Wherever you are, the heat will appear and we will need a good solution to refresh the weekend afternoons since it is undoubtedly very important to keep food and drinks in perfect condition during the hot days. We are talking about cool bags and water jug cooler in quality materials that can preserve the properties of hot or cold food.

What is the best gallon water cooler?

It is not only about finding the most economic market, but you should look at many other things. For example, the first thing is to choose the capacity we need, then see that it has good insulation, such as expanded polyurethane, comfortable handles and, of course, a nozzle that does not drip.

The last thing is that, of course, it should be on our comparative list to ensure quality:

1. Half Gallon water cooler Coleman

For its capacity of 1.9 litres of water, it is ideal for those who walk in constant motion or who simply do not need too much water. So if you go for a walk with your dog or a romantic picnic with your partner, it may be the most recommended.

2. Gallon water cooler Legend Igloo

Not only is it available in various sizes, but it also has high-quality insulation, a high-tech nozzle for pouring water, a wide mouth to fill with water and a super comfortable handle. Ideal for athletes, athletes and entire families in contact with nature.

3. Rigid Igloo cooler

If you want to buy a cooler of almost 19 litres to give drink to a team of football players or your family on a field trip or camping, this is your ideal cooler. With a nozzle that does not drip, dispenser of glasses and excellent insulation.

4. Gallon water cooler Victory Rubbermaid

Red cooler of 1 gallon of pure comfort so that you stop being thirsty. Ideal for trips with your dog thanks to its lightweight and comfortable handle, or even for athletes by the mouthpiece that resembles a straw to drink water easily.

5. Rubbermaid water cooler

It keeps about 19 litres of cold water even in the hottest conditions for much longer thanks to its excellent insulating materials. Includes large-size, leak-proof, non-drip bottle dispenser, and a screw cap that makes it easy to clean.

6. Mobicool T05 beverage cooler

Forget about having to carry a mini-refrigerator. Simply pour water and some ice into this cooler and enjoy cold water for more hours. It has a tap included and you could always use it as an ice container for your adventures.

7. Thermal Water Bottle Spring Plastime

If you are looking for the most compact to take short trips, to train a bit in the park or go to the beach for a couple of hours, this 2.5-litre jug, dispensing tap and expanded polyurethane insulation will be your ideal companion. And it is very resistant!

8. Thermos Foam Insulated Bottle

For active girls who need to hydrate completely. This sophisticated cooler not only looks very cute, but it is really resistant, keeps the water at low temperature for a long time, has comfortable handles and the nozzle goes great, without a single drip.

9. Water jug ​​Brunner

Going out to play football with friends or even staying to watch it on the terrace requires good hydration, something that this 15-litre jug ​​is able to provide without any problem. It has a handle, nozzle, lid very safe and even serves to store food.

10. Water cooler Sports Roller Igloo

This product solves several problems. One is hydration since its 15 litres gives for long, but the other is comfort. It includes wheels and telescopic handle for your convenience, strong insulation, does not drip anywhere and is an excellent brand.

water jug cooler

Reasons to buy a good best water jug cooler

If you usually do many exercises outside the home, then it will be essential that you have a good jug of water to help you stay hydrated and fresh without the hassle of having to open a new bottle of water every second or without having to go to the car to look for more water to drink.

You also do not have to invest in a mini cooler, which is not very convenient, since these products are used to store and refrigerate bottles of water and other liquids or food, but not to pour water directly into the container and have it cold at all moment. One of the great advantages of gallon water coolers is that you simply fill them with water and, as they come with a dispenser tap, you only have to press the nozzle to serve all the water you want.

Thus, they become the ideal companion for boys who play soccer when they leave school or when they go on excursions, for families that go camping or spend the weekend in contact with nature or for parents who go hunting and Friends who want to watch Sunday football on the terrace.

And surely you have wondered if these gallons are ideal for you since you think you have them out in the sun all afternoon or even in uncomfortable conditions, as in nature excursions. Well, the answer is yes. They are products that can be made with very rigid materials to withstand shocks and falls, as well as with layers of insulation that protect them from heat and high temperatures. Of course, the cheaper ones may not be so versatile.

How to choose a water jug cooler?

Before you buy a water jug cooler, it is necessary to think about everything you need. Are you looking for a jug with 6 or 20-hour insulation? Do you want water jug with an original or simple design? When will you use it and where? All these questions and others are decisive in your final choice.

Insulation: Not all water jug coolers have the same insulation, it varies according to the used material. In general, a cooler jug can keep the water for at least 6 hours and up to 20 hours maximum.

Ergonomics: ergonomics is essential for a water jug cooler. The easier it is to use, the better. You must be able to use it easily.

Some of the small water jugs are more practical as they have cups integrated into the lid. If you plan to use it while hiking, this will save you from bringing glasses with you.

Weight/size: The size of a water jug cooler varies between 0.5 gallons and 10 gallons. The weight varies according to the size. It is up to you to see in what context you will use your jug to know which one is the most suitable. The smaller it is, the lighter it is.

You should also know that if you fill a water jug cooler only half, the water will stay cold for less time than if it is full.

The price: Generally water jug cooler is a very affordable object with a good quality/price ratio in the majority of the brands. Varying between £10 and £50 you will easily find the right one for you. The price depends on the size, the material of the Thermos but also the design.

Do not wait until winter to buy a water jug cooler because it will keep your water cool in summer too! It is essential especially if you go camping often or you like hiking.