In bodybuilding, the more you repeat an exercise, the less effect it has on the muscles. But to counter this fatality, it is possible to help yourself with accessories such as the weight lifting belt: more weight necessarily requires more effort!

But what does this weight lifting belt really consist of? Is it effective? How to choose the right one? Here are the answers to these questions in order to discover all the advantages that there are in weight lifting belt!

What is the best weight lifting belt?

It is important that you know, in advance, that there are three types of lumbar belts and all have different benefits; The cylinder model has the same width in each part and covers the entire torso equally. The contoured type is often used by Olympic and recreational athletes because it provides extra width in the posterior zone but adjusts the abdomen.

The cone model is the rarest of all, they are contoured to the sides, but offer a thicker back, they are supposed to maintain the design of the natural curvature of the torso. Take a look at our comparative list and choose yours.

RDX leather weight lifting belt

This product has a good quality, made with nubuck leather tanned in oil, which will allow the absorption and protection of blows. It will mould your body in a perfect way thanks to its ergonomic design, allowing a firm and comfortable grip for CrossFit.

Its manufacture also allows the preservation of the appearance to never lose its strength. It also has an advanced lever closing system that will give much greater resistance for quick removal and fast action. 4 “wide and 10 mm thick.

CP Sports Cross Weightlifting Belt

15 centimetres wide in the thickest part of all, which will guarantee maximum comfort and support for the back for women more committed to sports. Its sliding buckle system, with a double closure of great durability that will make it much easier to put on and take off; You can also easily adjust the product.

Worried about its quality? It has been manufactured including high strength neoprene material, with a Velcro closure, while remaining a really light, strong and comfortable unit.

Grip Power Pads Power 15.24 cm

Are you looking for effective support on the back of your back? This beautiful red design will provide the comfort you need; It has a velvety touch rather soft. It is quite robust and solid, made with materials that will last over time and will not be damaged in the months of use.

15.24 centimetres that will completely fulfil the task in what is squatting with a lot of weight, or in the realization of deadlifting.

Kettler Weighted rope

This weight lifting belt has eight adjusting points; which you can remove or add according to your preference, staying perfectly adjusted. Its solidity will allow you to support your weight, without any problem; In addition, at first glance, you will know that this product will last almost your entire career working in the gym.

Your counterweight rope will allow the ball bearing at a high speed; you will obtain in the same way better manageability with a better sensation. You can buy it in light blue and pearl white colours.

Adidas Weight lifting Belt

The little introduction needs this Adidas equipment; this 4 “L / XL product has an integrated padding pad, and it has been designed with a high strength seam for a durable application. Your buckle will allow you to properly select the size you are, from 89 centimetres to 98 centimetres.

Worried when performing very heavy loads? This unit will provide all the necessary support for lifting exercises. Made in leather, and this padded training belt will adapt perfectly to your back.

ModiFit Elite weight lifting belt

Why use weight lifting belt?

A weight lifting belt is perfect for giving you extra intra-abdominal pressure when lifting a lot of weight, which helps to stabilize the torso and spine, giving you more power in each lift. They are almost as if you had another set of abs.

Of course, keep in mind that you have to know how to use them and maintain posture during each exercise. Otherwise, not only would you not take advantage of the benefits, but you could hurt yourself. They can also help you better control your breathing, exhaling and inhaling at appropriate rates, and allow you to lift heavier weights.

weight lifting belt

Wich weight lifting belt is more effective?

There are two types of weighted belts on the market: the belt with a steel chain and the belt with a fabric strap. And to be sure to equip yourself with an effective and solid accessory, we advise avoiding belts with straps! Although brands always insist that their product is of high quality, that the fabric used (often nylon for its strength) is resistant and that it is able to withstand heavy loads, this is generally not the case. ! A 5 kg kettlebell may pass, but beyond that, the fabric strap always ends up tearing! Weight belts with straps should, therefore, be avoided as much as possible. They do not have great durability and it is impossible to train properly thanks to them!

But choosing your weighted belt to be sure to progress also requires paying attention to other details. Among the belts with chain, not all of them offer the same maximum load, for example. Some are limited to 50 kg, others 100 kg, others 150 kg and the choice must, therefore, be made according to long-term objectives. The more a belt is able to support a heavy load, the more the margin of progression in training is interesting! And to be really effective, the weight belt must choose the right length of chain: when it is too long, the weights swing and cause loss of stability, but when it is too short, the largest discs hinder the achievement of movements!

What you should consider when buying a weight lifting belt

Each belt is different due to its construction materials, thickness and more. It is important that you understand about all these differentiations to make the best purchase.


  • Competition lifting: belts of 10 cm wide or even up to 15 are recommended for those who will lift very high weights in squats or deadlifts. If it is wider, it may be prohibited in competition.
  • Weightlifting: for Olympic lifts, CrossFit and bodybuilding it is important to use them. They are usually about 10 cm wide on the back.


There are two popular thicknesses: 10 or 13 mm. The thinnest is ideal for most amateur users, while the thick ones are recommended for competitors, cross-fitters, high-performance athletes and professionals. The thick models support the abdominals better.


  • Foam: As you can imagine, they are the cheapest, comfortable and breathable belts, so they are recommended for beginners, not so frequent users or those who do not lift such high weights.
  • Nylon: If you’ve already
  • got used to foam and you’re looking for something stiffer and with more support, take a look at the nylon models. They are more resistant than foam and lighter than leather. Anyway, some experts recommend avoiding them if you lift very heavy weights.
  • Leather: can be of high-quality leather or suede. They are thicker and more durable and provide better support, so most professional athletes prefer them.

Clasp type

  • Velcro: very common in nylon models, they are easy to put on and take off. Unfortunately, they lose adhesion over time and can easily get loose while you train.
  • Buckle type: they look like the clasps of your trouser strap and usually come in leather belts. Look for double closure.
  • Lever style: you lift a lever and lock it in place. It is the firmest and reliable mechanism, it is just difficult to adjust: you will need a screwdriver to do it.

Fit and comfort

Measure the circumference of your waist with a tape measure at the height of the navel and choose a model that fits. Remember, also, that the thickness also affects comfort and that the 10 cm is usually the most popular and best fits that area between the ribs and the waist. Finally, make sure that the belt does not get stuck in your skin when you lift weights.

weight lifting belt

How to use weight lifting belt?

The use of the weight lifting belt occurs for obvious reasons and the weight lifting belt notice provides information for this purpose. Indeed, if you are used to performing physical exercises or activities that work in the lumbar region, the belt will be necessary to protect you from torsions of the lumbar spine. However, wearing a weight lifting belt is not a luxury. Simple back pain should not encourage you to wear a weight belt. Thus, beginners really do not need a weight lifting belt, because they are not already doing heavy enough activities that can disturb them. But over time, they will be forced to do so if they intensify their activities in the past and if they take heavy loads.

Using the weight lifting belt is simple. Like all kinds of belts, it should be worn around the waist. You activate it by adjusting it according to your preferences. However, the use should be limited to 2 sessions per day. The weight lifting belt is just a way to strengthen the results of sports activities, it is advisable to maintain the rhythm of physical exercises during use and especially to have a healthy diet. For a start, you must necessarily start with the default setting and evolve over time. With two sessions a day, a significant result will already be seen in 4 to 5 weeks. You must then observe a break of 20 to 30 minutes between the two daily sessions.

What are other types of bodybuilding belts?

The weight belt is offered by several companies and in various forms. Thus, the largest brand recognized for the distribution of the best bodybuilding belts is Slendertone. The belts of this great brand are ultra-powerful and solid. Then, we can cite secondary brands like Beurer, Gymform, Belt, etc.

We find on the market bodybuilding belts for men and those for women. For women, the belt is more used to flatten the belly and make them thin while for men, the belt allows them to build muscle and sculpt their abs. In addition, the advantages of bodybuilding belts vary according to their specificity. The weight lifting belt does not have the same function as the squat belt and vice versa.

Nevertheless, there are three types of weight belts. Each type has its specificity which is noticeable only in terms of operation. To fully benefit from the advantages of the bodybuilding belt, it is advisable to follow a healthy and balanced diet as well as a regular practice of physical exercises of abdominal bodybuilding. Speaking of the three types of bodybuilding belts, we have the sweat belt, the vibration belt and the electrostimulation belt.

The waist trimmer belt

As its name suggests, this belt triggers profuse sweating. By sweating, the subject will remove all body waste and fat. This device is very practical and remains the simplest in losing weight in a short time and especially to have a flat stomach. The waist trimmer belt is made of materials such as neoprene, lycra and polyamide and its role is to soften the belly. To be comfortable with this type of belt, it is important to observe a healthy diet. The waist trimmer belt has many advantages. It is available at a low price and can be worn even after physical activity.

The vibrating belt

Equipped with a vibrating device, the vibrating belt or electric belt has the same appearance as all other weight belts and works by vibration. It uses a micro pulsation system that massages the belly. The vibrated part of the belly releases all the fat present. This device has the same role as the usual vibrating massagers. It has a user guide, which is essential and essential to consult before using the device. However, the action of this vibrating belt is more effective in the case of a healthy and balanced diet as well as the regular practice of physical activities.

The abs stimulator belt

Master of all ranges of bodybuilding belts, the abs stimulator belt stimulates muscle contractions. Acting more on the abdominals, this belt projects electrical impulses into the abdominal muscles via one of its components. With this type of weight belt, the appearance of abs is an easy thing. Like all other types, you must observe a healthy and balanced diet and practice enough sports activities for a better result.