Having a WiFi camera can be a deciding factor in a situation. Insecurity is something that surrounds us regardless of where we live or work. The fact is that the security camera cannot help prevent theft, for example, but it can help catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Years ago, I bought a complete set of CCTV cameras, but the technology was not so advanced, and there was no function to connect to a smartphone. It could be connected to the home router, but the connection was not the most stable. So, by researching the different models and features on the internet, I came across these devices.

What is a WiFi surveillance camera?

This type of camera is primarily a security device that allows you to ensure that your belongings are protected. Whether you install it in your garage to keep an eye on your car, in the yard, at home or the front door, it will register people’s location in these areas.

So, thanks to WiFi connectivity, you can remotely access these recordings via your smartphone, tablet or computer in real-time or later whenever you want. Therefore, with one click, you could see what is happening at home while you are out with friends.

Besides, in order not to record long, meaningless videos when nothing happens, these security cameras have an integrated motion detector so that the recordings are triggered only when there is action. This also significantly reduces the size of video files.

A simple and effective way to stay calm at all times when you own items that are dear to you.


Advantages over other security cameras

As you may already know, nowadays it is possible to have a surveillance system in your home or restaurant thanks to advances in technology.

Their easy installation and the convenience of seeing what is happening through our mobile phones with just one click make them more and more popular.

Among the main advantages offered by WiFi surveillance cameras, we can emphasize:

  • Access images via mobile phone or computer via your broadband network or from anywhere with internet access.
  • Possible configurations for continuous image recording, scheduling or only when motion is detected.
  • Low costs, without paying monthly fees, but using resources you usually already have, such as a WiFi network, browser, mobile phone, etc.
  • You can expand the CCTV system at any time by adding more cameras, as each one is entirely autonomous.
  • Ability to see different images on one screen.
  • Easy installation, whether inside or outside.
  • Some models allow the lens to rotate directly from the application installed on the mobile phone.
  • Even if the surveillance device is stolen, the recordings can be stored in the cloud.

How does the WiFi camera work?

The principle of operation of these devices is simple. Thanks to a wireless connection, a connection is automatically established between the camera and the receiver (smartphone, tablet or computer ). Then, it is possible with an official app to control the camera’s parameters through the receiver.

What to look for when choosing a WiFi camera?

Technology is evolving with each passing day, and the market offers countless different features that can be accessed on a WiFi camera. Here are some of them:

Built-in alarm

An alarm can be set to activate if someone breaks into your house, leading to the expulsion and discouragement of criminals.

Real-time notifications

Some of these devices allow you to receive notifications on your smartphone, tablet, or another device as soon as the system detects something wrong.

These notifications can be triggered by detecting various activities, including motion, temperature change, noise, or even the opening of a door or window.

The way to receive these signals is also quite universal depending on the chosen model. Some models offer notifications that allow you to send an SMS (text alert), make a phone call, send an email, or a combination of several of these methods.

Also, a few more high-end cameras can share these signals with a small group of friends, all of the family or your neighbour, who can then go and see what’s going on in your home if you’re on the go.

Video storage

All models offer a way to store videos. Some have only internal memory or a MicroSD card slot, while others also offer cloud storage (secure storage on a centralized server), which is sometimes available for a monthly fee and sometimes without.

Possible sensors

The camera may have night vision, temperature sensor, motion sensor, sound sensor or even face recognition.


Some IP cameras may be motorized. They can cover up to 360 degrees horizontally and about 120 degrees vertically.

Zoom function

Two magnification functions must be distinguished:

Optical magnification

Optical zoom is usually integrated into the lens and allows you to zoom in on a specific viewing area.

Digital magnification

Digital zoom is the action of zooming in on an image (that is, using software), even on the screen or monitor of your mobile phone. Be careful, in either case, too high a magnification can make your image much less clear and therefore blurry.

It is recommended that you privilege optical zoom, which allows you to keep the image clean.


Some models are equipped with a microphone and speaker. They allow you to talk or listen to what is happening remotely. This audio functionality (present on some models) is controlled by an application installed on a smartphone and can serve as ababy monitor, for example.

This feature is especially appreciated by people who want to observe and listen to a child or baby or a pet left alone during an absence.

IP security

How to install a WiFi camera?

First, you need to plug the WiFi camera into an electrical outlet to power it (using the charger provided). Download the application for the respective model.

There are two types of camera recognition: by Qr code or “automatic recognition”. For those who are provided with a QR code, you just need to scan it using your app, it will be immediately detected on the web, and you can see the image live. The setup takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

To connect it to the router, open the advanced settings, select the WiFi field, the system will scan and show all nearby networks. Once you find your router, select it and enter the appropriate password. In a few minutes, it will be connected and will appear “online” in your application. You can then install it wherever you want.

It is mandatory to have a satisfactory signal on the router where you want to put it. In case of a bad connection, it would lead to unstable or poor quality images.

It’s your choice, wired or wireless or wireless. In any case, the WiFi camera provides you with valuable surveillance services.

What is the best WiFi camera?

When choosing a good WiFi camera, be sure to consider the weather conditions that the device may hold if you plan to purchase an outdoor model. In addition to water resistance, it would be good to or and additional insulation to the material, which provides extra protection.

The resolution is another point that needs to be addressed. The number of pixels determines this. Our recommendation is to buy a model with a minimum of 2 megapixels.

It is essential to provide the following items when making your purchase. For example, make sure that the camera supports ONVIF and RTSP protocols to be compatible with other automation equipment in the future.

It should be noted that there are models that have software with a terrible interface. But this time I will show you 7 products with good quality, affordable price, and cheaper options on the market. Take a look at our comparison.

1. Google Nest Cam WiFi Camera

Eve CAM is designed to compete with current technological requirements. It has a trained security system that will notify you directly on your smartphone when needed. This will allow you to be alert to any intruder who revolves around our property. Isn’t it impressive?

The old models did not give us accurate sound, but now you can even hear everything communicated thanks to the sensitive microphone, which intercepts the sound with great clarity.

You can watch your house 24 hours a day with an angle of view 130 degrees at a resolution of 1080p. It also has a new system for recognizing acquaintances, and you will even be notified when it detects a person who does not exist in the database.

2. Arlo Pro2 Smart WiFi Camera

The Arlo Pro2 is a compact and portable WiFi camera. Use it as an additional protection tool in your home. You can place it where you like it, only with the help of a base control station. How does it work if it is not connected with a cable? It uses a rechargeable battery system, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t need a lot of electricity to power it.

Have a more panoramic view of your home’s interior and exterior in HD definition, streaming and getting even the smallest details and connections that can exist for this price.

Do you want to scare a suspect? Activate the siren, which can be played remotely via an app on your mobile phone.

Speaking of the app, this software is easy to use, and you don’t need too much knowledge to manage it.

3. Canary Flex WIFI camera

This brand updates the security concept by using a wireless IP camera to install wherever you want. Have absolute control over what’s going on in your house through your mobile app, and you can also get accurate sound thanks to its high-level microphone.

You can also get real-time information on suspicious activity in the software, and you won’t need long cables to connect it to electricity, as it runs on a lithium-ion battery. Its price is excellent and will work entirely for your needs.

4. D-Link DCS-8325LH Smart WiFi Camera

D-Link has always surprised us with the creation of technological products of impeccable quality. And what greater security than taking care of your home and your property under the signature of this company? Get recording in crisp Full HD quality at 1080p.

Also, its wide dynamic range will allow you to get a greater daily vision of the environment, with the unsurpassed ability to recognize faces and objects. It can record on a MicroSD card or in a cloud to store many daily or weekly recordings with angle view up to 151 degrees.

You just can’t get better night vision than this type in the industry, and the brand strives to make it unsurpassed.

5. Arlo Q Smart WiFi Camera

Although slightly cheaper, Arlo’s WiFi camera offers 1080p video quality, with a recording angle 130°, free limited cloud storage, and email notifications when motion is detected.

In summary, the Arlo Q security camera from Netgear offers somewhat the same characteristics as many premium models at a lower cost.

6. Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera

Be amazed by the clarity provided by this camera’s lens, and you can enjoy playing videos with a resolution of 1080 pixels. You can also retrieve and save your information as easily as inserting a microSD card.

Don’t end your life with WiFi settings; When you receive this equipment, you will only need to connect and configure your iPhone or Android phone through the product’s official app. Once you are perfectly tuned, you will receive sound and recording on any electronic device without inconvenience.

It has a large viewing angle of 90 degrees diagonally, with remote panning and tilting of the device and a zoom function to zoom in on the most remote areas. At night vision, you will get IR LED functionality with a range of up to ten meters.

7. Google Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera

This WiFi camera is globe-shaped and has a magnetic base. White in colour, contrasting with the black of her lens. It is light and measures 8.9 x 7.2 x 7.2 cm. Unlike many others, it has a resolution of up to 1080p. With its automatic motion detection system, you will receive a message immediately on your smartphone.

You can control your camera from your phone or web app. This allows you to monitor what is happening in your home or office. Also, you can communicate remotely with people in the room. It is equipped with a microphone and a speaker, which facilitates communication and surveillance. Videos recorded by this unit are stored directly in the cloud.


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