Choosing a wakeboard is not easy, and there is no perfect board, but we must find the one that we think best suits us. We will try to offer some generic tips for choosing the wakeboard.

If you have already informed yourself, you will have verified that there are many brands and models of wakeboards that make the choice difficult. Each brand uses different technologies and alternative forms of construction, and for that reason, they are not better or worse, they are simply different. Each one, according to their style and interests, will better adapt to one model or another.

The best Wakeboards in comparison

We make a small guide where we leave you these brief suggestions, which will surely help you decide.

1. RONIX Vault Boat Board

2020 Ronix Vault Boat Boards - White/Black/Green 144
  • Gender: Men
  • Rocker style: 3-Stage
  • Rocker style: 3-Stage

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The latest edition of Vault Ronix wakeboard is a versatile classic designed for a range of skill levels. It is wrapped in fibreglass from top to bottom for added strength and has a thinner profile which gives you close contact with water and reduced swing weight in the air. Benefits for beginners include the grip and release channels on the shell, which provides added stability without generating unnecessary resistance. the rails of the board are asymmetrical.

This helps make sculpting and cutting easier while encouraging newer runners to develop board control in record time. Unlike many beginner tips, you will not grow from the hurried Ronix safe. The low friction base offers one of the best sliding speeds on the market, while the three-stage rocker has a more aggressive lift off the suite making it easier to get good air and jumps Earth. The board also has two 1.7 ”glass fibre hook fins and a medium flex.

2. Liquid Force RANT Flex Wakeboard

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The board of the brand liquid force is specially made for advanced level users, that is, if you are an expert, this equipment will be great for you.

It comes with a triple base rocker and a grind base designed to increase cable performance.

It is equipped with a flex track system that integrates a rail to the board for a better fit with the boot, allowing torsional forces and greater agility when on the water.

It is a low price considering the high cost of these products. Its users emphasize the durability and resistance of the device as an outstanding quality taking into account the value of the product.

3. Hyperlite STATE 2.0 Wakeboard

Hyperlite STATE 2.0 Wakeboard 2019,140
  • Gender: Men
  • Rocker style: Continuous

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Designed to take new pilots to the next level, the Hyperlite 2.0 wakeboard state features an abrupt continuous rocker – making it smooth and predictable on straights, and fast with just the right amount of pop coming from the wake. The key to the popularity of this board is its asymmetrical design. It combines a traditional heelside edge with a shorter, more effective edge to make jumps easier to learn, land and master.

In addition, the toeside foot lift allows you to leverage more before a jump; while the thinner moulded fins create less drag and better release just above the wake. The card is available in 125 cm, 130 cm, 135 cm, 140 cm and 145 cm lengths. All the famous lightweight Bio 3 Core Hyperlite matching cards with a monocoque laminated glass construction that integrates the top and bottom glass into a single ultra-strong unit.

4. Ronix One timebomb Wakeboard

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To make your experience unique, the manufacturer Rónix puts at your disposal this board whose design combines an explosion of pressure and speed, which translates into less tension for your body and a long game behind the boat.

It is a team with three stages rocker and fast barriers that is sensitive to water once it takes flight. It is really fast and is made of solid and resistant materials.

In the opinion of the experts, you can use it with boots also from Ronix, the One Polar can be an option.

It has side fans and 1.0 ramp fins made of fibreglass. Its cost is the highest of our list, but if you are one of those who enjoys wakeboarding, you will not think twice about making the investment.

5. O ‘Brien Park Series Indie Impact

OBRIEN INDIE IMPACT Wakeboard 2019,136
  • Gender: Men
  • Rocker style: Progressive
  • Feature: Grindbase

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Made with a soft flex pattern whose design becomes rigid in the middle and becomes softer towards the tip, this board is a real option to traverse the wake and manufacturers usually make this equipment for children and adults.

It has progressive rocker and concave helmet, designed specially for gentlemen. It is a solid, resistant product, made for those who know the area and know how to defend themselves in the waters when practising wakeboarding.

It is equipped with a traditional foam core, more durable and whose tip offers a vertical explosion to the board when it jumps out of the water. It also comes with a high impact grind base made with high-density material

It is an economic model if we establish a comparison with other available tables.

6. Jobe Artist Wakeboard

Jobe Artist Wakeboard 142
  • Jobe, Kneeboard, wakeboard, water skiing, boats, fun,

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The Jobe Pitch is the least expensive model of our selection and is specially designed for beginners who want to mount a wakeboard. It has a continuous rocker and a full wood core that offers control and absorption to strong blows, at the same time guaranteeing a uniform and smooth ride.

It is a strong, durable, solid product, made with good quality materials whose pointed channels provide traction on the rails and outside them, allowing the experience of sliding in the water to be really good. It is a unisex, modern design, with a vibrant blue colour that will make you wake up successfully and enthusiastically to the world of wakeboarding.

7. Hyperlite Union Wakeboard

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With stronger material, with impact protection, the hyper lite water skiing board is what you need if you are someone who enjoys being outdoors. Most of the boards of this manufacturer come equipped with angled glass edges and are specific models, ideal for cable lovers.

It has continuous rockers and a grind base that provides greater strength and strength. It also comes with a 100 percent wood deck that adds new dimensions to the base and produces a sense of control in the lanes. It is affordable, medium-sized, designed for women and men and how extra value comes with the boots of the same manufacturer, an add-on that will give you more performance in the water.

Aspects to consider before buying a wakeboard

There are several things you should think about when you are looking for a wakeboard, there are the technical details of the equipment, as well as the skill of the person riding it, each element is part of the quality of the board and it is useful to take them into account:

Skill level

This is a determining factor to consider when looking for a wakeboard. Since each one is made for different levels of experience of whoever assembles it. In addition, with all the shapes and sizes available, it is a challenge to decide. These data, maybe, can help you:

  • Beginner to intermediate: There are boards that are equipped with continuous rockers that are perfect for those who are starting in this sport and have not ridden before, or are about to start crossing the wake. Their prices are suitable for those who see wakeboarding as a hobby and a recreation.
  • Intermediate to advanced: The intermediate ones are perfect for those who can already cross the wake in any direction or for those who are learning to clear it. This level is endowed with tables of great variety and has lots of options available. In this category, a series of characteristics prevail that are very useful.
  • Advanced to an expert: This level is for those who are already working on tricks, rotations or inverted footsteps. The continuous or three-stage seesaws are less forgiving than those of other types. At this level, there are many models available.


If you already know what your needs and preferences are when it comes to wakeboarding then you will be able to choose the type and feature you want. Some of them, which we list below are essential to know to choose a good board.


The size of the water ski board that you will mount will depend on the style you use when riding and guiding it and, of course, your weight and size. Each board has specifications of the weight and size that its user must have.

Edge profile

Also called carriel. The sharper you are, the better your balance will be, especially if you are pressing on the heel or toe. Almost always beginners look for thick-edged boards to avoid capture problems, but experts know how to use the edge and how to prevent the board when performing difficult cuts.

Fin size

This quality plays an essential role in the ease with which the board breaks when the user is riding in flat water. The large fins make the board behave more like a surfboard and add stability when used in choppy waters. The smaller fins make the board behave like a snowboard. The small fin gives the rider more control. An important detail of the tables is that the fins are bolted so that you can change types without changing the board. It is recommended that the user buy a different set of fins than the table brings so that it is prepared for all conditions.

Board channels

The slots located at the bottom of your board are called channels. They play an important role in the stability of the board and allow easier bordering.


To determine the width of the board, take the measurement from the centre. Wide boards jump the wake better, but the edge capacity decreases as the foot moves away from the edge of the board.

Size of the board

You measure it by taking its specifications from one end to the tail. When you select the board that best suits your needs, you should look at the weight. The vast majority of manufacturers make weight and size recommendations and, obviously, this varies according to the manufacturer. It is good that you take a look at the specifications that are recommended in terms of length based on your weight.

Forms of the base and materials

Wakeboards are also made with materials that provide certain qualities as well as the shape of their base. Here we explain some details about it.

  • They are special dents in the lower part of the board, which allow the ascent and act as suction and reduction accelerators so that the board rises higher in the water and crosses like a hovercraft.
  • Channels: The channels act as long extruded fins on the bottom of the board and break the surface tension before the rest of the wakeboard hits.
  • V-shaped spines: Help soften landings and allow you to easily roll from edge to edge, similar to the V-shaped hull of some boats. V-forms are often added to tables with three stages of smooth curves to lighten landings.
  • Regular: Tables without moulded fins or channels are considered regular. This lack of distinctive features causes performance work to be attributed to the shape of the table exclusively. The configuration in your form, fin and rocker board will affect the course, no doubt.
  • Base material: You will want to consider the base material if you are going to use your wakeboard on sliders that can affect the base.
  • Base Grind: This novelty was developed in response to the growing popularity of railroad driving. This style of driving requires a sturdy base with exceptional durability to withstand sliding wear on PVC, metal or springs.


The weight of the board affects your performance, the light ones are a joy to ride because they are soft and easy to manoeuvre. Manufacturers constantly test different materials that make the tables lighter.

Maintenance of the Wakeboard

There are details that you should remember when it comes to maintaining the board and having it in good condition, as this will make it more durable. Here we give you a series of tips so you can give proper maintenance to your wakeboard.

  • Do not keep wakeboarding on the sun for a long time. The sun will damage the board as it damages your skin when you expose yourself to it for a long time
  • After mounting, rinse and remove the salt water and sand from your wakeboard. If you have been riding in fresh water, it is still a good idea to remove the board before storing it.
  • Get a good quality wakeboard storage bag. This is ideal to protect the board during storage and travel. The bags will prevent scratching and sun exposure. Dry the wakeboard before putting it in the bag for long periods of time.
  • When you store your wakeboard, be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place.