Today we present to you the best walkie talkie models on the market, despite the fact that for some time now, the boom in mobile telephony has made other types of communication devices take a back seat. It is what has to sell more terminals than there are people in the world. Thus, devices such as the landline telephone, the two yoghurt cans tied with a rope, the smoke signals or the carrier pigeons seem already a thing of the past.

However, there is an element that continues to be maintained, despite the years, as essential in communication under special circumstances. It is the walkie talkie, an element that facilitates two-way communication, even when there is no coverage. Thus, they continue to be essential in the mountain, desert or hard-to-reach areas.

Best walkie talkies in comparison

I have listed the best walkie talkies with their details to make your choice easier. In this article, we’ll cover the things to keep in mind when choosing a walkie talkie for your next trip and some of the top rated models of the year.

1. eSynic UV-5R Dual Band Walkie Talkie

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This walkie-talkie knows how to be an ally for adventurers. It emits up to 4 kilometres. Its appearance makes it very professional. Even if this communication device can make it a leisure companion, it can especially be seen as a device for transmitting and receiving in an emergency.

We can appreciate the fact that the Baofeng UV-5R is easy to handle and understand. 128 channels can thus be reserved for it. It can withstand a significant temperature difference from -20 ° to + 60 °. It benefits from a double band and an extended frequency range ( it is thus possible to use FM, VHF or even UHF ). It is possible to know the time on this device thanks to the clock function. You can save energy by putting the walkie-talkie in eco mode. Call forwarding is done in real-time, which can be very handy in an emergency.

This means of communication works thanks to arechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Its power is 4W. The device is sold with a helmet, a charging station for the battery, an adapter, an antenna, a clip to clip it on the belt and a wrist strap. It is possible to listen to the radio but also to use it as a flashlight. The manufacturer does not offer a guarantee on this product, but according to consumers, its longevity can exceed 5 or 6 years.

2. Midland G7E Pro

Midland G7E Pro Pair PMR446 Radios C1090.01 with Dual PTT Button and Boost Function, LCD Display...
  • In a double pack: with the dual design, the devices can be used immediately. Includes accessories for two
  • All-round talent: due to its extensive functions, it is suitable for professional use on construction sites, trade fairs or in...
  • Easy to use: the LCD display ensures easy handling.
  • ALWAYS REACHABLE: The VibraCall alarm ensures that you can feel your walkie talkie in loud ambient noise. The energy-saving mode...
  • Box contents: 2 radios, plug charger, double level charger, battery pack 800 mAh, belt clip, German operating instructions

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The leading brand thanks to its price, very competitive, and some very good results. On this occasion, we will review the G7E Pro model.

The devices are of very good quality and have a more than acceptable price, given the technical characteristics of this model: they are black and have a very strong structure, thus offering very good resistance to knocks and small falls. They are very easy to use and the voice is heard quite clearly.

About the battery, an important fact to keep in mind is that it incorporates a 1.500mAh rechargeable battery with a long life with a charge of about 4 hours; On the contrary, it does not work with batteries. Its weight is about 180 grams (it is one of the heaviest) and its frequency range is 400-470 MHz, with 16 channels; if you change the channel, it will inform you via audio (a valuable feature, since this is very useful when there is little light or poor visibility). In addition, the communicator incorporates a led and has a blinking mode in case of requesting help: SOS mode.

Another interesting option is that you can purchase a USB programming cable (sold separately) for this model of walkie talkie: this cable will allow you to connect it to the PC and so you can adjust and configure license-free frequencies, such as the PMR. Also, you can use them with a penguin in case you want to have your hands free. Its range is about 2 or 3 km in a clear area; This is reduced to 1 or 2 when we encounter obstacles that may hinder communication.

3. Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme PMR446 Walkie Talkie

Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie Radio Twin Pack - Yellow / Black
  • range up to 10km (depending on terrain, conditions and environment)
  • license-free plus no call charges
  • pack includes 2 radios, lanyards, earpieces and carry-case
  • weather proof (ipx4)
  • vibrate alert + integrated torch

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Motorola signs this pair of black walkie talkies with the orange sideband, with a minimalist look. This device operates without the requirement of a license. Pairing is easy. The walkie talkies Motorola TLKR T82 operate on 16 channels, but it is possible to add up to 121 privacy codes.

The range is excellent on these communication objects since we are talking about 10 kilometres. Which ringtone will you choose from the 20 available tones? What to assign music to each of your loved ones. Do you send them a message? You will be sure of its reception by hearing an audible signal. The battery is rechargeable. You will know, when the time comes, by consulting the battery level.

It is possible with these talkies to have extra light, because they act as a flashlight, if necessary. Need to make an emergency call? It is sometimes difficult to do this under stress. The emergency alert button can change everything on this safe product. A couple of walkie-talkies comes with headphones. The device is guaranteed for two years by Motorola.

4. Motorola TLKR T40 walkie talkie

Motorola TLKR T40 PMR radio with LC display, 2-pack, red
  • Range up to 4 km
  • LCD Display
  • 8 channels
  • Search / monitoring
  • Scope of delivery: 2 x PMR, 2 x belt clip and instruction manual

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This model of Motorola, launched in 2012, is yellow and has a high performance: to begin with, a crucial one, and is that it has up to a range of 10 km with a weight of about 140g.

The presentation is perfect, as the briefcase in which everything is perfectly fitted and well stored allows you to transport it avoiding blows; this way you will keep your good condition for a long period of time.

Another characteristic to keep in mind is that they are waterproof: you will not suffer in case the rain catches you at the least opportune moment. The T80 model has more specifications, and one of them is tremendously useful: we can alternate the feeding; in case you run out of your rechargeable battery, you can change it for a second battery (purchased separately and previously charged) or the most interesting, you can use AAA batteries in case of running out of battery (these are always more accessible). What is recommended is that the batteries are rechargeable and of a trusted brand. The T80 also incorporates LED lighting.

The accessories included are of good quality, and everything will depend on the tastes and comfort of each user, such as the clip for fastening the trouser belt and support or tape to place it in other areas, such as the jacket or on the shirt. Not forgetting the penguin that you can use as hands-free, included in the briefcase.

If you are looking for a walkie talkie with high performance, quality features and its use will be professional, the Motorola T80 is a firm candidate, since it is prepared for the most demanding users.

5. Walkie Talkie Motorola TLKR T41

Motorola T41 Walkie Talkie - Orange (Pack of 2)
  • PMR446 License Free
  • 8 Channels
  • Free Calls
  • Scan Monitor
  • Belt Clip and Carrying Loop

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Following the American brand Motorola, the TLKR T441 model is from 2014, and you can find it in orange or blue. Taking into account its power, this model works with alkaline batteries (for a punctual or emergency use) or rechargeable batteries (in case of being a newspaper or very often); however, the brand itself ensures that its consumption is quite low. One detail is that the low battery indicator will appear on the screen when the time comes.

The scope of the Motorola TLKR T41 is of a 4km radius without obstacles, with a number of 8 channels in the PMR446 band. Its light weight of 74 grams makes it extremely light, and also includes two useful clips for the belt.

It is so simple, easy and basic, that even a young child could use it and enjoy radio communication with another person.

The Motorola TLKR T41 is the ideal walkie talkie model if you are looking for a simple communicator, easy to carry, lightweight and for limited use. If you plan to give it to the little ones in the house, it is a very good option.

6. Motorola 59T40PACK

Motorola TLKR T40 PMR radio with LC display, 2-pack, red
  • Range up to 4 km
  • LCD Display
  • 8 channels
  • Search / monitoring
  • Scope of delivery: 2 x PMR, 2 x belt clip and instruction manual

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The 59T40Pack came to light in 2012 and its base colour is red; At first glance, it is very similar to the T41 model, although the power of the T40 is exclusive with three batteries. Of course, as a fact to keep in mind, when the batteries come to an end, the walkie talkie decreases the range, so that little by little you will notice that they will be exhausted because they will lose power, both to emit and to receive.

Its reach is 4 km, the communication is clear and the volume is quite high. In addition, it has 8 channels to be able to alternate and not interfere with other frequencies around. We can not forget that it includes the practical clip to hang it from the belt and always carry it over, leaving the hands free for other tasks. In addition, and as a novelty with respect to the T41 model, with the T40 you can communicate without needing to bring the walkie to your mouth: this is the VOX function.

Being Motorola, it could not disappoint the material, which is strong and resistant, as well as its design, quite beautiful and with very compact size: its 73 grams of weight make them very comfortable to wear.

If you like Motorola products and you are looking for an economical walkie-talkie with the basic functions, this is a very good option for you.

7. Retevis RT-388

Retevis RT388 Walkie Talkies for Kids, Long Range VOX Flashlight Toy Gift for 3-12 Years Old Boys,...
  • Compact and sturdy body; comfortable and suitable for children (only 79 grams); our walkie-talkie can withstand a drop resistance...
  • Improve security through DCS/CTCSS; have 8 channels and 99 private codes; minimizing the possibility of sharing the same channel...
  • One to one or one to many communication function; If the frequency and the sub-audio frequency of the walkie talkies are the same,...
  • VOX and 2.5mm headphone jack; the VOX function enables children to speak directly to their neighbors without pressing the PTT...
  • Please use 4 qualified AAA batteries (not included) and do not mix old and new batteries; if you do not use them for a long time...

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Finally, Retevis walkie talkies, a brand dedicated exclusively to the radio communication sector and the walkies. In particular, these communicators seem, at first glance, intended for children’s games; however, they can also be used for other tasks, provided they are not very demanding.

The Retevis walkies, Amazon offer blue, their material is hard and resistant and their weight is 79 grams. Analyzing a little more its technical characteristics, we see that it has 8 channels and has a frequency range that goes between 462 MHz to 467 MHz. It also includes the VOX function (thanks to which it is not necessary to approach the walkie to the mouth to talk) and an emergency button, very useful to communicate an alarm situation to the other communicator.

It has a flashlight mode, tremendously useful in the dark. As for your power, you need 4 AAA batteries for each communicator, and you can see on the screen the indication of the power status and the energy saving function.

The Retevis RT-388 are very well thought out and designed for the little ones in the house since they can be handled quite easily. Inside is a “big-boy” toy, in the market, there are other brands with other models of walkie talkies that do not cover the basic needs and are as complete as the Retevis RT-388.

The Retevis RT-388 model is perfect if you want to make a complete, fun, resistant and good-looking children’s gift.

As you can see, the offer of walkie talkies is very varied. If you need them for professional use, choose the Boafeng walkie talkies, which have set the bar very high, or the Motorola T80, which although its price is the highest, are the more complete and those that have better benefits. The rest of the models are more than enough if the use you will give is limited; They are even good for playing with children and having a good time with them.

What is walkie talkie?

A walkie talkie is acommunication device used to make or receive calls over radio waves. The size of its small antenna is explained by the fact that this device operates using very high frequency ( THF ) or ultra high frequency ( UHF ) waves. Their name is a direct derivative of their use because concretely, the device makes it possible to speak while walking.

Different types of walkie talkies?

The first model is the leisure walkie-talkie. This accessory is intended for individuals wishing to communicate with each other during their outdoor activities: climbing, hiking, etc. Most operate on the free frequency PMR446. Their range varies from 80 to 200 meters in urban areas and 1,000 meters without any obstacle. Their power is quite low because it is only 0.5 Watts.

The second model is the walkie-talkie for professional use. It performs better than the first in terms of range and power. It is also richer in functionality. On the other hand, this accessory always works on free frequency PMR446. It has great autonomy and can be used in hostile environments because of its robustness. In fact, almost all models have an IP54 or IP67 waterproof rating. Their power can go up to 5 Watts.

The latest model is the walkie-talkie which requires a license. It is mainly professionals who use it in the course of their work: firefighter, rescuer, police, construction workers, etc. After paying a fee to the competent authority, users can communicate on a private frequency which will be allocated to them in UHF or VHF. The advantage of this device is that all communications will be secure. Their range is also very wide, reaching several tens of kilometres.

walkie talkie

Reasons to buy walkie talkie

First, let’s look at the reasons that could lead you to buy a walkie-talkie.

  • Free: This is the main advantage of a walkie talkie, you will not need to pay a bill for a phone (Except if you opt for a professional walkie talkie with license)
  • Resistant: Where smartphones are not very robust and not at all suitable on a dusty site, for example, walkie talkies are designed for harsh environments.
  • Avoid saturation of the telephone network: During large gatherings, it very often happens that the telephone networks are saturated, walkie-talkies are not affected by these saturations.

Things to consider when choosing walkie talkie?

Looking for a pair of walkie talkies? The offer is very extensive on this type of product. To allow you to make the best choice, especially if you plan to use walkie-talkies in a nautical environment, we conducted the research.


This is obviously an important criterion because the range will determine how far you must be from your correspondents for your call to be heard. This is especially important if you are buying walkie-talkies to make emergency calls. The longer the range, the more you will be heard from a distance. Some devices promise a range of up to 10 kilometres. But on average, we can expect a range of 4 to 5 kilometres.

Battery Type

Some batteries are Lithium or NiMh on certain radio communication products. But it is common to find walkie-talkies running on AA type batteries. These batteries can either be changed or recharged depending on the model. The autonomy of these batteries is always noted. Devices often have an indicator for when the battery is low.

The frequencies

Some walkie-talkies operate on public frequencies ( unlicensed models ). This explains the free use. Others use private frequencies that are paid monthly or annually. This is found on professional walkie-talkies.

Robustness and accessories

If you want to keep your walkie talkies for a long time, it is better to bet on a solid product. Some have an IP standard. They are to be preferred if you intend to use them in a humid place ( IP54 or 55 67 or X7 ). Some devices are sold with a clip to wear them on the belt or headphones. For a completely waterproof and resistant device, see our guides to the best shockproof and waterproof smartphones.


For domestic or professional use, walkie-talkies are available in many models and brands. You can find them at the entry-level at around £20 and then exceed £200. The price will be determined by their functionality, their scope, but also the brand.