If you want to strengthen your muscular resistance, the use of the weighted vest, or weight vest, can be a good idea. This accessory is used in bodybuilding, running or CrossFit to increase the difficulty of the exercise. The removable sand (or steel) pockets of the weighted vest allow the weight of the exercise vest to be adjusted, depending on the effort required.

What is the best weighted vest?

One of the most essential aspects to consider is the size, and how it would fit you, there are models that come in one size – it is the most common – but some integrate belts that allow you to tighten more or loosen it according to your preference.

You will also find units that come with a predetermined factory weight, while others will allow you to place the weight you want to load on you. They are versatile for both hiking, biking, and even lifting weights.

Weighted Vest – Powerfly

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This weighted vest provides a design that fits your anatomy, coupling to the parts of your chest, and arms. It is equipped with bags made of granulated steel that you can add or remove depending on what you want to load. You can structure the vest from 10 to 20 kg.

Weighted vest PRO Unisex Hyperwear

HYPERWEAR Hyper Vest PRO Unisex 10-Pound Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness Workouts, Large,...
  • Build strength, speed, agility, quickness, and endurance for individual fitness, group, bootcamp, military or sport training, and...
  • Thinnest vest made. Full Range of motion.
  • Patented design holds weight tight to your body's core during any movement. Patenet fabric with one way stretch and side lacing to...
  • Wicking, cool, comfortable fabric and open side for ventilation.
  • Steel weights have higher density than competitors cast iron or rubber weights.After each use lay vest flat in cool, dry place to...

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A magnificent adjustable unisex option that seeks to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers when it comes to going to the gym or start your fitness day. You can enhance and tone your muscles more thanks to the distribution of your weight. It is made with elastic fabric, with ventilation for sweat, and resistant to odour.

Weighted weight vest Vestpro CapitalSports

CAPITAL SPORTS Vestpro 10 Weight Vest (10 KG, 23 Weights, Nylon Belt with Velcro Locks) Black
  • 10 kg weight vest to intensify strength and stamina training | 23 separately removable weight pieces | Weights made of synthetic...
  • Nylon belt with Velcro locks to adjust to individual bodies | Durable, reinforced nylon outer material: wear and waterproof
  • Soft padding in the shoulder, abdominal and back area | Built-in reflector stripes: more visible when jogging in the darker hours...
  • The CAPITAL SPORTS Vestpro 10 weight vest is your universal and versatile add-on to all training sessions that require extra...
  • Thanks to the nylon belt with Velcro lock, the CAPITAL SPORTS Vestpro 10 weight set can be adjusted to any body shape and offers...

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Designed with nylon laces, they allow you to feel more comfortable when you place them. Its off-road design makes it versatile for any type of application. The weights are made of synthetic rubber, and the structure of the vest allows adequate transpiration and includes padding that does not hurt.

Training vest SAQ-WV10-02 Sklz

SKLZ Men's Trianing Weighted Training Vest, Multi, One size
  • Breathable vest adjusts from 1lb to 10lbs in 1/2lb increments
  • Velcro belt adjust to fit athletes of most sizes
  • Soft weights allow the vest to flex with your movement

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Dazzle your friends with your rapid development in the gym using this compact and small vest that allows you to regulate weights up to 4.5 kilograms. Its strategic manufacturing will achieve a marked chest, as well as a greater intensity when it comes to perfect abs. It allows great mobility like no other in the market.

Vest with built-in weight vest_20 BodyRip

BodyRip 5kg Padded Weight Vest | Deluxe 2.0 Design, Calisthenics Gym, Adjustable Straps, Strength...
  • BodyRip offers quality and affordable products to help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Our vest provides comfort if you plan to use it for additional resistance training.
  • Wearing a vest will force your muscles to work twice harder as you exercise.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels and almost all types of sports training.
  • Choose from the different varieties of weights that fit both men and women.

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This product will achieve better handling of weights up to 20 kilograms preponderating the comfort and comfort of the user to load on a vest made with reinforced exterior and interior padding for the chest, shoulder and back. Resistant, durable and less expensive than other models.

Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest

Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest - 20kg - Fully adjustable. Calisthenics, Crossfit, Strength Training,...
  • ⭐ Premium 20kg Weighted Vest made from breathable, durable nylon with removable solid cast iron weights (not bulky sand that...
  • ⭐ Premium 20kg Weighted Vest made from breathable, durable nylon with removable solid cast iron weights (not bulky sand that...
  • ⭐ One size fits all with Fully Adjustable velcro straps and foam padding for optimum support and comfort.
  • ⭐ Shorter Lower Profile Fit to allow for full range of motion, perfect for Calisthenics, Crossfit, Bodyweight and Functional...
  • ⭐ Suitable for all Fitness Levels, Add weight to your Bodyweight workouts to increase strength, endurance and conditioning.

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weighted vest

What is a weighted vest?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it should be noted that the weighted vest is a kind of training vest. Of course, it is both heavy and solid. One thing is certain, it is a bodybuilding accessory that caters to all generations.

Once put on, it allows you to work on physical endurance and gain muscle volume more quickly. Note that the majority of weighted vests sold on the market are modular in terms of weight. In other words, it is possible to adjust the weight of the vest as it pleases.

Either way, training with a weighted vest can sometimes be strenuous due to poor weight distribution. It is not recommended to make too much effort with this accessory. Otherwise, muscle and joint pain may be unbearable. To avoid the worst, it is better to gradually increase the difficulty as the training becomes easier.

Do not hesitate to hire a professional sports coach to monitor the exercises. The athlete will thus be able to achieve his objectives. If he decides to train solo, he will waste his energy unnecessarily. You can see this site for more information on this bodybuilding accessory.

Why use a weighted vest?

The routine and redundancy aspect can have a major impact on his motivation and performance. Wearing a weighted vest not only allows you to rediscover your workouts in a different light but also to discover new ones!

Thus, workouts that you deemed inappropriate or too easy are now interesting to understand! By using a weighted vest, training will be much more difficult than before! All aspects of sports will be valued: explosiveness, endurance, muscle power.

Wearing a weight vest also allows you to have a distributed effect on the entire body, which allows you to work for your muscle groups more harmoniously than with more localized weights.

vest with weights

Advantages of using a good weight vest

Strength and toning

This is one of the most notable advantages. The vest adds resistance to your work routine, which will create greater strength and increase your toning.

Exercise variability

Using these vests can add enough variation to your routine, so you begin to notice more gradual changes quickly, achieving excellent toning.

Cardiovascular health

Jogging, running or any other cardiovascular routine can have a more noticeable impact when using these weights. The extra weight makes your body work harder, and of course, it improves faster.

Bone density:

The vest will put a lot of effort into your bones, as well as on your muscles. Regular use will force your muscles to be more dense to support the extra load.

Things to consider before buying the weighted vest


Choosing the right size for you is essential. Some options come with multiple adjustment straps, while others only include one around the shoulders or in the middle of the chest.


Some options are designed with small pockets with weights of 0.5 kg to 1.3 kilograms in each. With this model, the user can add or remove weight depending on the user’s need. If you already know the weight you want to work with always, acquire a pre-established ballast model.


Acquire a product that is comfortable enough, that does not cause irritation, and that is able to absorb heat, without limiting your movement. Take a look at the material used in its manufacture.

Your fitness level

We are sure that you do not want to buy an extremely heavy model if you are just starting out in the gym, house or CrossFit. Consider acquiring an option that fits your current exercise goals.


Ideally, the vest that you purchase is waterproof, and has resistance to heat, in order to reduce fatigue, especially if used in a warm environment.

Types of vests

Removable weight vs. Preset

The first option is ideal for those who want to start at a lower level and start increasing the weight. They tend to be convenient for basic exercises or running. The second option is designed for those who have an idea of ​​the weight with which they will feel comfortable, and if the exercise is more vigorous or includes movements in multiple directions.

Men’s Vests Vs. Women’s

Male options tend to be heavier, and can be adjusted to a greater degree and are more likely to change. The women’s option tends to be lighter, and include pre-set weights.

How to use a weighted vest

Since this is a weight vest, you have to put it on before you can use it. Some weighted vest models sold on the market have a zipper on the front. If this is the case, simply drag the cursor down to put the equipment. Remember to close it before you start training. Recent models, meanwhile, are used as chasubles. In other words, they do not have a zip and are threaded through the head. They are therefore more practical. Generally, weighted vests are closed with velcro straps. Thanks to this, the athlete can adapt them to his body and enjoy optimal comfort during use.

Regarding the weight distribution of his weight vest, it must be done according to his morphology. This is the best way to avoid any imbalance. More concretely, if the vest is too heavy, injuries will be inevitable. It is, therefore, preferable to adapt the weighted vest to your body size to reduce the risk of an accident. Obviously, it is important to respect the 10% rule. This stipulates that an athlete (beginner or high level) can train with a weighted vest which is one-tenth of its initial weight. In other words, a person who weighs 100 kg must use a ballast vest of 10 kg maximum. If she decides to wear a 20 kg vest, the risk of injury and tearing will be high.

Exercises using a weight vest

If we mentioned just before the weighted vest could be worn when practising many sports, including CrossFit and running, it is particularly effective during weight training and muscle building. Here is how we can combine its use with training that we already often used to do!

1. Pumps with a weighted vest

The pumps once mastered, are an exercise on which one stagnates quickly. It is for this reason that it was not uncommon to come across athletes who placed weights on their backs to make the movement harder to perform! The pumps with weighted vest use the same principle: to make yourself heavier to work the biceps and pectorals again! Additional weight or not, the recommendations, however, remain the same: no matter the number of series of repetitions, the breathing must always be in synchronization with the exercise (inspiration in the descent, expiration in the ascent), and it is necessary to do be careful to keep your back straight.

2. Pull-ups with a weighted vest

Pull-ups are a recurring exercise in strength training, which perfectly reflect how your body weight can be used to build muscle. By putting on a weighted vest, the energy and force required to lift are even more intense, which means that the dorsal, trapezius, biceps and triceps will be even more used and more worked! But as with all the other exercises presented here, the addition of the weighted vest should not make you forget the rules for carrying out the exercise, that is to say here especially a correct positioning of the hands-on the bar!

3. Dynamic sheathing with a weighted vest

The sheathing is a very good exercise to strengthen the abdominal belt. Pairing it with a weighted vest, therefore, allows you to work even deeper by pushing the muscles even further to make them gain power! The dynamic cladding with a weighted vest, which can also be dynamic cladding for the obliques, uses the same positions and the same principles as the basic movement, that is to say especially a straight back and a good body. aligned. To avoid injury, the whole body must be covered, and we must not forget to breathe well!

4. The squat with a weighted vest

The squat is another great classic for strength training, especially for its effects on the quadriceps and glutes. Halfway between the classic squat and the squat with weightlifting bar, the squat with a weighted vest also helps to better stimulate the muscles that we just mentioned. The principle is always the same: as we are heavier, we demand more effort from the muscles when we have to return to the initial position! For a perfect execution of the exercise, the postures are also always the same. Do not tuck in your shoulders and do not hesitate to bring out your torso as much as your buttocks!

5. The lunge with a weighted vest

The lunge is one of the last basic exercises to which you can add a weighted vest to increase the difficulty. If this movement can also be associated with dumbbells since the hands are completely free, the weighted vest still allows to better maintain balance, which therefore acts more effectively on the gluteal muscles. One leg is advanced, it is bent, the knee is lowered on the other, and either returns to the initial position, or one advances to pass to the other leg. The rules remain the same, but the extra weight makes all the difference!