Ultrasonic cleaning is no longer only used only by professionals. There are indeed cheap ultrasonic cleaners so that individuals benefit from them too, this approved and effective cleaning technique.

Of course, there are good ultrasonic cleaners and much less serious references. So I offer you a comparison of the best products that have already proven themselves, I give you my opinion on each of them, and I talk to you in detail about their use.

You can then clean a whole bunch of objects, easily and effortlessly, degrease, deoxidize or remove impurities, which it is very difficult to reach with a brush, a paint brush or any other accessory.

Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

What is the best ultrasonic cleaner?

When selecting a cleaner it is important that you have clear what to look for before buying the product, this certainty will help you find something cheap and that meets your expectations.

Checking what is available will always be of great help, however, you should know that, although the cleaning valves of these devices work with almost everything, you must ensure that it is useful for your purposes.

1. James Products Ultrasonic Cleaner 7000S

Easy and intuitive

James Products Ultrasonic 7000S Jewellery, Spectacle, CD/DVD, Coins, Personal Care Cleaner With...
  • Digital timer with 5 time settings
  • Large 750ml stainless steel tank
  • Basket for smaller items included
  • Watch/Earring stand included
  • Full CE and RoHS approval

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Ideal for cleaning laboratory tools, coins, medical equipment and other parts, this industrialized product guarantees a professional cleaning at all costs.

2. Ultrasonic cleaner LEBUC002 from LifeBasis

Effective and powerful

LifeBasis CDS-100 Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewellery Cleaner 600ML 42KHz,Silver Cleaner with Cleaning...
  • 💎【Super Efficiently Cleaning】CDS-100 ultrasonic cleaner can make your items looks like new.It has a sound wave frequency of...
  • ⌚【Strong & Durable Machine】Compared with other ultrasonic cleaners on the market,CDS-100 ultrasonic cleaner built-in mute...
  • 👓【Safe Pollution-free Device】LifeBasis CDS-100 will not damage your items.For general items,only need to add water to...
  • 🏆【Five Digital Timer Settings】Lifebasis CDS-100 ultrasonic jewellery cleaner support you controlling 5 levels of clean time...
  • 🔐【LifeBasis BrandGuarantee】Included:ultrasonic jewellery cleaner machine,600ml stainless steel tank,1detachable charging...

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Cleaning with ultrasound will be a comfortable and simple task with this silent device and touch button that you just have to look. It is ideal for jewellery and razors.

3. Zogin ultrasonic cleaner 600ml

Bright and immaculate

ZOGIN 600mL Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultra Sonic Bath with Cleaning Basket and Watch Stand - Stainless...
  • 【 SMART DESIGN 】 3 mins One-Key auto set up timer. Simply on/off with light indication. This sonic cleaner will have a small...
  • 【 PROFESSIONAL ACCESSORIES 】 The Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with a removable cleaning basket & watch stand to prevent the...
  • SUITABLE APPLICATION 】 Ideal device for laboratories, electronic shops, glasses shops, jewellery shops, clocks and watches...
  • If you have any questions about the product, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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Equipped with 4 cleaning modes and often high ultrasonic, this cleaner is the most recommended for glasses, watches and toothbrushes. It is easy to operate and brings timer.

4. Ultrasonic cleaner VLOXO 600ml

You will not be disappointed

VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewellery Cleaner 600ml 50W 42khz Silver Cleaner for Jewelry Ring...
  • 💎POWERFUL & NONDESTRUCTFUL CLEANING: Digital ultrasonic cleaner with 50W Power 42000Hz frequency remain harmless to what you...
  • 💎DURABLE ULTRASONIC CLEANING MACHINE: Designed with a hygienic stainless steel tank and high-power ultrasonic transducer for...
  • 💎 SMART DESIGN: 3 mins One-Key auto set up timer. Simply on/off with light indication. This sonic cleaner will have a small...
  • 💎 MULTIPLE USE: Comes with removable cleaning basket & watch stand, the ultrasound cleaner can clean Jewelry,watch, Spectacles,...
  • 💎 12-MONTH WARRANTY: VLOXO guarantee 12 months warranty for our sonic jewellery cleaner machine with CE, PSE, TUV, GS...

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Suitable for cleaning dentures, old coins and even metal dishes, the Vloxo brand device will leave you really satisfied. It is for domestic use.

5. Ultrasonic Cleaner LifeBasis 870ml

Simple and comfortable

LifeBasis Jewellery Cleaner, 870mL Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine with 500ml Beaker and Cleaning Basket...
  • POWERFUL & NONDESTRUCTIVE CLEANING: The 870ml Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine generates 35kHz with 55W power of ultrasonic waves output...
  • SPECIALLY DESIGN FOR JWELLERY: Rotatable lid+500mL beaker+cross is the best combination and setup for cleaning jewellery, only...
  • PORTABLE & 5-TIME ADJUSTABLE: Detachable power socket and comes with 2 charging cable(EU&UK adapter) made it safe and convenient...
  • STRONG & DURABLE: the ultrasound cleaner machine with solid state circuitry, using stronger industrial graded ultrasonic...
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: LifeBasis guarantee 2 years warranty for CDS-400B Ultrasonic cleaner, Item Passed CE,PSE,TUV,GS Certification...

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Manufactured in stainless steel, this product is ideal for metal objects and of various types, it is very hygienic so that you wash even the lenses and even a false tooth.

6. GT SONIC 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner

GT SONIC 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner Heated with Adjustable Timer Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine for...
  • 【Ultrasonic Power】Power Consumption 50W; Heating Power 100W, the greater the power is, the better the clean-up...
  • 【Timing Function】0-99 minutes adjustable; Heating function with 0-80 Celsius adjustable temperature; Ultrasonic Frequency...
  • 【Innovation heating system】with constant temperature system, needs only plain tap water to clean (add a tiny amount of...
  • 【High Capacity】2L capacity tank for professional cleaning, Tank Size:150*140*100 mm ( L*W*H ); Unit Size:190*170*220 mm...
  • 【Wide Application】Lab Glassware,LabEyeglass,Rust removal and removing oxide of slot, deep hole,blind hole,and surface...

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more expensive, but also more complete, this ultrasonic cleaner is perfect for those who have regular cleaning to do. It is a model appreciated by professionals, but the most DIY enthusiasts among you also love it. With its 2L capacity, it allows you to soak large mechanical parts. Entirely made of stainless steel, it is a very robust material, with very long service life.

Here, we are looking for an optimal result and very effective degreasing. For this, we will be able to adjust the soaking time between 0 and 99 minutes, but especially the water temperature up to 80 ° C. By combining heat and ultrasound, degreasing and cleaning is much more effective. So, in a few minutes, we find very dirty parts at the start, like new on arrival. If the other devices above work very well, here we are clearly in another category in terms of performance.

The use is very simple, and you can really clean absolutely anything you want. We regret not finding support for small objects, there is a basket but with large holes, and therefore the smallest parts pass through. This is the only small defect of this cleaner, which for the rest is absolutely great. If you are looking for performance, cleaning speed and efficiency, then go for it, you will not regret the purchase of this Floureon 2L Digital.


What is an ultrasonic cleaning device?

It is a device that uses ultrasound technology to deeply clean certain objects. They are faster and safer than other cleaning products. They are used for jewellery pieces of armament, ammunition, coins and spare parts for automobiles.

Types of ultrasonic cleaners

In the market, you will find four popular types of ultrasonic cleaners, The first is the standardized ones that have only the essentials, on/off switch, timer setting and button for cleaning type. The digital ones add a digital screen to establish the cleaning time. There are also those of special functions that are used for certain types of articles and professionals for industrialized use.

What you can clean with an ultrasonic cleaner

Among all that you can clean by ultrasound, there are first of all the “classics”, these objects which for decades have been cleaned with this process: I mean jewellery, coins, and watches. This cleaning mode provides access to all inaccessible corners and guarantees you get brand new jewellery or watches.

But the field of action of an ultrasonic cleaner is much wider. In fact, you will be able to clean anything that is technically difficult to access and that has cavities too small to pass your hand or even a cotton swab. It will, therefore, be possible to use an ultrasonic cleaner for a computer motherboard, an electronic cigarette, an airbrush, etc., but also for larger objects. 

Indeed the world of the automobile and the motorcycle lends itself well to this type of cleaning, the parts often dirty can find a second youth very quickly, you can thus consider using an ultrasonic cleaner for a carburetor, injectors, pistons, cylinder head but also for parts related to braking, connecting rods, etc. By extension, is obviously everything related to mechanics which finds an interest in ultrasonic cleaning. You can clean the parts of the engine of your boat, your karting, glider, plane, etc. You will just have to think every time to buy an ultrasonic tank that has the right capacity.

Jewellery Cleaner

Things to consider

Before buying it is always essential that you take into account a series of criteria in such a way that you make sure you select the right one:


It must be decided according to the dimensions of the largest piece that you intend to clean, it is necessary to ensure that the piece in question fits in the cleaner’s tray.


The more modern, the easier it will be to use and the less your work. You must ensure that the machine has all modern functions: built-in heater, automatic shut-off, varied frequency range, among others.


If you want the economic model, you can go for one that works from 30W to 50W, this can go well for the home where the important thing is that the machine does the work and you can consume as little energy as possible. Now, if your intention is focused on an industrial type device and for professional use, you should invest more.


You must make sure to select a device that not only has a warranty but after-sales service.


Your cleaner must have the capacity to clean everything. There are half a litre up to ¾ of a gallon, its size will depend on the number of things you can put. A comparison sure will help you at this point.


If you clean jewellery you must make sure that it brings basket, this is essential because placing them in the cleaner without a can damage the device.

Generator adjustability and wave sweep

This quality will help you to have a deeper and more effective cleaning, as well as more uniform and intricate cleaning of the object to be cleaned.

Jewellery cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning questions and answers

How to use an ultrasonic cleaner?

It’s really very simple. The only thing we should avoid is that our objects touch the walls of the stainless steel tank. This is why most manufacturers provide plastic baskets or racks. For small items, you can place them in a glass container. The ultrasound will pass through the material and the result will be just as good.

It is advisable to use a suitable detergent. Indeed, the water you use may be limestone, and it, therefore, contains impurities which will slow down the performance of your cleaner, there may even be traces of deposit on your objects.

Using the right detergent, you will purify the water and add cleaning power. Thus, fats and other impurities will be removed much more easily. The cleaning products for the ultrasonic tank will optimize cleaning and therefore make it much more effective.

Which cleaner to choose?

It all depends on what you want to clean. We find more effective products to remove grease from mechanical parts, and others much more effective to deoxidize metals and give them shine.

It is, therefore, necessary to choose a solution adapted to your needs. Some cleaners are “one size fits all”, but I don’t think it’s the best solution. It is best to have a detergent that meets your expectations in the best possible way. If you want to clean a carburettor on Monday, then deoxidize a watch on Tuesday, then you will surely need two different products, very specific to each application.

Can we use any detergent?

It all depends on your device. It is not necessarily very advisable, but for slightly heated water, at 40 or 50 ° C, you can use a little washing-up liquid, without the slightest concern. Beware, however, of certain solvents which can react to cavitation, and be dangerous for health and for your equipment. Overall, we, therefore, advise you to use suitable products.

When should the liquid solution be changed?

If your water is dirty, then you have to change it, it’s that simple. It is not necessary to replace it every time, especially when cleaning some jewellery, braces or glasses. On the other hand, for very oily engine parts, it will often be necessary to empty the tank and change the water after each use.

Do I have to fill the tank to the mark?

Yes! Even if the latter indicates that it is the maximum limit, it is also the minimum limit. We can put less water, but the tank is generally studied for the maximum quantity, and therefore the results can be worse if we do not fill our tank properly. Thus, the liquid will circulate better around objects, while protecting your device.

Is there a cleaning time to respect?

No! In any case, there is no fixed duration for a particular metal. It all depends on the clogging of the object or its oxidation. For some, 3 minutes will be enough, and for others, it will be necessary to let our object soak for several tens of minutes to have a satisfactory result. Either way, on a very dirty object, you will see a difference in a matter of minutes. It is often very fast.

Is the ultrasonic cleaner dangerous?

There is very little risk. You should simply avoid immersing your hands in a working device since cavitation can slightly damage the tissue and therefore the skin. Generally, the device only works when the cover is closed, so there is no risk on that side.

No risk either for your objects. It is a very gentle cleaning system. Metals or glass fear nothing in an ultrasonic tank. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin and the cleaning products used, you should avoid putting your hands too much in the water, even when the equipment is off. If you are particularly sensitive, do not hesitate to use gloves.

Do you have to rinse objects after going through the tank?

The answer is clearly yes. Your items are covered with water and cleaning product, so you should rinse them with clean water. Take care to pass water well in all the pipes and in all the corners. Then just let it dry. You can use demineralized or distilled water to avoid traces of limescale or the like.