We put together a comparison of the best quality and inexpensive weight benches that you can buy in a few clicks online.

Models combining design, performance and reliability to do sport at home at your own pace and build muscle as you wish.

Several criteria must be considered before deciding to buy a particular model of a weight bench.

In this comprehensive comparison, a real buying guide, we help you take stock of your research without wasting any more time.

flat weight bench

What is the best weight bench?

It is our custom to make things easier for you, so, as always, we are going to offer you this great comparative list of the best weight benches available today. In this list, we include the most affordable, resistant, versatile and, of course, very good quality models. So come with us, review the complete list and then take a look at the rest of this article so you can make the best purchase decision now.

Follow our guide and find the best bench models to build muscle.

1. Weight bench Hammer Bermuda XT

One of the most complete options

Hammer Bermuda XT Weight Bench - Black/Red/Silver
  • Universal bench with 4 x adjustable backrest positions for flat and incline bench training
  • Multiple adjustable spotter catches (96 - 120 cm). Butterfly adjustable for different arm lengths.
  • High-quality comfort cushion (45mm). Foldable space saving design.
  • Solid steel construction 50 x 50 mm, silver, with scratch resistant powder coating.
  • TUV and GS Certified to German quality standards (considerably superior to CE alone), 2 Year Warranty.

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Although it is not the least expensive model on this list, users who are looking for a good bank with multiposition support for 4 positions will be more than satisfied.

It is a model that comes equipped with the bench and dorsal module, with dimensions of 2.3 x 1.35 x 1.34 meters and maximum resistance of 150 kg (user and weights) thanks to its solid metal structure. It is not foldable and does not include bars or weights.

2. Bowflex 5.1 weight bench

A good adjustable model

No products found.

We are talking about an adjustable weight bench of good quality that supports up to 5 recline positions for use, which allows exercising several muscle groups.

One of its great advantages is that it is an easy model to fold, which is ideal if you have little space in the home. It also comes with an adjustable diabolo of good quality, the seat has two adjustable positions and has dimensions of 1.4 x 0.6 meters.

3. Adjustable Weight Bench JX FITNESS

Versatility and good quality

JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench Home Training Gym Weight Lifting Sit Up Ab Bench Flat Incline...
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR A FULL-BODY WORKOUT: This multi workout bench can provide you a variety of exercise, perfect for biceps curls,...
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE FIVE- POSITION: Classic flat & incline bench, as well as dumbbell & barbell exercises. Also can be adjusted as sit...
  • ✔ HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Solid and durable tubular construction, which provides you more stability and safety for your...
  • ✔ EASY FOR STORAGE: Built-in wheels for easy moving, compact and good for apartments. Ideal for beginners and more advanced...
  • ✔ ADAPTABLE TO FIT MOST TRAINING EQUIPMENTS: Not only is this bench adjustable, it’s adaptable as well! Attach it to squat...

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This weight bench has a well-padded and high-density seat and backrest to give you the best possible comfort at all times.

Its backrest has 3 adjustable positions that allow the training of deltoids, trapezius and pectoralis major. Apart from that, it comes equipped with a long bar that can be adjusted to 4 different levels and a high pulley with weights for the biceps brachii. It also includes two cords to work the muscles of hugs.

4. Foldable weight training bench Ultrasport

You will not find a better price

Ultrasport TR-1 Compact Weight Bench, foldable sit-up bench, ab trainer, preacher curl bench, weight...
  • Folding, compact weight bench made of robust steel tubing with sturdy foam padding - ideal for training the back, upper body and...
  • Space-saving storage and easy to transport with carry handle and securing clips, unisex, for crunches, sit-ups, abs legs thighs
  • The training bench with flexible foot support has a 4-way adjustable seat padding and a 7-way adjustable backrest for plenty of...
  • The easily foldable Weight Bench TR-1 Compact can hold up to 500 kg - Delivery contains setup manual
  • Dimensions of the multistation fitness bench: set up max. approx. 139 x 48 x 40 cm, folded together approx. 89 x 26 x 40 cm

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We are talking about the less expensive model, which has a very attractive and elegant design with a 6-position reclining backrest and is foldable so that you can store it somewhere convenient when you are not using it.

It has an excellent load capacity of up to 400 kg thanks to its robust metal structure. For its part, the ergonomic leg support can be adjusted up to 3 different levels and the seat in 3 more.

5. Klarfit FIT fitness bench

Good quality at a good price

Klarfit Workout Hero Multi-station - Bench Press, Weights Bench, Fitness Benches, Arm/Leg curler...
  • BARBELL TRAINING: A main focus of the Workout Hero bench press gym equipment by Klarfit is its barbell rack. With the help of its...
  • ARM STRENGTH TRAINING: The Klarfit weight bench set offers further possibilities for optimal training of arm and back muscles with...
  • LEG STRENGTH TRAINING: A balanced workout involves strengthening the leg muscles. These can be trained by the arm curlers or the...
  • INTENSITY: The training intensity of the arm and leg curler of the Workout Hero butterfly workout bench from Klarfit, can be...
  • FIRM STAND: Together with its numerous workout and training options, the weight benches from Klarfit always gives a great feeling...

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This Olympic bench allows you to do rods, push-ups and leg curls, among other exercises. In addition to having a capacity to support weights of up to 160 kg for its good sturdy and sturdy steel base and having a good cushioned and comfortable seat, it also allows tilting the backrest in 3 levels.

With this model at a good price, you can bench press or force and you will have a leg curler.

folding weight bench

Why use a weight bench?

To take care of your body and sculpt adream figure, you need to do sport on a regular basis. Many of you prefer to join a gym to be motivated in a group. But for lack of time or goodwill, you do not go there and you realize that your subscription, your money is gone up in smoke.

his is where the fitness equipment that can be installed in your home will come into play. Practical, adaptable and much cheaper than what they used to cost, these devices will allow you to work the parts of your body that you want to strengthen, build and maintain without having to run between your professional meetings and the daily hassles.

And between us, playing sports at home will allow you to avoid the little annoyances that we find in gyms (unpleasant odours, noises, indiscretions).

With discipline, regularity and diligence you will quickly see the results on your body. In addition, if you have a busy schedule it will save you time by exercising every evening or 4 times a week for example.

You are ready to choose the weight bench that suits you, taking into account all the criteria mentioned above you can find the ideal model in a few clicks. In our opinion, the model of the Physionics brand is currently the model that you have to buy for yourself or to offer. It combines low price and sufficient functionality to begin or advance in this sport.

using weight bench

Types of weight benches

The whole issue of choosing a good weight bench has a lot to do with what you want to achieve from your training.

In this sense, there is a variety of these types of banks that you can find in the market and it is important that you know them all so that you can choose the one that best suits what you need. Here we explain to them:

Flat Weight Bench

This type of bank does not allow a lot of exercises since they are quite simple, they do not have any adjustment or angle of inclination and they can not be placed accessories.

Due to its simplicity, this type of bench is often used mostly for the bench press, sitting biceps curls, triceps dips or even the so-called crushing skulls.

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Adjustable Weight Bench

They are known as a dumbbell bench and enjoy great popularity among users, who prefer them because they are very versatile to use in the gym or at home. These models can be adjusted to different positions because they are tiltable, so you can put it in a flat position, inclined or even at 90-degree angles.

The type of equipment used with these banks is dumbbells but if you add a rack for squats, you can bench press and routines for shoulders using Olympic bars, so in the end, you will have the same benefits you would have when buying Olympic banking.

Remember also that some of these weight benches come with standard accessories or that you can buy separately, which is excellent to give you more versatility in your workouts because you can train more muscle groups with more varied routines. Next, we are going to tell you about the Olympic benches, which compete in popularity with these adjustable models, so you can compare them with the greater property.


They are also usually adjustable, with different angles of inclination, even with standard accessories such as leg extension connectors to develop the muscle groups of the lower extremities and even the pad for the so-called preacher curl.

In fact, they can even come with a squat rack. With these models, you need an Olympic bar to do your shoulder press and banking exercises.

folding weight bench


It is basically the same as an adjustable model, only that this type of muscle bench can be folded up to a totally flat shape, which allows you to store it under the bed or anywhere else where you have enough space and it is convenient for you.

We recommend this type of bank for people who have limited space because they are really compact, lightweight and portable. That’s why they’re better for the home than for the gym.

Even if you have the space available to use the adjustable model that we discussed above, also consider this model that can be incredibly versatile, durable, robust and convenient.

For abdominals

weight bench with dumbbells

They are also known as declining models and are designed to recline in positions that allow you to work your abdominal muscles. In some, you can adjust the angle or height but it is more common to come with a fixed position in a declining mode, which seeks to give you a greater range of movement while you carry out your workouts of the abdomen.

All models that fall into this category have a roller at the height of the feet that serves to keep them safe and in position when doing the exercises. Some people even use this type of bench to bench press in decline, since, usually, adjustable benches do not have an inclination as strong as that actually needed for this type of routine.

What you should consider before buying the best weight bench

Although you may believe that just by choosing the type of weight bench that fits your needs, you are ready to go out and buy it, you are wrong.

The truth is that you also have to see in detail what the bank can offer you in terms of functions and additional features that allow you more versatility, such as multi-position or multifunction, among other things. Everything depends on what you are looking for.

Place for squats

Only the Olympic benches come with this as a standard feature, and that is that the area where the Olympic bar rests can also be adjusted in terms of height so you can use it like this other type of exercise.


adjustable weight bench

Some models can be adjusted for use in a greater number of positions, which can be very helpful in performing certain routines. Actually, we recommend those that have several adjustment angles, since they allow you to have more variety of positions.

This helps you to make the workouts more dynamic and different, it helps you to be more comfortable and also avoids the monotony of the boring and repetitive routines that always revolve around the same for having a good team.


Remember that not all models can be brought into a declining position due to their rigid metal structures or simply not reaching the angles necessary for certain exercises such as the incline bench press.

Now, if you are looking for this declining position for your abdominal exercises, then it may be more convenient for you to stay with an abdominal bench model that already comes with the variations and adjustments necessary for this type of routines focused on that area of ​​the body.

Accessories and standard frames

The accessories that are already included in the product can be very convenient since they allow you to make a series of varied routines for the same muscle groups, which is really necessary if you want to always stay focused and motivated to avoid boredom or stagnation.

Apart from that, it is always better to vary so that the muscles work in different ways at all times. This will allow them to activate in various ways and remain active and ready for any challenge.

Accessories and additional frames

The comfort of having a model that comes with the possibility of adding mounts and accessories has two essential considerations. First, you will have to make an additional expense to be able to add additional accessories to your weight bench like weight racks, arm and leg curl, butterfly, quadriceps and more.

However, this expense brings with it the possibility of getting even more out of your product by being able to add another variety of exercises and ways to train without having to buy another bank. This brings another advantage coupled, and that is to be able to diversify your bank and make it multifunction, you will not have to acquire another model and occupy even more space in your home or gym.

Folding process

As we explained before, it is important that you look for a folding model so you can save space, in case you have little.

With these models, you can simply fold them and store them in any place of your convenience to avoid discomfort when you are not using them.


weight bench dimensions

The size of the bench you choose also has to be consistent not only with the routines you plan to do and your size and weight but also must adapt well to space where you will use it. You do not want to see yourself in the pitiful situation of getting home with your new, ergonomic and brand-new weight bench, simply to realize that there’s no way you can use it because it’s too big.

Also, if you do not pay attention to this aspect, you could also end up with one too uncomfortable that does not work for your body if you are of a large size. So think carefully before choosing the measurements of your bank and consider both parties.


Gym equipment can be quite expensive, so we always want to be confident that we are buying the most durable and that we can use it for several years without problems.

That is why it is important that you also pay attention to the guarantee offered by the brand that manufactures the product. Remember that if you choose to save on a low price model that comes with a guarantee of just 1 year, you are likely to lose your long-term investment.

Models with longer terms give you more confidence that any problem will be covered by the manufacturer. That’s why we always recommend trying to stretch the budget a bit more and look for a good option with a guarantee of about 10 years, which would be ideal.

In any case, if you still do not have the money to make that expense, there are also good economic models, as some of those that we show you in our comparative list.

Choose the weights

Many people can choose a model with a combination of weights or barbells unless they already have them and simply want the bench. In this sense, among the most regular options are the adjustable weights, although many also choose the regular models with their weight bench.

However, if you choose an Olympic model, then you better buy the Olympic bar with plate weights. In the same way, if you are one of those who have time to exercise a lot, then these also serve you a lot.


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