains and traces of smears.

Therefore, we suggest you look at some of the best window cleaning tools you can buy online.

1. Karcher WV 2 Plus Window Vacuum cleaner

Karcher 16332200 WV 2 Plus Window Vacuum
Image: Karcher

We start with this model because Karcher is a brand that has won the trust of millions of people around the world. Consumers highly value the quality and seriousness with which this brand offers all its products. They specialize in the production of steam cleaners, pressure washer, vacuum cleaners and more.

This is between manual and automatic model. There is a spray that wets the glass and at the same time cleans it with the cloth added to it.

It is effortless to use and has a comfortable handle to complete the whole operation in minutes.

The other part of the kit is a cordless window vacuum cleaner with long battery life. You have to charge it, and you can use it for a long time.

The appliance can collect water so that no dirt remains. There is a tank that can be easily opened to dispose of all the dirt it has collected.

It should be noted that Karcher WV 2 is made of quality materials. Therefore, we are talking about a glass cleaning tool that will indeed serve you for many years. It is light, which also contributes to its ease of use.

2. INTEY Window Vacuum Cleaner

INTEY Window Vacuum Cleaner
Image: INTEY

The INTEY window cleaning tool looks like a simple device but offers many possibilities. Its design is similar to that of the previous model. It works like a classic wiper, but with greater efficiency.

It is also cordless and has batteries with reasonable autonomy.

Before use, you must charge the battery and apply a cleaning solution to the glass. Keep in mind that you do not need to add a lot of detergents to leave no traces. After passing with the appliance, the surface will be like new.

The advantage of its use is that it does not allow spillage and cleans easily.

3. Double-sided Window Cleaner

Double-sided Window Cleaner
Image: Wecan

This window cleaning tool is quite useful for inaccessible places. It must be said that this is a manual model quite different from the previous ones. However, it is easy to use and is suitable for different glass types, regardless of their thickness, as it can work up to 30 mm.

The device consists of two parts that adapt to the thickness of the glass. Their cleaning pads allow the addition of cleaning agent, which can be safely dispersed before the window’s final cleaning.

4. MVPower Window Vacuum Cleaner Kit

MVPower Window Vacuum Cleaner Kit
Image: MVPower

The MVPower is a device similar to the Karcher WV 2. In principle, their way of working is the same. It has a slightly larger size and slightly more power. In terms of its dirty water tank’s capacity, we must say that it is also 0.1 litres.

It only adds about 700 grams more weight. However, it is also easy to use. Allows you to perform the entire operation of cleaning all windows efficiently in just a few minutes.

There is a bottle with spray and better stain removal.

Overall, it is an excellent window cleaning tool, and personally, it is one of my favourites. It has a lithium-ion battery, so it is very convenient to use.

5. Beldray Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

Beldray Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner
Image: Beldray

It is very easy to clean windows, mirrors or any flat surface with Beldray. This small appliance comes with a rubber stylus and a function with maximum suction power.

The device includes a portable water tank and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts about 30 min.  

Its size, lightweight, and ergonomics of the handle contribute to the device’s easy handling.

Buying guide

Before you make your purchase, consider your needs. What may be very good for one person may not be so good for another. To avoid buying something you don’t need, think about exactly what you need.

After thinking about it, you will find out if you need a window vacuum cleaner, a model with magnets for simultaneous cleaning of the inside and outside of the glass or an automatic robot for good results.

Whatever model you choose, it is essential to see if the product you are going to buy is easy to use. It would help if you always looked for a product that will make your daily life easier.

This way, you will like to use a cleaning device. I recommend you buy a vacuum machine. The difference between cleaning windows manually or with a machine like Karcher is very large. Not only the result but also the time you should take to clean them by hand. But you need to know which option you want to choose.

window cleaning tools

Things to look for

Most of the models are very similar. Almost all window cleaning tools have very similar characteristics, but we can realize that they are not the same when looking at them in more detail.

Dimensions and weight

It is essential to look at size and weight. They may look the same, but they really aren’t. It is good to buy a model that is as small as possible, while at the same time being easy to operate. Therefore, its design must be comfortable for the hand and, above all, light. So you can work easily with this machine.

Power supply

Some models work with cord, but they are not practical at all. It is advisable to buy a model with a battery to have as much freedom as possible.

In this case, you need to check the battery life. It is best to avoid models that last less than 15 minutes. If you can, always buy a model with a range of at least 30 minutes. This way you will have enough time to clean all the windows in your house.

Tank capacity

Capacity is another aspect that needs to be considered. It is vital that it has a large tank and, above all, that it empties very quickly. Moreover, not all models allow you to wash the tank in a dishwasher. If you want to wash it in this appliance, it is important to pay attention to this data.


To achieve a good cleaning result, the cleaning power of the appliance is essential. If the model you buy does not have enough power, stains or marks are very likely to remain.

Also, to take advantage of good power, it may be a good idea to buy a breakable neck model. With this system, you can reach the most difficult places.

There are models that are multifunctional, i.e. they are not just for windows. If you want to make a good purchase, you can buy a model that can remove the mist from the mirrors or even suck up spilt liquid on the table: the more things he can do, the better.

How does the window vacuum cleaner works?

This is a very easy tool to use. But if you have never had one, you will certainly have doubts when you buy it. To convince you that this is a great way to clean windows, I will tell you briefly how this appliance works.

The first step you will need to do is spread the Cleaner on the glass you want to clean. Once everything is well distributed, it will be time to turn on the machine and run it up and down the glass.

When you have finished cleaning all the windows, you must remove the tank, fill it with water, and wash it to prevent germs or bacteria’s development.

As you can see, working with these appliances is very simple and will allow you always to have spotless windows.

In addition to cleaning the windows of your house, you can clean the windows of your car if you wish. The results are excellent. You will no longer have an excuse for why your car windows are dirty.

And because they work cordlessly, you can perform this cleaning anywhere on the street and in the garage or yard.

If you have not yet bought a window cleaner, you will surely doubt its usefulness. But once you buy and try it, you will find that it is a device that will help you save a lot of time and headaches.


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