5 Best Universal Remote Controls so you can control your devices more easily

Has it happened to you that you have many smart electronic devices and when you realise it, you see that you have a remote control for each one and that you do not know which one is which? By buying the best universal remote control, you can forget about that problem, as it allows you to manage up to 20 electronic devices from a single remote.

With this solution, you not only avoid that problem, but you can also control devices that you did not think you could handle with remote controls before. Some of these products come with Windows operating system supported, and others with MAC operating system supported.

Of course, remember that for more functions that have and however convenient they are, they should also be lightweight, compact, ergonomic and easy to use.

The best universal remote controls

What is the best universal remote control?

Many users ask themselves this question and do not know which one is the best since it is difficult to determine by all the options available in the market and the many models of so many different brands that seem to be all so good. How are they so different and which is the best one?

Do not worry anymore because, in the following comparative list that we share, we will show you the best five that you can find now and we will explain the most outstanding of each one so that you know how to choose.

1. Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control

Ergonomic, elegant and striking

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control with...
1 Reviews
Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control with...
  • Logitech 915-000203 - 
  • Harmony Ultimate Plus

This Logitech model is ideal for controlling televisions but also for video game consoles and even smartphones. Its user interface is through physical buttons, but it also has a screen that allows you to manage and view your settings and settings in an effortless and convenient way.

However, its beautiful, ergonomic and compact design and its functions are reflected in its price, since it is the most expensive model on our list.

2. Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote

Excellent WiFi connection capacity

Logitech Harmony Elite Advanced TV and Home...
513 Reviews
Logitech Harmony Elite Advanced TV and Home...
  • One-touch actions: The Logitech Harmony...
  • Custom activities: This universal remote...
  • Flexible universal control: The Harmony...

This control is handled with a comfortable base and works by WiFi connection, which gives you the advantage that you can control up to 15 multimedia and domestic devices at once, even if they are stored in cabinets, if they are on the other side of the wall or also if you are located outside the house.

It is also the lightest on our list, which is remarkable. Finally, it comes with a supported MAC operating system, just like Windows.

3. Remote control Logitech Harmony 650

The least expensive model of all

Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control
259 Reviews
Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control
  • Colour screen shows what you need
  • One-click activity buttons
  • Replaces 8 other remotes

If you are looking for excellent remote control but also want to save, this Logitech universal model will be perfect for you.

It has a smart colour LCD screen, buttons with a single step to control activities, USB port and allows you to control up to 8 different devices at once. Remember that it is used with two AA plugs, which are already included, is rechargeable, uses the infrared connection and is the second lightest product in the entire list.

4. One For All Xsight Lite  Plus 12

It stands out for its large number of buttons and LCD screen

This is, in fact, the heaviest model of our entire comparison. However, it has good measures and offers proper functions. It includes Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks software, uses IR connection and uses 4 AAA batteries, while it is capable of controlling up to 6 different devices. It has a right size LCD screen and 48 buttons so you can control what you want. It is one of the models that has gained more positive opinions from its users.

5. Logitech Harmony 300i

Infrared model with USB and excellent price

Logitech Harmony 300i
113 Reviews
Logitech Harmony 300i
  • Replaces up to 4 remotes, including your...
  • Quick and easy online setup
  • Works with more devices than any other...

Logitech is one of the best manufacturers of remote controls. One of its best models is this comfortable and convenient remote control with 2 AA batteries, infrared connection and USB cable. Among its features, it stands out that it comes equipped with predefined options of up to 5 channels.

With it, you can control DVD and Blu-ray players, televisions, television receivers and even computers and computers with MAC or Windows operating system.

Why use universal remote controls?

In every home, there is a long list of electronic devices that need remote controls, and it turns out that many times we end up with many individual controls that complicate our lives too much.

That’s what the universal controls are for, so you can stop using one for each device, and you can do it with all in one remote control. The good thing is that these devices work for all the devices in your home, for TV, DVD, Blue-ray, Cable, VCR, DTV, DVR, stream devices. In fact, that’s why they’re called universal.

Apart from that, anyone can benefit from these devices, from the most knowledgeable in electronics matters to the movie or video game aficionado.

They are so ideal for anyone that each controller can control up to 20 different electronic devices. You will also find fundamental and easy to configure controls, even those touch, with beautiful LCD screens and also with many more functions.

How to choose the best universal remote control?

If you want to make sure you buy a good universal remote control, it is better to be aware and look for several of the following characteristics that we will mention below. If you do, be confident that you will find the ideal model for you.

Intuitive options

If you want to improve your experience of using your electronic devices, it is best to look for one with one or two “smart” functions. This means that you should always look for a device that allows you to schedule actions or suggest which programs or movies you might like too.

However, they are a little less affordable than the rest.

Easy to use

If you are one of those who are scared to see all the functions and buttons of one of these commands, it is likely that you look for an easy to use model, thus avoiding complications and you do not have to adapt much to be able to use it.

That’s why some remote controls come with LCD screens, programmable buttons or can be used by voice commands.

Incorporating all kinds of technologies

The best universal controls can be used to manage your TV, your Xbox, PlayStation, sound or DVD players.

However, the most capable and complete can be used to control appliances, turn lights on and off and more. If this is what you are looking for too, make sure that the model you acquire has all that, but you are also aware that you will have to pay a higher price.

Connectivity options

These devices can be used using infrared (IR) technology, which is the most economical of the available technologies but you need an uninterrupted direct line between your control and the electronic device that drives.

Radio frequency (RF) solves this problem and allows you to operate devices inside enclosed cabinets, for example. The downside is that this connection can control not many electronic devices.

One of the most convenient connections is WiFi, so look for your remote controls to connect to the same internet to which the electronic devices you want to control are connected.


Some models have screens that allow you to choose what you want to do more efficiently and even send you messages about what you do.

Other remotes come with touch screens, which allows you to make selections faster and easier, especially for people accustomed to modern phones and technologies. They also allow you a higher level of customisation so you can configure everything as you like.

Control other devices

Sure, the good universal remote controls allow you to operate televisions, sound devices and disc players but there are also other more complete models that enable you to manage your appliances and other appliances that may be in your home.

Applications of mobile devices

You can also choose to use your smartphone as a remote control when downloading an app. For Apple devices, you can use applications like Simple Control or MyURemote, which work quite well. Just keep in mind that you will need a port accessory that produces infrared rays.

For Android, we recommend Touchsquid or SURE Universal. The good thing about Android models is that some phones already come with these ports, so you will not need an additional accessory. For example, the S4 was a phone that had this feature.


The features and functions of the remote control are always quite exciting and should be entirely complete to satisfy all users.

Some models allow you to configure your favourite channels and program buttons “for him” and “for her” so that everyone has their desired configuration.

Many features can be an additional, of course. But there are others that are important, such as programmable buttons, motion sensors or battery indicators.


Remember that these products should not be aesthetic or beautiful, they should be practical and ergonomic. The important thing of the design should always be the size, length, width and weight.

Always keep in mind that a remote control should be easy to keep in the palm of your hand while changing the channels. It should be compact, lightweight and offer a secure grip so as not to fall.

We also recommend taking into account that the model is easy to charge, that the batteries are convenient for you and that it is rechargeable if you prefer.

Help and Support

Do not forget that electronic devices can be damaged. What’s more, any product can come with factory defects or faults, or just be difficult to configure.

That’s why you always have to look for a brand that offers a good guarantee and online support in case you find it difficult to configure it. Apart from that, it is good that they come with manuals of use and excellent support from the manufacturer in case you need it.